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A Look at the Nonsensical Claim That Hijackers with Box Cutters Commandeered 4 Planes on 9/11

At Reddit, I once managed to get into a discussion with one of the wags on that site regarding a question someone posed on 9/11.

A wag asked, “What’s so sophisticated about hijacking a plane?”

No point in letting the real answer go to waste.

In answering such a question, it’s important not to let these types lead you down strawman-fallacy paths. My response is concise.

Initially, it was based on a statement to me from my cousin, who was a 20-year domestic-airline pilot. He said this to me shortly after 9/11: “No American pilots would turn over an aircraft to hijackers wielding box cutters, as claimed on 9/11.”

That seems logical. But in today’s world, we need to tighten up our case. I proceeded to look further into it.

The wag responded with a whole list of global hijackings dating back a century to prove it was not a big deal. However, a perusal of the list revealed only three U.S. hijacking attempts between 1983 and 2001. Two were thwarted by the crew and one crashed.

From Wikipedia: The so-called “Golden Age” of skyjacking in the United States ran from 1968 through 1979, with attacks tapering off after new regulations made boarding aircraft with weapons extremely difficult.

Jan. 11, 1987: A Continental Airlines DC-9 was hijacked in flight by Norwood Emanuel. Captain Mark Meyer was credited with thwarting the hijacking by quickly landing at Dulles International outside of Washington, D.C.

San Luis Obispo in 1987, when a disgruntled PSA employee shot the pilot of PSA flight 1771 to death, resulting in the crash of the plane and the death of everyone aboard.

April 7, 1994: FedEx Flight 705 experienced an attempted hijack by disgruntled employee Auburn Calloway as it left Memphis, Tennessee.

So four successful hijackings on 9/11 would have been one of the most extreme outliers and cowinkydinks in all of time.

Not only were hijacking attempts in U.S. skies very rare in the 18 years leading up to 9/11, but in the United States no hijacker actually succeeded in taking over and flying the aircraft during that period. And that doesn’t even broach the serious doubts about the mediocre-at-best flying skills of the alleged 9/11 perps.

I could find no hijackings — even during the “Golden Age” of 1968 to 1979 — that succeeded, where the perp carried a knife, let alone a box cutter. And it happened four times on 9/11. 

Commercial pilots are trained to squawk a universal hijack code (7500), if they are subject to an attempted hijacking, thereby notifying FAA controllers on the ground. The fact is that not one of the eight pilots (four pilots and four co-pilots) on the four hijacked planes performed this action.

“To communicate to air traffic control that an aircraft is being hijacked, a pilot under duress should squawk 7500 or vocally, by radio communication, transmit ‘(aircraft call sign) transponder seven five zero zero.’”

So the storytelling goes something like this: First, the hijackers were able to overcome stewardesses on four separate flights and obtain a key to the cockpit door. This was somehow accomplished without commotion in the midst of passengers.

Then the hijackers were able to unlock the doors and enter the cockpit in stealthy manner that “surprised” the crew sufficiently to beat all eight crew members on four separate flights to the squawk module in their own cockpits.

This, plus overcoming the crews, was all done with a cartoon world hijacking weapon shown here. I know for a fact from my conversation with my cousin that many — if not most — airline pilots during this period were former military, including him. And this was much more during the men-were-men era, not the pussies era.

Read “Boy Scouts Ban Squirt-Gun Fights as Part of National Pussification Campaign”


UPDATE: New footage of the WTC on 9/11 was released on June 1, 2018, as the result of a FOIA request. Go to full screen in the video below. The money shots start at minute 00:45:25, showing good quality footage of the molten metal streaming off the building. At 00:47:15, the building goes down, with some of the best footage ever of the sheer dustification of the structure. He slows it to 0.25 speed at 00:47:30. End at 00:49:45.

14 Comments on A Look at the Nonsensical Claim That Hijackers with Box Cutters Commandeered 4 Planes on 9/11

  1. The box cutter story has zero credibilty. Keep in mind that I am writing for a wider audience at times. This best approach is to destory their lies and narrative from all angles- just to get people to start processing. It shouldn’t be our goal to solve the entire operation with precision, that’s impossible as well as unreasonable.

    • This I do realize (and appreciate), but at the same time wonder whether attacking small inconsistencies which corroborate the main fraud is productive. Addressing the lack of logged airline parts recovered or that incorrect turbine photographed on Murray Street, for example, goes right to the planes-hijacked fiction. From a recent TRS show, I heard Ryan Dawson talking about knives and not box-cutters. That sort of narrative change could reinvigorate the official story.

      In addition, few people have combat experience or have ever confronted a knife or razor-wielder and have Hollywood goggles on. On the other hand, planes that are swallowed into buildings frankly look weird. Many true-believers comment spontaneously about the images being like a B-grade movie.

  2. This is a long and kind of old documentary now; however, it does bring up some interesting points and Ms. Powers has done other research of note (if I recall correctly she is a friend of Mr. Bill Still, but does use different methodology of both approaching her research and developing her documentaries):

    Sorry that I do not have more time to set this post up or give relevant time markers, but I am in a “hurry up and wait moment”, before needing to run.

    Please have a good day everyone!


      • I think he means well, and because he is resident in Japan, it may be a less expensive way to exchange currencies (low to no banking fees); however, I do agree with you overall.

        Who knows, maybe someone is sponsoring him; it has been so long since I have been on this website that I would not know at this point.

    • JS,

      Yeah, The Ring of Power documentary can be a lot to take on, but I do think good points are made and it can be worth some examination.

      When I found it, YouTube was in its infancy (literally not too long after BETA). Ms. Powers was working on a segment and would then upload it, so you could watch the pieces in shorter chapters. For years it remained on YT in these various chapters pieces that either Ms. Power or someone she knows finally took the time to number in a catalogue format (1 of 12, 2 of 12, etc.). Since I also have the DVD of this work, I can affirm that it is formatted in chapters that make the work easier to surf through and more digestible to break up if you are going to spread the whole thing into days.

      This morning I was not even going to be on WW. I did a response to Vasily on another thread (really short one for me) and was about to leave when I had yet another “stop and wait moment”, so I read this thread and then reflected on the documentary. When I went on YT, I could only find this version as a unified piece (the whole enchilada), so I made my link copy and then “put the petal to the metal, and left to where I needed to be” . = )

      Some day if you have a choice between watching paint dry for a few hours, and the documentary, then I would say maybe it would be okay to surf through. It does have its interesting points.

      Either way thanks for the Corbett upload; I have not really paid much attention to him as of late (its not him, its me and just not having time), and the video you selected is a good one.

      All my best,

  3. Does concrete just turn to dust when heated up?
    What about them finding the hijackers passports on the streets, was that a joke?

  4. Good read on that topic with lots connections and background info, think i linked it here already, James M Rockefeller writing on his project page(Son of Nelson, he got stalked so much he did this website blog/project out show up the swamp)

    Sure he is listing all paths leading to isreal and names it, just like he writes mossad did JFK.
    Whole web site is worth a read or even offline save.

  5. I wish to bring up an issue almost never discussed. The CGI aspect has been analyzed extensively — but not the SOUND data. What is the sound (in decibels) made by a ~100-ton aircraft travelling at ~500 mph only ~1000 ft above the street? How far back along the plane’s route (assuming a certain rate of descent) should the sound be obvious to people on the ground? It can’t pop into existence at the last minute, as with WTC 1. Furthermore, how many decibels are raised by the impact of said plane on a structure like WTC 2 — ever heard an exponentially simpler car crash on a freeway? All those people on the ground immediately below who claimed they saw the second impact have undamaged hearing?

    I’m not a noise engineer so I can only ask questions. Look again at the original video of that second plane crash. There is NO SOUND at impact. The explosion from within the building occurs at approximately one second after the impact. How does this make sense? Can we get someone qualified, yet fearless, to analyze this? (Not holding my breath here.)

    Somebody paid little attention to the soundtrack in crafting the event. If there was no impact sound, there was no plane impact, there was no plane. As the memes say, change my mind.

  6. What is happening now with COVID is directly linked to the gullibility of what happened on 9/11. Mind control is very effective. I do not think people realize that virtually everything on television was crafted to create consensus, submission, and now subjugation.
    As a side note, dropping those two towers (110 stories) on top of each other is an engineering feat that is beyond the scope of human ability. This was for me a manifestation of the devil himself.

  7. Russ (and SC) – I am still working through those videos – I am finding Nik’s video “9/11, Photosynthesis and more” quite riveting and will get to SC’s ‘Ring of Power’ video next (have done a cursory browsed).

    Last time I invested so much time was on “The Greatest Story Never Told” which was more than worth it.

    In the meantime this seems worth sharing from the Unz Review.

    • 9/11 Was a Straussian Coup – Laurent Guyénot

    Speaking of “watching paint dry”, I’m dying to know how this ends

    Thanks for this series, Russ – I simply CANNOT keep up and cannot tell you how much I appreciate your site.

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