What Was That Judge Kavanaugh Shit Storm Really All About?

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The game being perped upon the cognoscenti is best characterized as “apoplectic with rage-derangement syndrome.” The public is being played like a fiddle. Millions are so addicted to virtue-signaling that they will instantly become apoplectic on both sides of a scam when told to do so by the Lugenpresse.

As a reminder, in November 2017, one Roy Moore, a run-of-the-mill southern GOP politician received The Treatment. Instead of examining the problematic stances of all these problematic Democrat and GOP politicians, the derangement syndrome manifested itself around Roy trying (unsuccessfully) to date girls who looked 18 when he was 20 to 32 years old. He was also accused of having no game with the young ladies. This was in Alabama in the 1970s.

Those suffering from Roy Derangement Syndrome and its latest iteration, Kavanaugh Derangement Syndrome, seem to primarily be women over 30, and especially women over 40 (and their cucks). Like Roy, the issue is centered around Kavanaugh being a playa in his youth. Naturally, such a display engenders a counter-reaction. And that’s the whole idea behind these scams.

The real reason for being very concerned about Kavanaugh is that he was a George W. Bush hack and straight out of that swamp. From 2001 to 2003, he was associate White House counsel for then-President George W. Bush. He was instrumental in the creation of the Patriot Act and the star chamber justice system. He’s yet another faux constitutionalist and poser, which is what makes him such a perfect pick for the faux MAGA/America Firster Donald Trump.

According to the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC), which filed a Freedom of Information Act request for Kavanaugh’s official government correspondence records from the Bush era, the Supreme Court Justice nominee had referred to the PATRIOT Act as a “measured, careful, responsible and constitutional approach” in an email sent to a colleague. Anyone who knows anything about the PATRIOT Act knows that “constitutional” and “careful” are by no means accurate descriptions. The PATRIOT Act obliterated the Fourth and Fifth Amendment rights to privacy and due process by giving the federal government sweeping new powers to conduct surveillance on the American people.

Then, we have the torture memos. When revealed, the memos showed key members of the Bush Administration and Kavanaugh attempted to broadly expand the legal definition of torture to justify such horrific acts as waterboarding and sleep deprivation, as permissible. They also told of the administration’s quest to seek the authority to label anyone of their choosing an “enemy combatant”; thus, subjecting them to the possibility of indefinite detention in awful facilities like Guantanamo Bay or whatever future gulags awaits.

But then, in 2006, at another confirmation hearing, Kavanaugh had the chutzpah to deny involvement in the torture policy or the correspondence at all. This despite being White House counsel. It simply isn’t credible. He told Senator Leahy:

I think with respect to the legal justifications or the policies relating to the treatment of detainees, I was not aware of any issues on that or the legal memos that subsequently came out. This was not part of my docket, either in the counsel’s office or as staff secretary.

In 2002, then White House counsel Kavanaugh was present at a meeting to authorize the labeling of American citizens as “enemy combatants” at their discretion and allowing the “combatant” to be locked up for an indefinite amount of time. He was specifically summoned to weigh in on the matter, since he was himself a former clerk for swing-vote judge Justice Kennedy. At the meeting, he never weighed in on the ethics but simply on the strategy of getting it done. He only voiced his concerns that Justice Kennedy and other swing voters on the Supreme Court wouldn’t side with the administration’s controversial decision. Take special note that Kavanaugh replaces Judge Kennedy, a very BAD development.

This meeting was brought up again just a couple of weeks ago, when Kavanaugh insisted that he had no role in such conversations when it appears that he did. Democrat Illinois Sen. Durbin, who sat on the Senate Judicial Committee in 2006, sent Kavanaugh a letter in which he states, “It appears that you misled me.” But Durbin said he never received a response even after he followed up with Kavanaugh; and more recently, after Kavanaugh received the Supreme Court nomination.

Then, in 2013, there was Snowden’s whistle blowing about Big Brother programs and other revelations concerning the government’s mass surveillance of people’s “metadata.” Judge Kavanaugh again represented the interests of tyranny. This faux constitutionalist, in a ruling in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit, stated: “The Government’s metadata collection program is entirely consistent with the Fourth Amendment.” He also later said that “critical national security needs outweigh the impact on privacy occasioned by this program.”

Kavanaugh was an associate of Ken Starr’s in the Whitewater investigations into the Clinton’s Whitewater scandal and the 1993 “suicide” of Vince Foster. A witness, Patrick Knowlton [min. 00:30:30], at the park that evening, was questioned at the grand jury inquiry by Kavanaugh, who was engaging in dicey behavior. Ed Opperman interviewed Knowlton about this yesterday. There are some real eye-openers here.

Winter Watch Takeaway: The Crime Syndicate is using its well-oiled Rage Derangement Syndrome as a weapon to provide smoke and mirrors for getting their police state tyrant SCOTUS candidate confirmed. In fact, the syndrome will only be enhanced for the next scams on their agenda. Kavanaugh will be narrowly confirmed, and the divide-and-conquer outrage will continue to be felt, with the big picture entirely missed and overlooked.

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  1. But Brett Kavanaugh said he Irish gud boi who dindu nuffin

    Kavanaugh seems to understand that a public humiliation ritual just as he underwent, is part of the package as a cabal front man

    Kavanaugh did prove himself with service to both of the USA pseudo ‘opposition political parties’ … helping the Clintons abuse a witness and hide evidence in the ‘suiciding’ by gunshot of Hillary law partner Vince Foster, as Ambrose Evans-Pritchard of the UK Telegraph reported, and then apparently lying to Congress and committing perjury regarding his receipt of stolen files whilst working for the Bush White House, as David William Pear on Unz Review reported

    • Ken Starr , Kavanaugh’s boss in the Vince Foster investigation is a big time Cabal consigliere and handles pederast cases.

      -Starr continues to represent Blackwater in a case involving the deaths of four unarmed civilians killed by Blackwater contractors in Fallujah, Iraq, in March 2004

      -In 2007, Starr joined the legal team of Palm Beach billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, who was criminally accused of the statutory rape of numerous underage high school students.[44] Epstein would later plea bargain to plead guilty to several charges of soliciting prostitutes and serve 13 months in a private wing of the Palm Beach jail.

      -In 2013, Starr was among many high-profile figures to express support for Christopher Kloman, a 74-year-old retired teacher at the Potomac School who pleaded guilty to molesting five female students over a period from 1966 to 1985. Starr signed a letter, written by his wife Alice, to the Fairfax County, Virginia judge presiding over the case. The letter asked for leniency for Kloman, who is a friend of the Starr family and who “took the time to chat” with Starr’s daughter, a student at the school until 1998. “Community service would a far better punishment than having him languish in jail,” they wrote.

      -At the end of his tenure at Baylor, many called Starr a hypocrite for playing a role in covering up the Baylor Football sex scandal,

      • I always thought it strange and dark that my Alma mater hired Starr and just glossed over his record. Unless Baylor has more skeletons in its closet it needs unearthing..

    • Yesterday Ed Opperman actually interviewed Patrick Knowlton who had key testimony in the Vince Foster murder. Knowlton provides real eye-openers into Kavanaugh’s role.

  2. I always find it amazing how people are sucked into this mind game, and once in will never judge the the man on his actual judicial record. Both sides in this latest “made for TV drama” can only judge this man on his perceived innocence or guilt of the baseless “he touched me in my special place” B.S. While discussing this with people I like to remind them these SCOTUS judges will never stand for the constitution anyway, and then I ask them to remember what happened with our boy Justice Robert’s and his IMMEDIATE betrayal to his conservative base on Obama Care.

    • The question to ask here is why she will never be prosecuted for perjury. As Russ points out, this whole circus show was about hiding Kavanaugh’s judicial record along with continuing to drive the wedge between the easily manipulated right and left wings of our faux government.

  3. “Truther” is a derogatory term precisely because truth does not matter, and the powers that be absolutely do not want truth to matter. So they pick compromised characters like Trump and Kavanaugh for 2 main reasons:
    1. they don’t want truth to play any role in what these stooges do. They can do deranged, mad shit, and it doesn’t cause riots or marches on Washington.
    2. they do what they’re told.
    Of course it helps that in the last 50 years the population has been dumbed down to junior school and kindergarten levels.

  4. Has truth ever mattered in America? No I say. NEVER. America was built on lies and works and lives on lies – a Freemasonic/Zionist foundation pretending to serve a Christian God, but whose God is Satan.

    From its inception then, America has practised the Talmudic precept that lying, treachery and murder is perfectly alright for the “enlightened” or “chosen” ones in their dealings with the unenlightened cattle which comprise 90%+ of the population.

    Lying, treachery and murder is exactly what Lincoln and Grant used in the butchery of the “Civil” War. It should have been called the Great American Culling / Satanic sacrifice.

    From lying “Christian” pastors, to lying salesmen, “journalists”, Hollywood, Vegas, the lying pantheon of oligarchic mass murderers – Rockerfellers, Carnegies, Mellons, the completely dishonest “judiciary”, political whores in the brothel called Washington, corrupt police, and the organised crime gangs aka the FBI, CIA, Fed and IRA, America is one giant fetid, putrifying swamp.

    The little bit of truth that manages to emerges is shot down by Youtube, and the increasingly censored internet. What hope remains? Only the hope that we keep in our hearts apparently – the kind they have to kill us to extinguish. It has come to that.

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