Is The Pussification Of America’s Youth Scientifically Engineered?

By Brandon Smith | 1 October 2020

ALT-MARKET — There’s been a lot of debate lately on what generation of Americans is the most to blame for the current failures of the US as a society. Baby Boomers blame millennials for being weak, lazy and entitled; millennials blame boomers for ruining the system before they were ever born while enjoying the fruits of a more prosperous economy. The real answer is that it’s partially the fault of BOTH generations, but not for the reasons often argued.

The boomer vs. snowflake conflict is a controlled narrative that deliberately avoids the greater issues at hand. Yes, the newest generations of Americans have been utterly pussified, but I believe this is part of a larger agenda, and baby boomer parents unwittingly and stupidly played a supporting role.

In 4th Generation warfare the concept is to destroy a nation or civilization without using direct military confrontation, at least, not right away. Instead, the goal is to destabilize the target society from within and let the citizenry self destruct. Then, once the population is in sufficient chaos, you move in with your military forces and take over, meeting minimal resistance along the way.

The strategy can also be used to undermine and control a population by it’s own government or by elites within that government as a means to stop potential rebellion against the establishment power structure. In other words, use controlled chaos to create panic and weakness, and then snatch up more power while the citizenry is distracted and disorganized.

In order to create chaos and panic in a population, that population must be completely unprepared to deal with crisis events. They must be mentally soft and lack resolve, otherwise they might become self reliant and defiant rather than fearful and easy to control.

I was recently studying psychological conditioning methods used to prepare people for combat and crisis scenarios. The phrase “stress inoculation” comes up often. In certain branches and units of the US military there is an increased emphasis on stress inoculation (beyond basic training) as a means to strengthen soldiers and their fortitude so that when they do eventually find themselves in a combat situation where they might die, they don’t panic and allow adrenaline to take over their motor and thought processes.

Department of Defense think-tanks like DARPA have published extensive white papers on the subject, and stress inoculation is also used to some extent to treat people with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

The ability to perform calmly under stress is the key to combat readiness. The most effective warriors, and the most successful people in life, usually have the ability to manage stress and perform at a high level while other people flounder in terror.

Historically, many civilizations have been very careful in how they choose and train warriors for defense. Native American tribes, for example, would carefully vet their warriors and make sure they chose men that would NOT run away at the first sign of trouble; rather, they picked men they knew would confront trouble directly. A small force of psychologically prepared men was considered far superior to a vast army of potential bed wetters and hysterics. […]

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  1. ” Is The Pussification Of America’s Youth Scientifically Engineered? ”

    Well … does the bear shit in the woods ?!?

  2. I believe the problems are more than psychological. I recently read that male testosterone levels have dropped nearly 50% over the past 50 years. No one seems to be able to pin point the cause. It does seem that young men have less male attributes than in the past, (body and facial hair is lacking, deep voices are a rarity, less broad shoulders and upper body strength, etc.). I know my observations are anecdotal, but men are becoming less manlike, in my opinion.

    • Great observations. As an artist I’ve been noticing the lack of chiseling on faces. Smerf faces dominate. There is no doubt something frightful is occurring on a genetic basis

      • With so many boomer & millennial women in positions of authority/power in all institutions- thanks to suffragettes & women liberators-is it any wonder that males are referred to as ‘guys’ or ‘dudes’ instead of ‘men’ let alone being chiseled?

  3. Naturally, a GenXer like Brandon Smith (and another ‘blame it all on Boomers’ dude is that dude who runs that Fourth Turning crapola, Burning Platform….his name escapes me at this moment) will never blame his own generation, who just happens to be the generation that birthed most Millennials….now my own kids are Millenials, but I am a Boomer…had son at 35, daughter at 40. and BTW, having been home schooled by myself, neither of them are “snowflakes”!

    I am really getting sick and tired of the whole “blame it all in Boomers” crapola…gee when we all die who are they gonna blame it on then? And gee, GenXers, wait until GenZ blames it all on YOU! Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!

  4. I know it to be true. In the 3 sad years I had my kid attend public school, I saw first hand of this. They have their meat hooks in the children and are teaching them from kindergarten. Probably before, but thankfully I didnt see the need for preschool and their free programs, to speak to that.
    When you find yourself telling your child to stand up for themselves and others who cant standup for themselves then have to explain that the school will have a problem with this and you will be in trouble with the school, but do it anyway, and if they need to call me then have the school call me. You may be in trouble with school but when you get home it will be celebrated.
    You know there’s something terribly wrong with the system.
    Also, the bully or bullies are never in trouble but if you stand up to them you bet you’re in serious trouble.

  5. We abstain from discussion of higher level elected officials because we believe the entire election business is a primped and scripted pageant. We also refrain from discussing candidates and even executive acts by name. That stated, we have become interested in a certain figure who may illustrate a form of template creation in all classes of humanity. Leaders are very invented, groomed, coached and possibly even genetically engineered. A 90 year old friend who grew up in Italy has been saying that Trump is the spitting image of Mussolini for years. He says in present day US he observes the very template of Italian society forced into fascism. We finally looked at comparisons of Il Duce I and Il Duce II. It looks for all the world that the handlers, coaches et al have applied the mold to “the Donald.” []

    Even the rhetoric is warmed over. Start watching at about one minute in to see what falls on about 1:33:

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