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Jan. 20: Trump Shock Doctrine to Meet Resistance

It looks like a Trump kleptocratic Shock Doctrine will kick into full gear on Jan. 20. The New Nationalist (TNN) made its position about Trumpian neo-feudalism known here and in this podcast. A quick tutorial on the Shock Doctrine menu: In times of political, economic or social crisis, oligarchic forces push through otherwise unpopular “free market” and neoliberal reforms — including deregulation, privatization, tax cuts for the elites and massive cuts to the social safety net, in the hope that the resistance won’t have time to organize.

This is all happening as the Cloward-Piven-Alinsky-inspired Obama administration hands off a U.S. economy with a serious rollover in tax revenues taking hold.

Unfortunately, it also looks like the otherwise righteous movement against this will be infiltrated with the modern-day equivalent of Bolsheviks. It is these two anti-American forces going head on that will bring the country down in 2017. In TNN’s view, this is all by design. Further, to make it clear, although we will oppose Trumpian kleptocratic looting and shock doctrine, we also have serious problems with the other side.

Additionally watch TNN’s coverage of Mexico in the around the web section. That country is rapidly sinking into a severe economic crisis. If Trump fails to quickly secure the border as promised, enormous new waves of migrants will make their way into the US. TNN predicts that Trump’s border policy will be a paper tiger.

Jan. 20, inauguration day in Washington, D.C., couldn’t be better weather-wise for anti-Trumpian resistance and protests. The weather is forecast at a comfortable 56 degrees and sunny. The 21st, which is a Saturday, will be 58 degrees. Sunday cools only modestly at 56 degrees. The city has received about 1,800 bus permits for Saturday Jan. 21, when tens of thousands are expected to attend the Women’s March on Washington.

The anti-Trumpians are running full-page ads in The New York Times under the code “RefuseFascism.” This antifa motif and funding from the usual suspects is what allows extreme leftists to control the anti-Trumpian movement.

The antifas have no interpretative framework; as in reality, fascist movements in Europe — at least before becoming consumed under the pressures of total war — were anti-kleptocratic and anti-debt slavery. Fascists in real history would have never allowed neo-liberal Shock Doctrine onto the scene. Trump is neither a racist or a fascist in the literal strict sense, as he and his kleptocrat controllers will put everybody on the plantation. #Refusekleptocracy should be the accurate hashtag.

Fascists in real history also knew about the problematic parties involved (see: Hidden, Suppressed History of Red Terror in Post-WWI Europe). The fascists of the 1930s had very high approval ratings. Kleptocrat-backed Trump is already at only a 37% approval rating, the worst for any president-elect, even before Shock Doctrine kicks in.

So what next week will be all about are two mafia branches from the same Crime Syndicate script. This is classic divide-and-conquer Hegelian dialectic right out of Karl Marx and Saul Alinsky.

The inauguration on Friday and the subsequent weekend has all the markers and kindling of a mass insurrection. Their stated goal is to “disrupt” the inauguration festivities as much as possible. A wide range of “actions” will be employed to achieve that stated goal, ranging from “civil resistance” and “civil disobedience” to “blockades,” jumping barricades, throwing projectiles and “citywide paralysis.”

Right in the middle of the swearing-in ceremony, the current D.C. National Guard commander, Major Gen. Errol R. Schwartz (a black man), will be relieved of his duties by Trump. An un-named Brigadier General will be his interim replacement. The order “came from the Pentagon,” apparently from more “un-named sources.”

There are indications that Trump is organizing security around a private army of Blackwater types, Likudnik Mossad and East Coast mafia. The antifas will be backed by the corrupt Democrat crime syndicate, Soros and other NGO goons. The useful-idiot protesters will be right in the middle of it. There are also Trump supporters coming in, and they will be targeted for beatings and thuggery. TNN is on the record predicting a blood bath after Trump orders his cadre to “sweep the streets of Soro’s minions.”

D.C. has a very large, young, poor, black population with dangerous and enabled dinduism tendencies. They will be opportunistic should disorder prevail. A lot of turmoil and wreckage can be done after sunset (5:15 p.m.) on a balmy spring-like night. Therefore, the racial dimension and stirring-the-pot agit-prop quickly enters into the equation.

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  1. Well, football season is over, so why not? I just hope most of the useful idiots understand exactly how they are going to be used- the violent types will be either Jews or cops, both being immune to arrest, and the UIs are going to be clubbed like baby seals.

  2. Russ, your podcast at 3:41 (approx.) said “43% of the Jewish community is in the 1%.” That’s an incredible number.Or did you mean that 43% of the 1% is Jewish?

  3. One needs to understand that Hitler was only a controlled opposition to the cabal, which financed him. He was man of the year and on the cover of Time magazine in 1938 if I remember correctly. He came from the jewish communist milieu and adored Lenin. His doctor was a jew and probably Hitler himself was one, together with the likes of Goebbels and Himmler. He cooperated with the Zionists in transferring jews to Palestine, which was he real “final solution”, the holohoax never happened. Cabal economic interests were heavily invested in the German war economy, e.g. Ford, General Motors and IG Farben, whose plants were never bombed. He controlled the BIS with the help of the Bank of England, while the British king, who was his big fan, had to abdicate later. Hitler was member of some major secret societies and was promoted by the Jesuits. Hitler was the chosen loser to destroy the German people.

    • Opel motors strangely had their lions share bought out by GM in the early thirties… funny how that happens. You probably already know of W. Churchill’s commitment to zionism and association with occult master Crowley.

  4. I was browsing some ANTIFA websites over the weekend and they have a lot things planned. Some are “peaceful” permitted marches and the rest are “show up for direct action” organized violence. Should be a hoot on TV.

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