NSA Whistleblower Karen Stewart Exposes Biggest False Flag Operation In History: FBI / Fusion Centers

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By Tim Brown | 30 December 2019

DC DIRTY LAUNDRY — FBI / Fusion Centers, created after 911 to “fuse” Federal and Local Law Enforcement information to protect America from “Terrorists,” INSTEAD have been creating hundreds of thousands of FALSE DOSSIERS on perfectly INNOCENT AMERICANS (Targeted Individuals) to JUSTIFY secretly bloating the fraud Terrorist Watchlist, for a fabricated enemy to rally resources against and keep the population frightened and accepting of a Police State. NSA whistleblower and retired intelligence analyst Karen Stewart joins me to expose exactly what is going on.

Ms. Stewart sent this to Sen Lindsey Graham after hearing his recent speech on CNN2 about “FISA abuse could happen to you” to his colleagues.  Only Lindsey really pushed for this kind of thing years ago on the Senate floor when he proclaimed “You don’t get a lawyer.” …

E.O. S-1233 , DOD Directive S-3321.1 and National Security Directive 130,  the United States military and Intelligence Communities are forbidden by law from targeting U.S. citizens with PSYOPS within US borders.

A SECRET UNCONSTITUTIONAL ARMY of NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH-TYPE Civilian Mercenaries, like INFRAGARD, were TRAINED in covert and overt (intimidation) surveillance, along with covert vicious libel/slander, stalking, harassment, assault, and murder techniques, utilizing HIGH TECH and ADVANCED WEAPONRY difficult to detect on their innocent civilian neighbors, for what amounts to “practice and training” of a guerrilla army of extrajudicial “enforcers” (thugs) to keep people compliant as the US is subverted. They are richly compensated and promised immunity by rogue Fusion Center officials. […]

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  1. I am a victim of this malicious targeting program, but this is really not something new, though 9/11 did sort of make known what was already occurring to select people because of EO 12333, possibly prisoners, possibly dissidents, maybe enemies of certain people who would use this for retaliation thanks to Biden, the Clintons and Janet Reno, then after 9/11 what Patriot Act seems to have done with the different amendments to EO 12333, the FISA amendments and potentially a change in the way that the different memoranda of understandings were being used to allow every person claiming to be a patriot to turn on their neighbor, every doctor, nurse, teacher, mailman, deliver driver, researcher, medical student, police officer, fireman, utility worker, Walmart employee etc now can anonymously report any person and that person thanks to EO 12333 and can be experimented upon by these people with a host of technologies and new methods of warfare for purposes of war and other than war, in other words for political purposes too, and if the person is a threat to the establishment then yes they are being targeted by malicious neighborhood watch groups in communities all over the united states. This is human trafficking. This is terrorism and torture and unlawful human experimentation.

    I am being tortured to death slowly, can get no redress, and if I fight back I am even more maliciously targeted, and these people treat me like the criminal as they break many laws and commit crimes against me and my children, but they also use non disclosed weapons, and if you try to fight back against them or defend yourself against their attacks, they report you to CPS, police, and the three letter agencies, etc. I am maliciously attacked with weaponized drones, yes they are weaponized not just for use overseas, and there are also street lights, porch lights etc that are also now weaponized, this was admitted by ACLU a few years back when they were trying to raise the issue of unlawful surveillance a number of years ago, many of these new lights can have this capability, and it is used on me when I am being stalked at night by drones, the street lights are part of the targeting of that person. In my neighborhood, I have photographed the drones and some of the lights that both have directed energy coming from them. I was and have been attacked with technology including drones that can attack the heart and other organs, and this has also been done to me as I am out doing errands, especially, I am targeted by the harassers/stalkers to prevent me paying bills on time to cause hardship, to prevent me from fixing vehicles, from grocery shopping to care for my family, from titling and registering vehicles, I have even been prevented from having access to doctor and dental appointments and this is also used in the slander and defamation against me. In everything I do, I am stalked, harassed, tortured with weapons, and subjected to psychological warfare methods by people who are at the ready for these operations. I am even abused at the library and have been intentionally prevented from enrolling my children in many activities all part of the campaign of defamation and slander.

    I am a former military spouse of 17 years and several times, they have tried to have me diagnosed with different mental health conditions to have me committed, this began in about 2007 when I first noticed this while living on base in Fort Campbell, Ky. I am now under attack in a community in El Paso Texas near Fort Bliss, where I am stalked with drones that nearly killed me on my ex husband’s birthday last year. Two drones followed me as I walked to our shared neighborhood post office box at night at which point my heart was attacked so severely that I tasted blood in my throat, this injury put me out for a few days. They also attack my legs in my sleep so that I wake in pain most nights and use neuro weapons on me non stop, these are well known and Ms. Stewart mentions them and of course many others too like Dr. James Giordano, Barrie Trower, and Dr. Charles Morgan, these have been used on me extensively for the last 24 years or so. I can date the beginning of some of the symptoms to about 1999/2000. I have had these people who are integrated in every agency of government bully me out of a public school that my children attended at which point the staff reported me to CPS, that was coordinated with repeated reports to CPS by neighbors who used their children in this plot by bullying my children, throwing rocks at our cars, messing with our trash cans, and various other organized acts to lure me and my children into engagements at which point the parents would again call CPS on me, this was to create the malicious defamation plot against me. There have been about three or four of these reports and now the Constable who was just some security guy when I moved here has advanced in the ranks to Deputy Constable while he has done these things to me.

    This man seemingly in charge of our cul de sac, I suspect, has organized many of these attacks and the street theater operations and possibly the staged vehicular accidents and vehicle mobbing on the streets, it seems that they work in teams in a relay type of way passing off to each other who is going to do be doing the targeting each day. There are so many who seem to be doing this, it is no wonder that those who are being targeted can get no justice or due process in this. These people seem to get together to set up or to script the attacks from day to day, all of it with the intent to have me jailed or committed and to take my kids, my home and anything of value that I might have, which they have so far been pretty successful in doing.

    The recent decision by Congress to allow a Kill Switch in vehicles, I believe has been tested on me in some manner because the perpetrators are able to make my vehicles have flat tires, to make the check engine light come on at strategic times, the attacks on the tires have been even with all new sets of tires to the point that I have had so many replacements that I lost count. I believe this was all to test the 5g, Smart Cities, CBDC, ESG/SDG/Social Credit system whereby that person can be located and shut down regardless of where they are or if they have a cell phone or not because they can follow me with these drones even in an old 2001 vehicle that I drive, and I usually do not carry a cellphone or bring a credit card with me when I go. They are also evidently capable of having people sabotage repairs so that I will be stranded and so that I cannot ever attempt to get a job and I have tried and failed many times, this is also to arrive at their conclusion to be able to take my kids from me as well because every attempt is made in spite of any of my heroic efforts to attempt to obey laws keeping my vehicle inspections, registration and tags up to date and current all are interfered with and sabotaged. If they are not attempting to make it so that I must spend any extra money I have, so that I am not able to do these things, they are actively using their access to people inside these agencies to shut down the offices or just have those people refuse to assist me, and they have done this while using these weapons on me when I have attempted to do things in many of these offices like the DPS and Tax Collector. I would just like to say that they also have people set up in the vehicle insurance industry for the targeting, in the utilities, the communications companies, and all of them it seems will work with the others to attack that person in various ways. I am followed to these places where they will engage in different methods to keep me being harassed non stop, and it seems they celebrate and have parties when they succeed in their sabotage efforts, they are very pleased with themselves in what they are doing.

    I just also want to say after being targeted like I have been for this long, it really took me many years to even realize that this was being done or that this was organized. What is done is that the person just begins to feel that people are being rude for no rational reason, they are no longer being nice or helpful, but this is quite subtle and can go on for years before it sinks in that this is not normal. This accelerated when my ex husband deployed when I was alone for the first time at his first duty station. That is where I was first subjected to what I am still experiencing from neighbors and people in the community today, but at that time, I thought I must have done something to them personally that I did not know I had done and I would try to rectify it in some way to no avail, but that is not the case at all after many years of this, I finally realized that I was being targeted much more severely after a military divorce and experienced many staged accidents, vehicular mishaps, broken appliances, devices, phone malfunctions, too many hard knocks, too many unexplained illnesses all at once brought me to this conclusion finally. I tried everything imaginable to fit in and was snubbed and ostracized from the beginning no matter what state we went to and no matter what I did, this followed us to every state we were sent to during those 17 years. My children were bullied by other children as well to such an extant that they also just thought it was something they themselves did, this was all very organized where parents and children both did the bullying and even some teachers and faculty would participate in this and in the gaslighting that also took me just as long to realize was being done to me and my children. This organized bullying harassment then eventually led to the electronic assault at which point every thing in the arsenal was used and drove me to a nervous breakdown first in 2007 at which point a diagnosis of schizophrenia was their first attempt to try to discredit me and it continues where police are called on me to my home, and they repeatedly ask if I am in need of mental health assistance. I was being so severely targeted with a variety of methods and weapons early on in this targeting that I thought I had a brain tumor or that I had cancer or was going insane. This culminated in what I now know is a predictable pattern that they use over and over again on me to get me to leave, to get me to act out so they can report me to police and CPS or to have me psych committed. The Constable across from me now uses these weapons or someone else is in order to agitate me persistently in a very coordinated way to force me to act out at which point he calls police on me, he did this last night actually. For my own survival, I have now resorted to refusing to open the door for them since they will not do anything about the non stop noise harassment, the incessant use of barking dogs, the stalking, the color mobbing, the unlawful use of hidden weapons, the psychological warfare abuse that is now being employed by children, teenagers, the old and infirm, the gangs, the teachers, the retirees, you name it, they all want in on the action. And, where I am living in El Paso, recently, there were many hundreds of criminal court cases that simply were dismissed due to inaction. This when I am being slowly put to death with no recourse in spite of all my attempts to bring this out to the public knowledge. We are under attack, and the weapons have many horrific capabilities that absolutely must be taken from the hands of these people who are maliciously using them for bloodsport, personal enrichment and or for retaliation.

    This program must be fully disclosed because to say anything about any of this brings to bear additional attacks. To call these weapons non lethal is an outright and absolutely fictitious lie. It is in fact lethal if they decide to make it lethal, and they have chosen to do so on many people. There are governments admitting to the existence and public use of these weapons on populations, in Poland, the citizens came forward and demanded to know what is going to be done about these weapons being used on civilians, and their government plans to investigate the matter, our own military and law enforcement have papers where they are bragging about these many patented capabilities, but they gaslight and menticide those who are having this done to them. They take everything away from the persons they choose to slowly put to death in this way. For doing this, they are attacked by downright sadistic and evil people or psychopaths who should be themselves investigated and honestly anything that is being given out to do this to a person who is being experimented upon and forced to endure non stop invasive surveillance, covert and overt threats to their existence, remote interrogations and torture tactics along with psychological warfare methods is to make the person a prisoner of war because these weapons are not supposed to be used on the citizens of the united states in the first place. Is our own United States government, military and law enforcement at war with the American people? One would have to think that they were by these methods. And, if that is the case, these are crimes of war and should be treated as such.

    We must never condone or turn a blind eye to this type of atrocity being unleashed wantonly and with absolute immunity and impunity as it has been. In any other place in the world, these tactics would be described as torture, abuse, methods of warfare, but in the United States, people are subjected to further abuse for simply trying to survive against this, those who are participating in this program punish the individual and carry out vicious attacks any time the person is successful in fending off the attacks, how is this not attempted murder? The hardened or highly skilled perpetrators it seems are the ones allowed to conduct sometimes horrific acts on that person including staged accidents, assault, theft, battery, and sexual assault, these are crimes being allowed to be committed against the person that causes untold psychological damage. It is time for the veil to be lifted from this dark and sinister operation.

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