Is George Soros Behind the #Notmypresident Useful-Idiot Protests?

In quite the coinckydink, The New Nationalist (TNN) and others are noting that the various protesters around the U.S. have the same sign printer as at the Freddy Grey and Mike Brown #BlackLivesMatter protests. The signs also look exactly the same as those seen in the Veritas Project shown in Robert Creamer’s office. This is all (((George Soros)))-funded agit-prop. Whodathunk?

Incidentially to set the record straight, HRC won the popular vote by 430,000. The Trump landslide narrative is BS. This was a maximum pain election: Clinton 60,514,839 Trump 60,085,445.


lena-dunham-spotted-leaving-the-gym-in-snake-print-leggings-in-laThere is another degenerate white-male-hating actress and producer that all decent folks need to put on their Boycott List. This is “celebrity” Lean Dunham. Her father is Protestant, and her mother is Jewish. Dunham has described herself as feeling “very culturally Jewish, which was apparently enough to launch her career into such edgy topics as discussing first orgasms. Other qualifications for her weighing in on topics of the day is that she was diagnosed with obsessive compulsive disorder as a child.

Naturally, with this overall unattractiveness (see In a Satanic Cult Ugliness is Art, Perversion is Cool), she was given the green light by (((HBO))) to do the television series “Girls” in early 2011, which ran for five years.

Dunham and her father had a conversation that they tweeted out last week calling for the “extinction of straight, white men.” It has always been the policy of TNN to refrain from tit-for-tats, such as calling for the extinction of at least half Jewish women with obsessive compulsive disorders. But perhaps in the case of this disgusting vamp we could make an exception. Excellent Day of the Rope candidate for sure.


This call for white, straight male extinction brings back shades of history when Jewish author (((Theodore Kaufman))) wrote the book “Germany Must Perish” in 1941. The book (and other articles at the time) advocated the genocide through sterilization of all Germans and the territorial dismemberment of Germany. Joseph Goebbels gave the book to Adolf Hitler to read. The word is that this, among some other events, triggered the Fuhrer to give the order that Jews must wear the star of David as an enhanced security measure for the first time during WWII. Whodathunk?

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