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African Gangs: A Plague Upon Melbourne, Australia

IMAGE: The Australian

Australia is suffering from the same type of Saul Alinskyite neo-Marxist infestation as Sweden. Fifth columnists infiltrated the judiciary, media, police and government. This is NOT organic, and it has manifested itself in the form of rampaging mobs dominated by black African youth. Presented below is a sampling of videos illustrating this issue.

Keep in mind that unlike in Europe, African migrants didn’t just arrive on floating rafts. There is some 5,500 miles (8,800 km) between the eastern most part of the African continent and the western most part of Australia, and it’s at least a 10-hour flight. So the question begs: How did they get there? Who brought them into Australia?

As background, there are 24,000 Sudanese, 10,000 Somalis, 18,000 from Mauritius and a few thousand from various other African countries in Australia. The epicenter of the mob is Melbourne and is largely Sudanese. The Sudanese arrived between 2003 and 2006, meaning that most of the young vagabundos were raised in Australia.

A second large wave of migration from the dark continent to Australia occurred between 2011-12. This group appears much more weaponized than the prior migration. As we also saw in Sweden, there was a special criminality in that second wave that jump started rampant wilding and mob behaviors. Selected for ultimate chaos? A real investigation would look into the parties responsible for that importation of actual thugs. The fact that this hasn’t happened is extremely suspicion.

As seen in Europe and America, government groups and some media employ cheap plastic-word games and lies (see: Plastic Words: The Language of Tyranny) to describe the situation.

Victoria Deputy Police Commissioner Shane Patton said that “networked criminal offenders” are not technically “gangs,” because they lack any organised structure. Then, as the incidents pile up, Patton claimed the group was “just an alcohol-affected mob.” In fact, the drug of choice is Khat, an amphetamine-like stimulant that is said to cause excitement and euphoria. You will see the jazzed up effect in the video clips.

It is now admitted that new and more-dangerous mob operatives are on the scene. One is appropriately called Menace to Society (MTS). Its modus operandi has expanded to targeting and ambushing police.

In December, 2017 MTS took over and tore up a Melbourne community center and turned it into a drug dispensing hangout.

Melbourne’s expensive and once vaunted Metro line system has been badly harmed by gangbangers. Notice that this TV station had to resort to a FOI to get the data on this from police.

It was claimed that the initial gang, Apex, was primarily composed of young Sudanese men and boys, but Victoria Police has since stated that the gang is a “non-entity,” is “no longer and never was predominantly African” and that “a large cohort of that gang was in fact Australian-born offenders.” Police claimed Apex had little structure and no official colors. However, when one examines the video, there’s clear evidence of organization. The following clip shows an African  mob going right into middle-class neighborhoods, and specific garb [at minute 1:28] is quite apparent.

This trying to stick it on “Australian born natives” didn’t go over well in sane Australian circles as there is clear video evidence and documentation showing almost all are dark skinned individuals.

photo: Herald Sun

Next, leaders in the African community admitted they do have issues with a small cohort of African youth who are committing high-end crimes, Patton told The Australian

If we apply logic, it’s evident in the videos that hundreds — if not thousands — of African youth are involved in these wildings. If we take the total Sudanese and Somali population of 34,000 and subtract out those not between 12 and 25 years old, we are left with perhaps 5,000 to 7,000 youth. In reality, a far-too-large percentage of them are drugged wilders.

After the Moomba Festival fireworks on the night of Saturday March 13, 2016, there was a brawl in and around Federation Square in Melbourne’s Central Business District, largely between members of Apex and Islander 23. Around 200 mostly young men participated in the brawl. Eyewitnesses said it looked organized. Incredibly, only four were arrested.

Facts on the ground point to African girls egging on the action and brawling. This is similar to wilding behaviors seen in mall mob events in the U.S. Witnesses put the wilder mob size at St. Kilda Beach as 200. And once again, eyewitnesses describe the perps as organized, with whites being the targets.

As wildings incidents mounted, Border Force Chief Roman Quaedvlieg stated that mob members could be deported under legislation previously used to deport outlaw motorcycle club members. Anthony Kelly, head of the Flemington and Kensington Community Legal Centre, expressed the dindu (didn’t do nothin’) philosophy and claimed such legislation would be inherently racist and akin to apartheid.

Even as late as January 2018, Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton was ridiculed as racist by the masochist fifth-column cabal when he commented that sentences being handed down were “too light” due to “political correctness that’s taken hold.”

“There’s no deterrence there at the moment,” said Dutton, adding that Victorian courts are filled with “hard-left activist judges” who engaged in an “ideological experiment” in sentencing.”

The federal government needs to “weed out the people who have done the wrong thing,” including deporting people who are not Australian citizens, Dutton said, and linked the issue to federal Labor’s refusal to pass a stricter citizenship test. He said if people “are not prepared to integrate” by sending their children to school and preventing them from “wandering the streets at night committing offences,” then “they don’t belong in Australian society”.

Import the third world, get the third world and plenty of societal friction along with it.

15 Comments on African Gangs: A Plague Upon Melbourne, Australia

    • As a Jew come to the Messiah of Isaiah 52 last 3 verses and chapter 53 to die as a lamb rejected and despised by us, my best friend now along with millions who asked forgiveness and opened our hearts to him, amen …i ask what does hand rubbing have to do with this?

  1. While clearly most if not all the mobsters are African descended, I wonder if these gangs are also recruiting Aboriginees? Because Aboriginees definitely have a well-founded gripe!

  2. ““hard-left activist judges”

    In other words, Jews, who’ve been hell bent on destroying every western nation’s sovereignty since forever.

  3. Australia has been a mentally dormant place for a while. They have quite onerous vehicle laws, compulsory voting, and more… The ‘great’ Hillsong United church which has many fans here in the states is also suspect of being a sex trafficking hang out.

  4. This is not about race, most likely rather about new horizons in deploying DEWs with mind control. I urge everyone to research “Operation Crimson Mist” whereby the usual suspects provoked a bloody tumult in Rwanda. There’s an NSA whistle blower who recently began talking in greater depth about all the ways small personalized DEWs are falling into the traitors’ hands: it is extremely important that everyone understand who the real perpetrators are.

    • Thanks Russ. In the Stewart interview (here on Winter Watch:, the NSA whistleblower describes what she terms is a “cold civil war” whereby quislings working under FEMA’s fusion centers are supplied with directed energy weapons (DEWS) to wage covert war upon activists, truthers et al and whomsoever they target. Barrie Trower also describes the technology of another kind of world war – a weapons race in the realm of DEWs here:

      Perhaps the worst known instance was Operation Crimson Mist, when spooks incited genocide by playing the Hutus against the Tutsis in Rwanda, resulting in a million slain (

      “Creating Electronic Rage – What the Hercules crew had just achieved has been an open secret since the late fifties, when researchers accidentally discovered that there is a precise “control” brain wave for literally everything we do, and for everything we feel.”

      The takeaway is that it is imperative to realize these public demonstrations of rage should no longer be assumed to be the upshot of a crowd’s own volition. They have come a long way since Operation Crimson Mist. We must not get tricked into blaming the victims of the perpetrators’ mass mind control schemes. They WANT interracial hatred. They want us to take public rages at face value. Let us not give them their way by moving us to hatred of racial groups. The yarn of Operation Crimson Mist was something about a misprision of Marxist ideology African style. When in fact it was sheer witchcraft driving the masses.

  5. All talk from officials and that’s all you’ll hear. They will not stop the violence because they will not do what needs to be done: remove African troublemakers. They do not belong in a civilized country.

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