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NSA Whistleblower Karen Stewart Exposes Biggest False Flag Operation In History: FBI / Fusion Centers

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By Tim Brown | 30 December 2019

DC DIRTY LAUNDRY — FBI / Fusion Centers, created after 911 to “fuse” Federal and Local Law Enforcement information to protect America from “Terrorists,” INSTEAD have been creating hundreds of thousands of FALSE DOSSIERS on perfectly INNOCENT AMERICANS (Targeted Individuals) to JUSTIFY secretly bloating the fraud Terrorist Watchlist, for a fabricated enemy to rally resources against and keep the population frightened and accepting of a Police State. NSA whistleblower and retired intelligence analyst Karen Stewart joins me to expose exactly what is going on.

Ms. Stewart sent this to Sen Lindsey Graham after hearing his recent speech on CNN2 about “FISA abuse could happen to you” to his colleagues.  Only Lindsey really pushed for this kind of thing years ago on the Senate floor when he proclaimed “You don’t get a lawyer.” …

E.O. S-1233 , DOD Directive S-3321.1 and National Security Directive 130,  the United States military and Intelligence Communities are forbidden by law from targeting U.S. citizens with PSYOPS within US borders.

A SECRET UNCONSTITUTIONAL ARMY of NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH-TYPE Civilian Mercenaries, like INFRAGARD, were TRAINED in covert and overt (intimidation) surveillance, along with covert vicious libel/slander, stalking, harassment, assault, and murder techniques, utilizing HIGH TECH and ADVANCED WEAPONRY difficult to detect on their innocent civilian neighbors, for what amounts to “practice and training” of a guerrilla army of extrajudicial “enforcers” (thugs) to keep people compliant as the US is subverted. They are richly compensated and promised immunity by rogue Fusion Center officials. […]

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