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Election officials scramble to find enough poll works ahead of November 3rd

By Rob DiRienzo | 29 September 2020

NEW YORK POST — The clock is ticking for election officials to fill a massive need for people to work the polls on Election Day.

Many senior citizens who typically work the polls are staying home this year due to the risks of the pandemic, researchers from MIT’s Election Data and Science Lab and the voting rights group Democracy Works said. They estimate the country needs at least 467,000 new poll workers to meet the demand.

Connor Spern, 24, was scrolling on Facebook late one night when she saw a plea for help from her city. The City of Concord sought any low-risk young person who could volunteer in an upcoming state primary election.

“Seeing that was a real eye-opener,” Spern said of the shortage of help this year. “I hadn’t considered the fact that most of those poll workers are seniors and they are the ones that are truly affected by COVID.” […]

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