First Poll Has [Antiwar Presidential Candidate] Tulsi Gabbard as the Shock Winner of the 1st Democrat Debate, Beto O’Rourke as the Clear Loser

Congresswoman from Hawaii Tulsi Gabbard. PHOTO: via Daily Kos

By Ariel Zilber | 27 June 2019

  • Drudge Report poll shows Democratic congresswoman from Hawaii winning the debate
  • Gabbard got nearly 40 per cent of people saying that she won the debate
  • Elizabeth Warren came in second place while John Delaney came in third
  • Gabbard, an Iraq War veteran, is a Hindu woman born in American Samoa
  • She is considered controversial due to her foreign policy views
  • In January 2017, Gabbard met in Damascus with Syria’s Bashar Assad
  • Meeting took place after Assad allegedly used chemical weapons during civil war

DAILY MAIL — Tulsi Gabbard is the winner of the first Democratic debate in Miami on Wednesday, according to a Drudge Report poll.

The popular news aggregation internet site took a poll of users which asked who won the 10-candidate debate.

Surprisingly, nearly 40 per cent of those who took the survey chose the 38-year-old congresswoman from Hawaii as the runaway winner.

Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts came in second with 12.26 per cent of the vote. […]

7 Comments on First Poll Has [Antiwar Presidential Candidate] Tulsi Gabbard as the Shock Winner of the 1st Democrat Debate, Beto O’Rourke as the Clear Loser

  1. From what i can see from outside of the U.S this woman is everything that a president these day’s should not be: intelligent, honourable, principiled, patriotic to the U.S & repulsed by crazy war’s. Wether she’s a democrat or republican is really a mute point, they serve the same master’s. But, if U.S ellections were ever truly based on merit & not on jewish money, she would at this stage be head & shoulders above anyone else in this farcial show.

  2. The last few president’s I voted for relied(pun intended)on a “no more wars, bring the troops” home platform. That has yet to work out. Until all members these two parties are dragged from D.C. and into a criminal court on treason charges nothing will change. I can see Tulsi will be America’s new political darling, our new “starry eyed messiah” for the 2020 run. I have posted several times the video of her at the CUFI(Christians United For Israel)rally pledging her loyalty to Israel, just like all the rest, so I will refrain from doing so again. I must say it continues to amaze me how gullible American’s jump behind a candidate merely on their ability to make pie in the sky promises, promises these candidates know they will never be able to keep. Like baseball great Yogi Berra stated in one of his “Yogiisms”: It’s like déjà vu all over again.

    Sometimes it’s best said in a song

    • This is like the people wagering money on the outcome of the Judge Smails and Danny golf game in caddyshack, no skin in the game but will be worth our time if it comes out right.

  3. Out of all the candidates for lead Demo I like Gabbard’s platform best, and her military job means it is hard for the media to outflank her …so they are ignoring the messaging as much as possible.

    More cynically the two ‘American Idol’ style ‘debates’ are a chance to introduce the next government – most of these folks will have important jobs if the Demos get into power.

    It’s hard to know who her backers are and who is behind her, does anyone have any insight into that? In defense of the reality that pledging allegiance to AIPAC and the Christian zionists is a prerequisite of being allowed to play, Gabbard is silent on Israeli compared to other candidates. The issue of paying tribute to Israel looms large for all US politicians and is a very delicate issue.

    Trump was arguably elected by midwesterners and troops sick of war and Gabbard is subsequently successfully appealing to them and calling out Trump’s failure to live up to campaign promises.

    There is today the idea being floated that ‘right wingers’ are corrupting NBC’s polls by voting for Gabbard, which may be accurate. However my sense is that a lot of Repo party voters will vote Gabbard if there are no credible alternative to Trump which seems likely….

  4. When I lived in Hawaii, I followed Tulsi’s progress. I’ve never seen her pander to Israel — in fact, quite the opposite — BUT she’s been chummy with some major Ziopath figures, like Adelson. Yet, I’ve never sensed that she was for sale or already bought and paid for by any particular group or industry. She grew up in a Republican household, which is a pretty rare thing in Hawaii, and I think her father influenced her moderate approach.

    She’s strong on the whole ISIS thing, whatever that’s about, but anti-Neocon. Yes, she spoke to Evangelical Zionists four years ago at the peak of ISIS drama. She also met with Assad and with Trump.

    She was vice chair of the DNC, but she stepped down because she didn’t like the way Bernie was treated in 2016 and wouldn’t tow the “I’m With Her” line.

    From best I can tell, she’s more of a JFK sort of Democrat, not a socialist, cultural Marxist, race industry sycophant or left-winger. She doesn’t appear to have unions backing her (like Biden) or any other powerful groups, so her run for the White House will probably be short-lived.

    • A few facts about Tulsi:
      1)Tulsi’s support of gun control has led to her rating of 100% by the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, along with an “F” rating from the NRA and a 0% rating from the Hawaii Rifle Association.
      2)Tulsi’s aggressive OFF Fossil Fuels Act has been endorsed by over 400 national, state and local organizations, including Progressive Democrats of America, The Climate Justice Alliance, Food and Water Watch, People’s Action Institute, Indigenous Environmental Network, Blue Planet Foundation and National Nurses United
      The OFF Act transitions the U.S. to 100% clean and renewable energy by 2035 and includes provisions to stimulate the economy and transition workers to jobs in the renewable energy sector – Agenda 21/2030 anyone?
      3)Reparations: While every other presidential candidate has been “talking” about reparations, Tulsi Gabbard has been in the background helping to get reparations legislation pushed through.
      4)Tulsi LGBTQ – Tulsi recently released a video affirming her deep commitment to fighting for equality and protecting for our LGBTQ community
      Tulsi is a vocal advocate of equality for our LGBTQ+ community
      She is a member of the LGBT Equality Caucus in the House
      Tulsi has been given a 100% for her voting record and endorsed by the Human Rights Campaign, the largest LGBT lobby organization in the country. Tulsi was anti-gay rights until she flipped in 2012 shortly before the election for Hawaii’s 2nd District.
      5)Ron Paul on Gabbard’s REAL foreign policy: “However, she is not a complete non-interventionist, Gabbard believes that the US should shift its focus from regime change to fighting terrorism. So instead of invading and overthrowing governments, Tulsi believes the US should fight the terrorists, many of whom were created by failures in regime change. As a result, some believe that she is a hawk in dove’s clothing.”

      I am not saying Tulsi would not not be better than all rest, I’m just saying she will end up being like all before her, a great disappointment. Presidents do not run America, their “owners” do.

  5. I saw beto announced today he’s running for TX governor… I watched his commercial and of course he mentioned legalizing weed as one of his main issues.. I’m not against cannabis per se, but this ploy has worked in other states to elect pinko candidates. I doubt it will attract enough astrofest types to the voting booth but after last year anything is possible

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