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State Department Tells Court It Needs 5 Years to Review Deleted Clinton Emails

By Sarah Westwood  | 7 November 2016

WASHINGTON EXAMINER — State Department officials asked a federal court Monday to consider allowing them up to five years for their review of 31,000 pages of emails recovered by the FBI during its year-long investigation of Hillary Clinton.

During the same hearing, the State Department admitted that the FBI provided 2,100 emails from Clinton’s server that her legal team either deleted or withheld.

The updates came from a Freedom of Information Act hearing Monday in a lawsuit filed by conservative-leaning Judicial Watch.

Tom Fitton, the group’s president, announced on social media that State Department officials said they knew nothing of the emails related to Clinton and one of her top aides, Huma Abedin, that triggered a second FBI investigation into the former secretary of state’s communications.

FBI Director James Comey said Sunday that the bureau had not changed its position upon completion of the probe.

A federal judge reportedly expressed skepticism that the State Department would require such a long time to review the discs of emails FBI agents provided to the State Department in July.

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