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Trump’s Treasury Secretary Mnuchin Explains Parasite Guild Slash and Burn Operations

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Steven Mnuchin, Treasury Secretary, illustrated by example how corrupt parasite guildists operate during his confirmation hearing. This post is in tandem with yesterday’s post concerning Mnuchin’s greatly expanded powers, Extra $2 Trillion Looted from Public Coffer to Replenish US Treasury’s Murky Exchange Stabilization Fund

In testimony, it appeared to be taken for granted that Sears Holdings would file for bankruptcy. Sears has 200,000 pensioners to pay. This has now transpired.

Sen. Menendez: “For about 12 years, you served on the Finance Committee which was tasked with reviewing investment policies of the retirement plans of the company and its subsidiaries, is that correct? And the chairman and CEO of Sears Holdings is a gentleman named Eddie” Lampert, who I understand is your former college roommate, correct?

Mnuchin: That is correct. I think actually I’ve invested close to $26 million.

Menendez: Now Sears has been performing poorly and, as a result, forced to sell assets to cover operating costs and to contribute to its pension fund. Interestingly, several of the most valuable assets have been sold in part to Mr. Lampert’s hedge fund, including Lands End, Sears Canada, and most of Sears’ real estateThe real estate was sold off to a different entity, whose largest shareholder is Mr. Lampert’s hedge fund. And that seems to have resulted in a shareholder lawsuit, according to SEC filings.

The Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC) initiated an agreement with Sears to protect the pension benefits of the more than 200,000 plan participants after the real estate deal and significant cut to pensioners’ health subsidies that occurred during your watch.

Unfortunately, the agreement with the PBGC puts the plan’s pensioners behind Mr. Lampert’s hedge fund in the ability to get assets from Sears in any bankruptcy proceedings. Because of this, because Sears has received at least $800 million in secured loans from Mr. Lampert’s hedge fund, some of them secured by Sears properties. The Sears pension fund currently faces a $2.1 billion dollar funding obligation gap.

Mnuchin: That sounds about right but let me —

Menendez: Are you aware that if you are confirmed as Treasury Secretary, you would become one of three board members of the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation that has the power to either accept or deny a pension plan termination application, such as could occur with Sears bankruptcy, making the Federal Government cover Sears’ pension tab? Do you recognize that you’re going to be part of that board?

Mnuchin: Yes

Menendez: You do? Now, so here’s where my concern is and maybe you can elucidate it for me. You were a Director at Sears for 12 years where you had oversight over the administration and investment in the pension fund. That pension fund has been underfunded, its benefits were cut during the time period you were there, it now faces a $2.1 Billion funding obligation gap.

Sears has sold off some of the most valuable assets while you’ve been on the board. Your college roommate’s hedge fund has large interests in the properties sold, numerous secured loans with Sears and owns a controlling share of Sears’ stock shares. You earned up to $26 million last year from your shares in that hedge fund and you’re refusing to divest yourself of the hedge fund.

Should Sears go bankrupt and you if confirmed as Treasury Secretary, are a PBGC director who would have a role in the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation’s attempts, as an unsecured creditor, to recover $2 billion for the unfunded liabilities in the Sears pension fund while simultaneously trying to not lose money in your hedge fund investments in Sears that you hold with your college roommate, who is the CEO of Sears. How is it that you’re going to do that?

Separately, Sen. Wyden discussed Mnuchin role with One West Bank and a looting operation called Relativity Media. Modus operandi is once again to “spin off” aka strip valuable assets into a trust and leave the remainder bankrupt.

One West stemmed from IndyMac Bank in Pasadena, Calif., which collapsed in 2008 in one of the largest bank failures in U.S. history. Mnuchin led a group of investors, including funds run by Soros and other hedge-fund and private-equity titans, who bought it from the government for about $1.5 billion. Illustrating in spades how parasite guildists work, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) guaranteed to cover a portion of any future loan losses, a lucrative arrangement for Mnuchin and his partners. See second video.

10 Comments on Trump’s Treasury Secretary Mnuchin Explains Parasite Guild Slash and Burn Operations

  1. Best explanation I’ve heard yet. There’s got to be something to Trump because the rank and file Khazarians are positively ballistic about him and his idea to move the embassy to Jerusalem. I’ve been narrowing it down to proximity with the Palestinians but Shamir’s evaluation seems much more believable. Trump has a well-camouflaged crowd working behind him. They don’t always manage to pull his strings in time to limit the damage caused by his insatiable desire to be right, popular, successful, the best, etc, and they are forced to work with some despicable characters, Mnuchin among others, but I think there is some serious good work in the wings because the entire zionist community is panicked and sensitized.

  2. Both Mnuchin and Eddie Lampert are certified sociopathic grifters of the first order. Didn’t realize they were also college roommates – you can’t make this stuff up.

    So Menendez gets Mnuchin to pretty much admit to the looting of Sears and yet here we are, watching now Treasury Secretary Mnuchin continue looting the US Treasury.

  3. A rapper made a video 2013 where he sing about Corona pandemic 2020

    “The Virus is harvesting, what do you mean H7N3. Begin life in a lab, in the first war of vaccines. Million die in the first week in the pandemic dreams. Reality black death, smallpox mutated disease. Flu shot propaganda for all population & troops. Avoid the plague, it might have seeped into the room. It’s now airborne with firestorm signal our doom. The dead returns with a pissed off zombie mood. The sprinkler system equipped with AuAg where they round up survivors in a cold facility. Watch the process of terror from the hill near the stream. I remain in a gasmask I still filter my water clean. This isn’t past tense or the plague of athens. Couldn’t be eradicated like smallpox in action. Avian influenza in the jetstream is how it happens. 2020 combined with CoronaVirus bodies stacking.”

    • Thanks for sharing that video. I will do the same. I guess Trumpenstein was the chosen one to be the face of the American take down.

    • It was all planned years ago, what wasn’t planned was the witch Hillary losing. You nutters think you are free thinkers but you have all fallen for the Orange Man Bad MSM narrative like the good sheeple you are.

      • Your comment was peanut gallery level quality. Try to communicate within reasonable context of the post or others comments instead just blowing it out your ass. Almost nobody active here is a Trumptard.

  4. It seems like there are very few people who understand these machinations who aren’t in on it. I mean if you’re smart enough to understand how the game is played, why not enrich yourself?

    How is Lampert not guilty of insider trading? There seems to be a massive conflict of interest between representing the shareholders and apparently representing his hedge fund while CEO (I’m assuming the company was not public at the time — even to ask that question I had to do 20 minutes research)? How did the Pension Guaranty board put Lampert ahead of the pensioners? Just idle questions really.

  5. Wait a minute … are you saying there might possibly be some dishonesty afoot here ?!
    Whoa … hold on a minute. I need a drink … my world view is collapsing

  6. Thomas Romer, prof. of the Hebrew Bible at the college de France and prof. at the University of Lausanne, does a through, meticulous study of the Hebrew religion in his book The Invention of God. Most convincing. After the first destruction of the temple in 587 BC, the Judeans regrouped and came up with another plan, “the temple religion”. In the 2nd century BC, 72 Hebrew learned men were gathered together to translate their redacted, edited and made up scriptures, into greek. Somehow they all agreed on the translation. This translation into greek, of this obscure religion, then went mainstream. Romer summarizes; the translation of the Hebrew scriptures into greek (the septuagint) was how the Judeans conquered the West. The west now recognized the Judean thunder god, Yawheh, as the maker of heaven and earth. (Jesus came to oppose the temple religion, that’s from me not Romer).

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