Watch the EU Banks After US Election Gyrations are Over

7 November 2016

MATASII — We may not know for a fact who will win the US election, but what we do know is that the Credit Cycle has turned. This will turn out to be more important in the near term, once the expected US Election market gyrations have subsided!


It’s time for investors to refocus on the banks who live via the credit cycle, and specifically the troubled EU Banking sector.

When the Credit Cycle turns, those banks most over-extended always “pay the piper”!

Problem banks are spread right across the Eurozone. Most in the financial media are presently focused on Deutsche Bank, as Angela Merkel currently claims they won’t get “bailed out”.  No doubt the markets will force her to change her mind even if she was to stay in power in 2017. You can be assured that DB will get “bailed out”.

It’s some of the lesser well known banks which are now the scariest. […]

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