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Saudi Arabia: The Dedollarization Fuse is Being Lit

Saudi Arabia (KSA) has just signed deals with Russia for oil and arms, as has Nigeria. China announced the finding of two massive oil fields. De-dollarization is in the works. This will allow Russia, China, Iran and others to bypass sanctions and trade oil and gold-backed yuan without use of the petrodollar.

The world geopolitical stage is rapidly changing, while U.S. stock markets whistle past the graveyard. Chinese allies now include North Korea, Russia, Iran, Myanmar, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Iraq and now Saudi Arabia. Four of these countries hold nearly 42% of the world’s oil reserves. #GoodbyePetro$

The Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) has completed the working architecture of a new monetary alternative to a dollar world. In addition to founding members China and Russia, the SCO full members include Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and, most recently, India and Pakistan. This is a population of well over 3 billion people — some 42% of the entire world population — coming together in a coherent, planned de-dollarization.

China is the world’s largest oil importer. That country launched a crude oil futures contract denominated in Chinese yuan and convertible into gold to potentially create the most important Asian oil benchmark and allow oil exporters to bypass U.S.-dollar denominated benchmarks by trading in yuan.

In a move indicating their new preferred customers KSA slashed prices of all crude grades to Asian customers in October versus September, but left prices to north-western Europe and the United States steady.

A clear signal that something deadly serious is afoot would be the abolition of the Saudi riyal’s peg to the U.S. dollar.

These U.S. clown bucks are going to start flowing back (repatriation) into the USA at a rapid rate, making the recent worrisome untreated surge in inflation look like kid’s stuff. The Fed has already let the inflation genie out of the bottle, even before the impact of de-dollarization. Dollar repatriation is already happening at the margin. Curiously other central banks beside the Fed bought 50 tonnes of gold in August. But first The Crime Syndicate may spark a financial crisis that causes an artificial scramble for USD to service huge dollar debts globally.

Watch closely for a torrent of negative press out of the New Underworld Order-controlled western media. There will be more 9/11 slide framing and scandals involving Saudi royals. Saudi Arabia has always been easy to compromise, extort and control. Deep-state intelligence uses misinformation detours called “slides.” This is to prevent people from reasoned thinking and from looking in the right direction. Anything that has to do with the 28 (formerly) missing pages on 9/11, Zacarias Moussaoui or Saudi Arabia and hijacked planes needs to be looked at in this light.

Read “A Look at the Nonsensical Claim That Hijackers with Box Cutters Commandeered 4 Planes on 9/11”

Now, by sheer coinkydink, Biden has ordered the release of deep-sixed documents surrounding 9/11.

Given that Saudi Arabia played a secondary role as patsies in 9/11, they can be extorted. This is what the 9/11 Bill passed by Congress was about. More and more of late, Saudi Arabia is on the menu for the Cabal. The destabilizing Zionist Middle East wars, both economic and real, have their costs, and the Saudis are no exception given their involvement. In the Ziocons’ playbook for the Middle East Saudi Arabia is nothing more than a strategic pivot and useful idiot – as long as they maintained the petrodollar.

Next we will see big pressure on the Saudi Riyal-USD. Cabalists love situations in which currency pegs can be taken down. This is perfect for insider information and infestations. They lick their satanic chops at the resulting chaos, too.

This week the Houthis in Yemen suddenly seemed to have new drones with which to attack Saudi oil facilities and their troops in Yemen.

As unrest spreads in Saudi Arabia, suddenly previously ignored and long-standing human rights violations and beheadings matter. Saudi Arabia has always been easy to compromise, extort and control on this front as well.

China has overleverage vulnerabilities and depending on who the western creditors are, financial crisis can be triggered. This one involving China’s largest developer over the long Labor Day weekend looks like one. This has spread to other Chinese junk debt.

Read “Doomsday For Evergrande Arrives As Creditors Demand “Immediate” Payment, Bonds No Longer Eligible Collateral”

Complicating matters for China are full rivers and two typhoons on the way.

For Saudi Arabia’s part, it told the prior Obama administration and members of Congress that it would sell off the $750 billion worth of American bond and equity assets it holds, if Congress passed a bill that would allow the Saudi government to be held responsible in American courts for any role in the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks. Congress passed the bill, Obama vetoed it, and then Congress voted to override his veto. This is notable because it suggests that the blackmailing of the Saudis for their role as patsies is breaking down.

The sharp pare downs of UST held by KSA are underway.

KSA can also use the Russian ruble, the euro or the yuan instead of the U.S. dollar and influence OPEC to follow suit. [See the foreshadowing movie “Rollover” (1981).”]

Furthermore, the Saudis might withdraw their investment dollars from various funds and banks throughout the U.S. paper tiger and western world. If they try to collapse financial assets in America, a buying opportunity for New Underworld Order banksters develops. First, the NUO can short sell on the front end and then grab them on the cheap on the back end of a financial rout.

The Saudis will also react and play a role in the Great Game. One factor in this would be earth moving. According to former CIA contractor Steven Kelly, it looks as though the Saudis are going to come forward with names of the “major players” behind the 9/11 attacks, claiming that Saudi Arabia was only “a minor player in the charade” and even going as far as to warn the Rothschild and Bush families that the revelations will destroy them.

The Federal Reserve Cry-Wolf Hacks Are a Sight to Behold

The Fed heads are all over the map about inflation, which is creeping higher. Clearly, there is no discussion about excess dollar repatriation at all. If this came on their radar screen soon enough, they would have to act decisively to drain dollars from the U.S. domestic economy.

Read “There’s a huge risk to the U.S. economy right now — and almost no one is paying attention”

9 Comments on Saudi Arabia: The Dedollarization Fuse is Being Lit

  1. Thank you. The situation has been dire for a long time, obviously, but these latest actions are crystallising things – this looks like the final precipice. To say this is alarming only underestimates the crisis, and also only makes sense if there is anyone who will hear the alarm, and actually do something about it.
    There is precious little time left, and it will take extraordinary action to counter the tide. I’ve been following the Devolution narrative, and am torn between wanting to believe in it, and the suspicion that it is simply ‘Tryst’ 2.0 . Certainly nothing less than a complete and abrupt turnaround in control of the US, lock, stock and barrel, will now be effective in rescuing something from the induced suicide of a once-great nation, carrying with it the fate of the whole Western world.
    I look in vain for any signs of effective resistance; engineered division, corruption and sabotage are everywhere, and there appears to be only days left to avoid complete collapse.

  2. Wow, this must be my lucky day! Woke up to a new schedule, this excellent thread and I am now on the second cup of coffee…ready to talk some geopolitical / finance. Might have to go play the lottery after this one.

    As aside: Quick nod to Skoolafish…I see the avatar.

    Okay back to work:

    “Chinese allies now include North Korea, Russia, Iran, Myanmar, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Iraq and now Saudi Arabia. Four of these countries hold nearly 42% of the world’s oil reserves. #GoodbyePetro$”

    This is a great list, but we are missing something here…Brazil. Then we may also wish to include a good portion of Central America (fish and various other offshore items), South America (Ag.) and then there is also Mexico (especially telecom, which RW has already noted about Afghanistan rare metals being very important in this aspect).

    The original Goldman Sachs report of 1990 calling out the BRICs stood for Brazil, Russia, India and China…this was their prediction for what was softly implied would be the and of the American Century and the rise of these nations as a united, economic, front. Doesn’t it seem like they knew something then, which was a little advanced considering the geopolitical situation of the era.

    Additional aside: Goldman does not do the hard work, they let others do it and play a game of probability in choices, direction and / or commentary (like a form of poker in the big casino known as Wall Street). Please see the Big Short, and you will understand Goldman in about 3 minutes time. The BRICs report was largely influenced by the work of the Franklin Templeton guys, who were extremely competent in emerging markets research and “on the ground” intelligence, especially at that time.

    Back to Brazil:

    “Of course, that’s just another tailwind for precious metals, but the CNY (i.e., Chinese) component of those SDR’s won’t be the only demand-driven tailwind for gold.

    As Brazil’s gold reserves skyrocketed by 100% in recent months, it’s worth noting who has been buying the bulk of those precious rather than “barbaric” metals.

    Here’s a hint, the buyers are Brazil’s biggest trading partner—i.e., China.

    But the plot thickens.

    China is buying gold (as well as soybeans, steel, corn and oil) from Brazil for a reason

    Like Russia, the Chinese can buy and sell those Brazilian products in CNY yet settle prices in gold which floats in price (as well as back into Brazil’s gold-thirsty central bank) based on each currency, thereby slowly but surely ignoring that increasingly discredited and distrusted world reserve currency known as the U.S. dollar.”

    So all I am saying is:

    RW is quite right in this entire thread.
    To expand upon his list of nations, we find that the numbers of oil and other commodity producers working with China is even bigger.


    The threat to dollar hegemony is quite real and the nation is under-prepared in a major way.

    Ironically, President Orange Potato even knows this one and was still helping shovel coal to get us toward the iceberg; however, I am going to give him two little nods of praise:

    To some extent his moves did stabilize local banks in rural communities, which would require a thread of its own to unpack, but I do acknowledge he did do it.


    His praise of, relaxation of certain laws / regulation and the strengthening of the local banks does help both smaller farmers, as well as smaller manufacturing operations. In theory this could eventually push the see-saw back, but I concede it would take a while and America will hurt in the process.

    I said it yesterday on Torchy’s thread, the best bet is to let mom and dad get a divorce, split up this supra-nation, allow those of us who really want to work to band together / be left alone,


    let all the others have their own space to burn cars / poop on their sidewalks / listen to trannies reading children’s books. To do so might, just might, give some of the nation a fighting chance…biggest debtor the world has ever witnessed.

    Have a great day folks!

    All my best,

  3. So all of Jared’s hard work to bring a Gulf States alliance with Israel was in vain?

    Will they attempt to implement a digital Dollar? I don’t think that would work for overseas users since the US government would certainly try to use it to reinforce its foreign policy. If there is an alternative that places few or no restrictions on its use, foreign users would use it.

    • You are quite right and lest we forget that much of Latin America is still on a cash basis. Even in Mexico, citizens got to pay their utility bills in cash (a reverse ATM if you will).

      Gosh, wouldn’t it be hilarious to sit in on a conversation about blockchain with Ecuadorian farmers?

      U.S. Marketer: “It’s number in an account tied to a digital token.”

      Wonderful Ecuadorian Farmer (and the only sane person on in the room): “Si senor, gracias; pero, donde esta el dinero?”

      Sign me up right away!


  4. From my perspective, we are at the peace talks or “piece” talks of WW 2.0

    Next on the menu for Eurasia’s ascension is Taiwan.

    I always wondered why Brexit was a thing… Looks like the UK is moving up a notch in the shrinking Anglosphere…Gotta get those Aussies sorted to solidify the Commonwealth. The US not too far behind

  5. Is the WEF Claus Cypto ready to be pass ported and shoved up our asses in tyme? Seems to me the psychopaths are at odds. Oh how I wish they start to eat their own!

    • never gonna happen

      any apparent in-fighting is a show. The one thing they all agree on is all goy are the enemy, especially Whites. And 95% of the goy must die and ALL Whites must be exterminated.

      We’re witnessing it openly being carried out today as medical-government tyranny.

      it’s coming down to all jews must go, or we’re gonna go.

      It’s simple. Don’t over-complicate it.

  6. One quick question: I just sold 100,000 barrels of oil to China and prefer to take payment in gold. Is it is real? Is the gold locked in a vault that they control and I get a certificate of authenticity stating “on demand” in Mao we trust, with the all seeing eye CCP promise? Oh how wonderful it sounds. Please someone get me a barf bag as my high altitude sickness in coming On fast…

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