Why South Africa Matters

PHOTO: John Doe/Twitter

By Koos Reydel | 3 March 2018

AMERICAN RENAISSANCE –“If you tolerate this, your children will be next.”

During the Spanish Civil War, the Republicans distributed a propaganda poster with the picture of a dead child in front of group of bombers. The slogan read, “If you tolerate this, your children will be next.” That situation now applies to South Africa, as the fate of white people around the world is linked to that of the Afrikaners.

Last month, the black-majority South African parliament voted overwhelmingly for the confiscation of white land without compensation. The motion was brought by radical racialist Julius “Kiddie Amin” Malema of the Marxist EFF (Economic Freedom Fighters) party, who has threatened to “cut the throat of whiteness,” among other things. Whites, already under siege in a deteriorating, dangerous country, are staring down the barrel of massive, legally sanctioned theft which could set off even greater conflict. []

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