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Internal Documents Show Unparalleled Skulduggery, Censorship at Google

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The document dump that Project Veritas received from a Google insider can be found here. A topic close to our heart is the memory holing of conspiracy-query videos on YouTube. We discussed the implications of that in “Post Staged-Deception Evidence Widely Scrubbed from the Internet: What to do About it.”

We have moved our research search engine to Gibiru from simple observation that valuable stories were either removed and sent to distant pages by Google. It, like YouTube, has an increasingly sterile look.

Now comes direct confirmation of a manipulation and cover up of search results in the staged deceptions. We will examine the dump related the Las Vegas Harvest Festival skulduggery. The list would be based on highest search volumes. Effectively, Google is using the force at its disposal to work in cahoots with the Crime Syndicate to convince the public there was nothing to see here, move along.

The following searches were part of what caused the “controversial twiddler” to be triggered. This is geek talk for deep-sixing and neutering a search term, leading to you sterile cartoon world results.

Here is another starkly revealing screen grab of blacklisted search terms


Google search has gone full Tavistockian mind control in many other search terms, such as “Clinton body count,” effectively rendering the search engine into a monumental farce. Yet Google has a 88% market share. I really doubt if a third of the population ultimately has the patience for this. In a case of pure inversion, Google’s stock (Alphabet) is in a monumental bubble.

Read “The Tavistock Method of Brainwashing and Social Psychiatry”

Meanwhile, on another front, according to the Wall Street Journal, the proto-psychopaths and flying monkeys who run corporate advertising are moving in lockstep to further starve hard news and near non-existent investigative journalism. Advertisers are now stipulating that they don’t want their content featured on certain websites or articles with certain “offending” keywords. This should serve to keep the pajama people trapped within their consumeristic cartoon world mind controlled plantations. Whodathunk that the Crime Syndicate would tag the word “crime” as part of this Orwellian scheme?

Google’s YouTube skulduggery has extended to memory holing Tucker Carlson as well. To our sensibilities, he’s only slightly out of the Orwellian box. But that won’t stand for the Crime Syndicate tyrants. There are even rumors that Ziopath Ben “Friggin” Shapiro is being lined up to replace him.

Within the last week, finding Tucker Carlson full episodes on YouTube has been difficult, if not impossible.

This was brought to our attention on Aug. 9. This is a screen shot of the results.

On Aug. 14, these are the results. Okay, he’s on some hiatus or vacation, but virtually no search results? And the one that comes up is a defacto smear?

WInter Watch Takeaway

Google’s “Don’t Be Evil” mantra was more inversion. They were evil the whole time.

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  1. OT but important

    The Earthquake Machine at NWS China Lake is still thumping away like a 650cc dirt bike. For a few weeks it was pumping out miniquakes averaging 3.0. but a couple of days ago they seem to have cracked the throttle, because the quakes are now larger and more frequent. the last few are 3.3 3.6 3.8 3.5 3.9 3.0 3.3, 3.2. This doesn’t seem like much of an increase, but the Richter scale being logarithmic, it’s roughly a 200% increase in power. Maybe if they keep the power level below 4.0 the media will obligingly black out all coverage.

  2. “Don’t be evil” means you the user must not be evil, because google is watching your every move. And of course “evil” means “critical/independent thinking”.

    Regarding youtube, the way to do it is using an uncensored search engine like DDG and then restrict your search to . DDG and others have independently indexed the youtube database without nasty filters and blacklists.


  3. “I discuss the topic of Blacks who become Jewish. It appears to me that Trevor Noah’s father is a “white” Jew, a German Jew from Switzerland. There is the mystery of why his mother, a black Xhosa woman decided to convert to Judaism. Do these Jewish connections explain why the Jews lay off Trevor Noah even when he behaves in an anti-semitic way? e.g. Jokes about running a Jew over in his German car? I also discuss Whoopie Goldberg and her Jewish-sounding name. Something to always watch out for is wealth and Jews. The two go hand in hand.” – Jan –

    • There appear to be a lot of straw man agents pushing narratives that can then be noisily denounced. Noah, Rashida Tlaib & Ilhan Omar and of course Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez etc etc. Sucks up all the media air time and shapes agendas…

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