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Compare Side By Side: Fox Faux News Interview With Pizzagate’s Alefantis and Reality

I was hoping someone would do this, and here it is: The infamous Megyn Kelly interview with James Alefantis on Fox News Network (FNN). Unlike CNN and MSNBC, which have dwindling viewership, Fox News (FNN) still has undeservedly high ratings. As this Fox PR-style puff piece involving Alefantis illustrates, it dishes faux news as well as the rest of them.

During Kelly’s interview of Alefantis, FNN put up two of “Jimmycomet” images: The one of the little girl taped to the table and the storage locker photo. Both were put on the screen without the text message exchange referencing #killroom and #murder, etc., in the back-and-forth online exchange between perverts. FNN just omitted it, and here is that interview.

But what you are going to see in the following video is the full ensemble of Alefantis Instagram messages, which include the text. The text is also critical. Alefantis fully admits in his FNN appearance (and elsewhere) that the images were not faked but rather taken from his “social media.”

11 Comments on Compare Side By Side: Fox Faux News Interview With Pizzagate’s Alefantis and Reality

  1. great job on this video and great job supporting this video. this filth alifantis cannot explain his own words, his own pictures. this is not going to go away.

    where is eric braverman, his husband has been silent since he disappeared, his family is silent,

    his emplyer yale university has no comment and is silent as to his wherebouts or even if he will continue there. this guy george webb has done a good job on this and pizzagate.

  2. We are very pleased to be teaming up with The New Nationalist for this groundbreaking documentary. We may release it in parts because we’ve already got almost an hour of film and we haven’t even wrapped up the Pizzagate portion. This is going to be an epic film.

    • If TNN readers wish to lend financial support to this work, you can arrange it via Renegade’s e-mail contact and they can you send the particulars. Unfortunately the usual suspects pulled Sinead’s Patreon account making fundraising difficult for this intrepid crew. That shouldn’t stop us. If you watch Hellstorm you will see the film quality. I was tearing up continually watching it.

  3. I watched the interview when it was intially broadcast and it was well-crafted to convince the sleepers that all was well with Alefantis despite the very odd inclusion of the taped up child. At the time I asked my husband ( a sleeper of epic proportions ) who tapes up children, children don’t do that, and he responded that Alefantis said kids did it and he was comforted by that. I suggested that Alefantis might not admit that he did it since it isn’t good, but he insisted that I was just crazy as always. Here’s hoping we make more headway with the Pizzagate horror this year, if only that happens, it will have been a great year.

    • There is critical oversight or misinformation in the article that you have linked. James Alefantis freely admits that these instagram images and messages are his and those of his perv pals. Further John Podesta does NOT deny that the e mails are authentic. He admits to them, and only says they were hacked by Russians.

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