Post-Apartheid South Africans Demonstrate ‘White Privilege’ at Squatter Camp

Bags of rubbish are piled up next to the door of one of the shacks, which are tightly packed in at the Munsieville camp, South Africa, in 2019. PHOTO: Daily Mail/Facebook

Inside South Africa’s post-Apartheid ‘white squatter camps’ where hundreds of families live in dangerous shanty huts in desperate need of food and clothing
A frail-looking bearded man holds a pile of his clothes and a pair of flip flops at the camp which he calls home

    • Photos taken at Munsieville white squatter camp in South Africa show squalid conditions where families liveThe camp was just one of the shanty towns that were formed in the country after the 1994 fall of Apartheid
    • Unsanitary conditions include a grimy-looking communal toilet and an arid, dusty ground littered with trash
    • Inhabitants of the Munsieville camp say they are in desperate need of children’s clothing and food donations

By Sophie Tanno | 25 September 2019

DAILY MAIL — Photos taken at a white squatter camp in South Africa reveal the squalid conditions in which hundreds of families live.

The Munsieville camp, which lies 45 minutes from the city of Johannesburg, was one of the shanty towns that was formed after the fall of Apartheid in 1994.

Built on the site of a former dumping ground, the stinking camp houses families with young children. Rows of shanty huts made of wood and corrugated metal are lined along the dusty wasteland the squatters call home. […]

2 Comments on Post-Apartheid South Africans Demonstrate ‘White Privilege’ at Squatter Camp

  1. Leftists believe South African Whites deserve this treatment as retribution for past crimes against non-white Africans.

    So let’s apply group responsibility to both sides for all things good and bad, but they won’t do that.

  2. Yes, it is true that South African whites (Anglos) behaved barbarically to non-whites, however, two wrongs DO NOT make a right.
    It is wrong to blame ALL people of Anglo origin, or culture for the dictates and actions of the criminal Apartheid government, or the corrupted behaviour of some.

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