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Busted! Yet Another Race Industry Hoax

classic duping delight

Here’s another one to add to the growing list of hate-crime hoaxes. An 18-year-old mixed-race woman named Althea Bernstein claims four white boys attacked her while she was in her car at 1 a.m. on June 24 at the State Street intersection in Madison, Wisconsin.

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We were asked to believe that the white boys jumped out of their car to randomly scream racist slurs at the light-skinned woman. And while they were at it, they just so happened to have lighter fluid in their possession, which they tossed in her face and lit a match. Yes, most of us bring along lighter fluid for our nocturnal drives. Oh, and the white boys were wearing Hawaiian shirts.

Ms. Bernstein then made the rounds among the national Lugenpresse to duly give one of the most blatant performances of whiny crocodile tears ever. Note the classic duping delight throughout her ludicrous story-telling.

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For her work, Bernstein was interviewed on ABC’s “Good Morning America.” This, of course, would have involved an editorial decision based on no vetting. This inverted news outlet is infamous for its characterizing of fake news as applied to others. She was also included in a floor speech by Rep. Joe Kennedy III (D., Mass.), and received a phone call from useful idiots Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

The list of NFL approved names for placement on the player helmet bumpers includes this hoaxster and two players have taken the bait.

So far, 600,000 easily duped people have signed a petition at to have charges against the “white boys” upped from a hate crime to attempted murder. They owe the racially stereotyped white boys in Hawaiian shirts an apology. 

Par for the course a Go Fund Me page was set up.

Because this was classified as a hate crime, the Feds also were involved. But it took 100 days and considerable expense for them to resolve what to our eyes looked like an easy case.

A search of the car Bernstein was driving also did not reveal burn marks, unusual smells, or smoke-related damage, according to police.

She did have accelerant on her clothes and, incredibly, it was shown this hateful psycho did this to herself at her brother’s house. Bernstein seems to be missing a light bulb.

She was actually in her car at that intersection on the date and at the time claimed. But when the Keystone Cops finally got around to checking CCTV footage of the alleged crime, there were no white boys to be found.

In fact, police were unable to locate suspects matching the alleged victim’s description in any footage on 17 cameras around the area where Bernstein said the incident took place.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office, the Civil Rights Division of the U.S. Department of Justice and the FBI announced Friday that its three-month investigation into the report found insufficient evidence to pursue federal, criminal or civil rights charges.

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At this juncture, we can find no information as to whether this hate-crime hoaxster will be criminally charged.

This incident is yet another in a series of nasty hoaxes that are getting to be all too common, because the brainwashed public and Lugenpresse are all too willing to immediately accept them at face value.

Say her name! It’s spelled L-I-A-R. #AltheaBernstein #HateCrimeHoax

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4 Comments on Busted! Yet Another Race Industry Hoax

  1. The mystery meat Bernstein was cashing in on the gullibility of do-gooder whites. Don’t you just want to scream at these whites to get their eyes out of the MSM? It’s very discouraging that so many whites are stupid people. A slight change of topic, but only slight; I see another topic as I write this that, “Dallas Holocaust Museum To Advise Task Force on Confederate Statues”. So the hoaxers behind this task force are the same group in charge of the MSM. Do the people running to Bernstein’s defense understand the connection do you think? Not bloody likely.

    • There’re times I think the biggest problem for truth seeking Americans regardless of race, color, creed, etc.–not BLM or Antifa or “white supremacists” or Jewish supremacists (aka Talmudic Jews…but yes these Noahiders are a big problem for true believers on Christ anyway)….it’s the bend-over-backwards-for-blacks middle-class/upper middle class/upper class “white privileged” whites who want to force the rest of us not-so-privileged whites to give all of what we have worked for as “reparations” to blacks who just want free stuff…you know, us “privileged” rural/working class whites who are possibly descended from Scots-Irish, Irish, and English indentured servants….. because these self-hating whites are constantly (in college or not) browbeaten by the Jewish Supremacists who brainwash these folks!

    • Lycurgus >> you stole my line !! Every single jewish lie crime …
      Only reason the “white boys” chose fire = they forgot their harpoon !
      As Tom Cruise famously said in “A Few Good Men”, ‘Ah c’mon, now
      that was damn funny’. Ah, black and jew – what a lovely and mentally
      defective combination ! How could you ask for more. But please don’t.
      No worries though, sooner or later some brother will impregnate that
      beast, multiple times … and the beat goes on. If George Wallace was
      still around, he might well say, “Eugenics now, eugenics forever …”
      Tell me how it’s such a bad idea ?! Oh yeah – we need “diversity”.

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