Latest Updates in the Crime Syndicate’s Controlled-Opposition War Against Hydroxychloroquine

As one would expect, Bill Gates has asserted himself into the research around hydroxychloroquine (HCQ). Given that Gates’ racket is prevention rather than treatment, he has designed a new trial study in New York City. The details of the trial are sketchy to say the least.

Although the positive outcomes around the HCQ compound for treatment of Covid-19 are piling up, few researchers are claiming it is utilized for asymptomatic individuals who may have been in close contacts with the “suspected” infectious.

Even the choice of placebo is flawed, as Vitamin C by itself may have some potential as a preventative or post-prophylaxis. Given that HCQ works on the virus and illness itself, it would seem that Gates is once again playing black magik games with the uninformed. The study of course can be anticipated to be announced over loudspeakers via the controlled Lugenpresse in October. The result: Vitamin C placebo performs better than HCQ as a post-prophylaxis.

Most importantly, in order for HCQ to nip an early asymptomatic case in the bud, the key ingredients of zinc sulfate and z-pack need to be utilized in combination. Since this is not the case, the Gates-funded trial should be called out for what it is: a dishonest red herring.

As far as treatment goes, which is actually the designed use for combination HCQ, it scores highest with physicians as an effective treatment. This is especially true in countries that have been allegedly harder hit, like Spain and Italy.

There is a claim that HCQ is being pumped up for financial gain. It is a generic drug. The margins are very slim. The companies that make it are literally giving away millions of doses. If it’s a money machine, why not pump a patented new drug with high margins? Instead, the latter is what entrenched interests like Gates and his posse ultimately have in mind.

I suspect HCQ combination treatment has been known and in the bag all along. The reporting is very coy and too much of a Hegelian political dialectic centered around Trumpians and controlled opposition. There seems to be controlled opposition against HCQ. One goal is delay serious deployment to allow the false-data-driven crisis to play out.

Then the f’ing genius Trumpian regime can claim credit for a false problem-reaction-solution and perform victory dances and ticker parades for winning the war against the invisible enemy. Meanwhile, the systematic loot passed by the bipartisan Congress is also in the bag.

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Now, suddenly the Lugenpresse reporting is turning more positive.

A state Health Department official said the DOH has shipped doses of hydroxychloroquine to 56 hospitals across New York, distributing enough “to treat 4,000 patients to date.” Patients have received doses as part of four- or 10-day regimens, officials said. The University of Albany’s School of Public Health is observing the drug’s impact on the patients, and its preliminary study could come back in weeks instead of the usual months, officials said.

It will be used to allow the population to emerge out of lock down. That is at least until the next phase of the pandemic waterboarding is spewed forth. Bill Gates is still out there with his “study” that HCQ is a worthless preventative. The narrative will then shift from how fortunate we were that HCQ-zinc-z-pack closed the breach, but that a longer-range problem-reaction-solution is necessary, such as “mark of the Geek” vaccines.

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  1. The crime (((syndicate))) staged this fake plandemic and anything what can cross their goals will by blocked, smeared by the media,politicians they own.
    John Hopkins written report September 18.2019; “This report examines the current state of preparedness for pandemics caused by “high-impact respiratory pathogens”—that is, pathogens with the potential for widespread transmission and high observed mortality. Were a high-impact respiratory pathogen to emerge, either naturally or as the result of accidental or deliberate release, it would likely have significant public health, economic, social, and political consequences”.

    The Shermans murdered in 2017, founded Apotex, which manufactures Hydroxychloroquine.


    Wikipedia: Apotex Inc. is a Canadian pharmaceutical corporation.[2] Founded in 1974 by Barry Sherman, the company is the largest producer of *generic drugs* in Canada, with annual sales exceeding CA$1 billion.[4] By 2016, Apotex employed over 10,000 people as one of Canada’s largest drug manufacturers, with over 300 products selling in over 115 countries. Revenues were about CA$1.19 billion annually.[5][3][6] Apotex manufactures and distributes generic medications for a range of diseases and health conditions that include cancer, diabetes, high cholesterol, glaucoma, infections and blood pressure.

    • Wow, nice find. Old generic drugs = no crime syndicate profiteering. It’s pretty simple- if they can’t obtain the patent, it’s useless to them. That’s why they’re pushing make believe “new” treatments for everything, all the time. I as a rule avoid “new” treatments like the plague. If it was invented in the previous 40 years, it’s suspect.

  3. So thankful to see you staying on the tail of this lizard. Let me remind everyone that no group of truth-to-power commenters have been more harangued, ostracized and mocked than those who have been speaking out about Chemtrails/geoengineering. In this Mr. Gates is a leader ( The death toll from resultant disease from these worldwide death campaigns perhaps has neared a billion when repercussions of strewing nanoparticulate toxins in the air are taken into account. One example featured in articles of about ten years ago (no longer found on searches) is how all African leaders united in denouncing population statistics. They maintained the population figure of a billion was radically falsified, saying the continent’s total population (a land mass some three times the size of the continental US) was at best two third of accepted statistics. Two Gates factors play into mass die-off there and elsewhere: the chemtrailed skies and the mandatory vaccines, whereby white WHO vans have been witnessed simply grabbing up Africans everywhere and forcing them to be stung with Bill Gates’ needles of death. Then you get into all the alleged deaths by Alzheimers – just for one example – in the US and Canada, and how many of our families have died of this manmade plague designed and financed by the so-called genius Mr. Gates? It would not surprise me in the least if this monster were not directly or indirectly responsible for a billion deaths in the past two decades.

    Thank you Winter Watch for outing this fiend. Respectable businessman indeed. We are talking about the slithering shame of the US. While the DOD has engaged in a brutal worldwide slaughter campaign based on Ground Nero of 2001, Mr. Gates and his ilk have been destroying the aged intellect of the US people. All the diabetes, dementia, cancer, etc. etc. has been grossly provoked by the diabolical plan to slake the heavens with Bill’s filth. We’re supposed to think the mophead hairdo indicates a vegetarian geek guy we all can relate to from campus. But he allegedly came to fame designing software in an Albuquerque apt. Having lived painfully close to that city and Los Alamos we heard all kinds of local testimony that tunnels galore connect Albuquerque with the Los Alamos deep state labyrinth (FWIW once managed by Jeff Bezos’ (Albuquerque denizen) grandfather who was boss to 12,000 at the Los Alamos labs. Gates is a Los Alamos lab rat. I wouldn’t assume his authorship of anything any more than Zuckerberg. Conniving, yes. Rat shrewd, yes. But to hell with calling it brilliance. This is pseudoscience, a cult of death. Nothing helpful to human life.

    In medicine, here is true brilliant scientist:

    US people, when will you learn to be ashamed of this necromancer Gates?

    • Horsegirl, I like your name. But to answer your last question, there’s plenty of people here in the states that abhor bill gates. I know, I’m one of them and I know others. You have to remember that there’s an international banking backed crime syndicate in charge of all western countries’ governments, a “good old boys” club, of global significance, and bill is in it. He’s not significant in the states because of anything else, other than his wealth (which was amassed only because of his cult member status, not because of his own ingenuity), which many pajama people admire. I’m pretty sure people (even pajama people) know by now that his “PCs” are of inferior quality and ability when compared to other companies’ products. Why else (outside of his dream to cull humanity) would he devote so large of an investment into pharmaceuticals? It’s not because he’s planning to short sell his position (although he’ll do that if the writings on the wall- these people expect to make money on everything- they’re most vicious when they fear they’ll lose money.) I like your link to royal rife also- I just mentioned him in the comments on yesterday’s (4/6/20) john friend and Russ covid 19 fraud podcast, right here on this site

  4. Chloroquine is just another witches’ brew with serious side effects. Real doctors know better. Just looked up Lorraine Day MD’s GoodNewsAboutGod website, she’s the one who stepped down from chief trauma surgeon at SF General during the AIDS epidemic because they weren’t being properly protected, later cured herself of cancer, current husband in the House when Noahide Laws signed into law under Bush 41 and didn’t even know it. See what she has to say about this wonderful chloroquine in her Postings. David Brownstein MD in Michigan has a pretty simple regimen. Just another moneymaker for the bad guys.

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