Russia to Offer Refuge to 15,000 South African Boers

Calls to ‘kill the Boer’ make all farmers targets. PHOTO: RT/Gallo/Getty

There is a story in Russian-language media that looks very promising to hard-pressed Boers in South Africa. If it materializes, then Russia deserves a lot of credit for both a humanitarian step and as a smart national investment. Russian reproduction rates are low, so this smart demographic infusion makes great sense.

The story comes from this source and this is the translation:

The descendants of the Dutch colonialists of Africa – the Boers – can migrate to the North Caucasus as refugees in the near future. Representatives of this people in the near future plan to visit Stavropol and find out how you can move to the region.

In the beginning of July, the delegation of the Boers headed by Dr. Jan Andrian Slebus is scheduled to visit in the North Caucasus, the Komsomolskaya Pravda was told by the press service of the Ombudsman’s Office in the Stavropol Territory. Guests from South Africa want to talk with the Cossacks, with the local population, Stavropol politicians and religious figures.

If the regional authorities approve and support the Stavropol Region, more than 15,000 Boers may be resettled from South Africa for farming, which is not acceptable for modern living conditions in their homeland. It is also planned that in the case of the success of the first batch of settlers, other Boers may settle in the Crimea , the Krasnodar Territory and the North Caucasus republics.

Since 2007, the Union of Slavic Communities of Stavropol — which emerged from a split within Russian National Unity — has been active in coordinating Russian-nationalist initiatives, supporting the actions of militant Cossacks and opposing ethnic Cau­casian migration into the Krai.

Increasingly, Russians are questioning whether they want the North Caucasus republics to remain as part of the Federation. According to a 2011 poll, a fifth of the Russian population supports separating the North Caucasus republics from Russia and almost half of Russians believe life would improve in the country if the North Caucasus republics were to become independent. The ethnic Russian population is less than 4 percent in Chechnya, Dagestan and Ingushetia.

Stavropol Krai is increasingly seen by some in the country as the last bastion of Russia in North Caucasus. It is 81% ethnic Russian, and the assumption made is that Afrikanners/Boers as migrants will appreciate the gesture from Russia and be loyal citizens. That is precisely how immigration policy should work — and it’s a lesson the U.S. and Europe should adopt. Stavropol Frai has a population of 2,786,281.

Australia has had an excellent experience with white South African immigrants and is pushing for more. Turnbull Attorney General Christian Porter pledged in April to help at-risk farmers applying for visas, telling the Australian newspaper, “The more South Africans in our local community the better.”

Porter’s own Perth electorate of Pearce had more than 5,000 South African-born residents at the last census, which recorded 2,656 Afrikaan speakers living in the seat. Now he wants to welcome more.

“More than any other place in Australia, South Africans have made their home in the north coast of WA, in my electorate. They are hardworking and make a huge contribution to our local community,” Porter said.

With Cyril Ramaphosa in control in the Republic of South Africa (RSA), time may be running short. There has been an increase of late in murders and attacks on white farmers in RSA. As is typical of any hidden ethnic cleansing, the data is convoluted and difficult to ascertain. To put this in proper perspective, it appears that attacks run under a thousand a year and murders under a hundred. However, the threat of land seizure without compensation has been made by government officials, including the president.

With abuses and basic rights violations against whites increasing in South Africa, the concept of “right of return” has been put forth. The alternative term is “right of abode.”

Hat tip to Russia and Australia for generating a strong policy response. Where is Europe, especially countries like the Netherlands, Germany and England — the places of origin for the Boers.

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