Factors to Consider During the Countdown to War

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‘We took action last night to stop a war.’ –– Donald Trump on Jan. 3, 2020

The coffins of two martyrs — Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Maj. Gen. Qasem Soleimani and Iraqi Quds Force Commander Abu Mahdi al-Muhandisin — were displayed together Saturday in a funeral procession in the holy city of Karbala in central Iraq.

To the Trumptard dimwits and the Zio-brainwashed types who stumble onto this site, allow me to explain the significance: This joint procession signals a united effort between Iraq and Iran to expel clown world America and its flying monkeys from Iraq and probably Syria. The U.S. can withdraw as requested or face a war of liberation.

Indeed, a united Iraqi Parliament is meeting Sunday for this very purpose.

Update: Incredibly we also learn Prime Minister Abdul Mahdi, said that Soleimani was due to meet with him on Tuesday to discuss a Saudi offer to de-escalate tension in the area.

Pompeo once again digs his heels on delusion.

In true Mafia gangster fashion Trump issues an extortion after the Iraqi vote: We have a very extraordinarily expensive air base that’s there. It cost billions of dollars to build. Long before my time. We’re not leaving unless they pay us back for it.” Trump told the AF1 reporter pool.

In the U.S. on the other-hand, Trump faces opposition from Congress. U.S. Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA) is introducing a resolution aimed at blocking the war, saying that the administration must not attack Iran without an Authorization for the Use of Military Force (AUMF). There is no sign an AUMF is even being considered.

The Kaine resolution would require a two-thirds majority in both the House and Senate in practice, otherwise it would face the fate of similar resolutions on the unauthorized Yemen War.

For Americans, it’s high time we realize we’ve been hijacked and held hostage by the mentally ill at best and satanic forces at worst. Trump and his minions just can’t help themselves. They engage in endless psychopathic inversions, illustrated in the quotes in the header.

Is the dump part of a pump-and-dump in the bubbly financial markets also at hand? Large slugs of Fed money printing are rolling off this week starting Monday. Next week the Fed will drain nearly $72 billion in liquidity if term repos aren’t rolled. Will the Red Queen amplify that and pop the Bubble with an infamous mis-timed tweet of some sort? I’ve always felt that would happen.

And what is served from threatening Iranian cultural sites? Is that designed to build a coalition of the willing a la the Bush crime family, or to further isolate and degrade America in world opinion?

U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo expressed disappointment that no support was forthcoming from Europe. And what of Turkey and Iran, have been moving friendlier.

Yet more Pompeo miscalculations.

The challenge Iran and Iraq face is to calibrate their revenge and liberation response in order not to dissipate the feelings of sympathy engendered by Trumpian stupidity and to keep the optics around liberation.

As of this hour, the Iraqi Kata’ib Hezbollah is warning Iraqi Security Forces should stay away from U.S. bases. After the U.S. expulsion declaration is passed later Sunday, we may see a serious assault on U.S. bases in Iraq. Either that or an embarrassing last-minute withdrawal similar to the fall of Saigon.

If Trump is stubborn, which I expect, the U.S. might try the Alamo strategy, and we could see U.S. POWs paraded through the streets. There is not a large U.S. boots-on-the-ground presence in Iraq (approx. 5,000 troops), or even in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. And once those countries are used for staging to interdict in Iraq, they will be hit with Iran’s successful asymmetrical warfare tactics, including choking Saudi oil.

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The U.S. might try to reinforce and lure the Iranian army and Revolutionary Guard more out in the open in Iraq rather than strongholds in mountainous Iran. I doubt they will fall for it; however, they can’t sit idly by while a buildup occurs. If the U.S. overreaches, look for China to stir trouble in the South China Sea.

The problem unified Iran and Iraq faces is the potential for a false flag, which is a habitual method that has been employed successfully for years now. A sign of a false flag or a faked deception usually involves senseless killing of low-value innocents. We have described this in detail on our pages.

A real payback strike would involve high-value targets, such as military installations, top commanders and ships. Indeed this is the stated policy.

I doubt Iran would lead off with cutting of the Strait of Hormuz at least initially, as that impacts neutral nations in Europe and the third world. Mostly it will be in Iraq as part of the American removal offensive.

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  1. From 4chan, some counterpoint

    « Trump 4D chess: Give zionists-neocons all they ask – which destroys them

    Trump has lit the match to end US-Israeli hegemony in the West, give Trump his due
    – It’s easy to accuse Trump of being a Zionist neocon stooge, or stupid, but consider:
    – Donald Trump has been involved with Jewish mafia ever since his early days with Roy Cohn, Trump knows them inside out, and especially how they are tempted to over-reach
    – Trump is under threat every day, 45% of all US presidents in last 60 years were hit, 2 with bullets (Kennedy, Reagan), 3 with impeachments (Nixon, Clinton, Trump)
    – Trump has exactly ONE TOOL of power he can use, the judo reverse move of giving Zionists, neocons, military-industrial complex warmongers all that they ask … to the point they blow themselves up
    – It’s already working – Iraq has voted to kick all US military out of Iraq … who else could have achieved this but a super-clever Donald T.?
    – News media already say Trump ‘surprised’ the Pentagon by approving the ‘most extreme’ option
    – This cannot be bloodless, innocents and brave great people are being killed, but a world with diminished USA-Israeli power is a better place, with fewer dead in the long run
    – Qassem Suleimani was a brave, great man – but consider that Trump maybe knew this and secretly honoured him, and that Trump is maybe a brave man himself … The fire has started and it will now rage and burn, maybe unstoppable … due to DJT waiting for the right moment, with motives maybe better than most think »

    • Well, sorry guys, but ypi are treating the ME theatrics as if they were carried out ny two sovereigm states woth ppposimg agendas. Nothing can ne further from the truth. Iran, like Russia, China, North Korea etc., is part of the controlled opposition. It is all staged. Soleimami has been primed for a “martyr death” since 2018. By comparing the photos of the ring he is wearing and the one on his alleged corpse, one sees that the 2 rings are different. Yes, it may serve as a pretext for WW3, but this is all coordinated and scripted in advance. As was the case with e.g. the Ukranian situation / Crimea.

    • On that Trump 3D, 4D, 666D chess, that’s such a load of BS–that’s just a way to cover when he’s obviously working for the other side. Talk about freaking denial!! Give me a break.

      Nobody would ever say that George W Bush was playing 4D chess by launching the Iraq war, so we could all see how evil the Neocons were.

      Mike Whitney makes an excellent case for the idea that Trump made a deal with the deep state to make the Mueller Investigation go away. His foreign policy continued to change until it was in complete lock-step with the establishment. People need to wake up from their Q-tard denial. Trump is another neocon puppet.


      • Understand that all politicians of all countries work together at the expense of their populations behind the scenes. Trump is not sold out to this or that faction, which is at “war“ with some other faction. It is all staged confrontations and deliberately confusing agendas. Suleimani was 100% not killed, showing the cooperation of both sides. The retaliating strike was more theatrics, noone hurt. The severe response from Trump is there on twitter one day and not coming the next. We are all slaves on the govt plantation, controlled by mind games and very little by force, as we are much more numerous.

  2. 4d chess aside, Marc Rich was pardoned by President Clinton for transacting oil deals with Iran in violation of US imposed sanctions. I wouldn’t put it past these people to cook up some theater in order to goose wtic. In fact, that supposed drone strike on the Saudi refinery last September seems to have been memory holed by everyone (save the hapless burned shorts). All we’ve been shown so far is a charred corpse and a gaudy pinky ring.

  3. Interesting video clip of the last Shah of Iran in 1976, speaking with Jewish journalist Mike Wallace on one of the USA’s popular national TV programmes, ’60 Minutes’, about Jewish domination of USA media

    The Shah was overthrown 3 years after this appeared, by the Khomeini Islamic revolution which, as Aangirfan has documented on her site, seems to have been yet another operation of the Western intel agencies

    Video of the Shah talking about Jewish media control here, 3min06sec

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