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Brooklyn rabbi financing multiple Afghan refugee rescue missions

By Jon Levine | 4 September 2021

NEW YORK POST — A mild-mannered rabbi in Brooklyn has become an unlikely savior to dozens of at-risk Afghan refugees still seeking to flee to country. …

Margaretten fell into his new role by happenstance after activists called upon him to raise funds for an evacuation of Zebulon Simantov, the last Jew living in Afghanistan.

Within hours, Margaretten — who is Orthodox — says he raised $80,000 from his donor networks and hired Israeli-American contractor Moti Kahana to get the job done. The mission, however, was stymied after Simantov refused to leave.

“I dealt with so many crazy people and he is on the top of the list,” Kahana, 53, recalled. Kahana and the rabbi decided to use the unspent funds to help other vulnerable Afghan Muslims.

“We are doing more judges, prosecutors, mostly women and children are the main focus and people who have helped the US government. Also US citizens if there are any,” Kahana said. “I am basically just an Uber dispatcher in Kabul.” …

Kahana, who is now receiving financing from multiple NGO’s, says he is hauling out dozens of different people every evening. He declined to elaborate on the details. […]

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  1. I just threw up a little. Let’s consider the ((source)) and the ((author)) dot this shit piece. Why not fund open borders for IsRAhell?

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