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A ‘Witches Brew’: NJ Homeland Security Assessment Warns Violent Unrest Could Follow 2020 Election

A new threat assessment by the New Jersey Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness warns that extremists from both sides of the political spectrum could engage in violence and civil unrest well into 2021 as a result of the upcoming presidential election.

By Raul Diego | 30 September 2020

MINT PRESS NEWS — In the lead up to the 2020 presidential election, potential civil unrest and worse has been predicted by multiple governmental agencies and assorted federal outfits, including the New Jersey Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness. Last week the organization published a “supplemental threat assessment” on the upcoming electoral contest subtitled “The Convergence of COVID-19, Nationwide Civil Unrest, and the Upcoming Presidential Election.”

Using COVID-19 as a backdrop, the 13-page report identifies the pandemic as the “driving factor” behind “public health fears, economic instability, political dissent, and cultural turmoil,” that will persist until 2021.

It is the first publically-released evaluation of concerns federal law enforcement officials are said to be harboring over the election and comes on the heels of a recently leaked memo from DHS, which echoed many of the same narratives developed in the document issued by DHS’ satellite regional New Jersey office, including the leading role of White Supremacist groups.

Members of a black nationalist paramilitary group, the NFAC (No Fucking Around Coalition), march to Churchill Downs before the 146th running of the Kentucky Derby in Louisville, Sept. 5, 2020. PHOTO: Mint Press News/Timothy D. Easley/AP

In August, the FBI distributed a bulletin to police departments across the country warning about domestic extremists “across the ideological spectrum,” who were likely to “continue to plot against government and election-related targets to express their diverse grievances involving government policies and actions.” More significantly, the Bureau’s missive directed police to prepare “to act prior to a possible democratic presidential administration,” due to fears that “stricter firearm regulations would be enacted quickly thereafter.” […]

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