The DC Pizzagate Unfolds: Pedophile Scandal Brewing

There is a major pedophile scandal brewing that some are calling “DC Pizzagate.” It involves some of the same proclivities and bizarre players that we learned about during the last week. In the more recent batch of Podesta emails, brother Tony offers more clues, as if we needed them.

Last night was fun
Date: 2014-01-31 19:17
Subject: Last night was fun

Still in torture chamber Another question. Do you two wanna have feb 14 valentines day dinner

This may involve child trafficking and is extremely lurid. This is breaking too late to sway the election. It involves several Washington, D.C. pizza restaurants and Democratic operatives that show the same excessive interest in children, sexual activities, pizzas and pasta code words that we saw in the Podesta emails. Naturally, the media is dismissing this as “Alt-Right conspiracy theories.” You can see what the fuss is about and decide for yourself.

This is a rundown of the main elements of Pizzagate. This is a source for a few of the Instagram photos posted by the various individuals involved. “Jimmycomet” is James Alefantis. Note the references to #killroom and #murder in this Instagram post.


From: John Podesta
Sent: Wednesday, September 09, 2015 3:18 PM
To: Tony Podesta
Subject: Re: What dish you wanna cook?

Who are the other three? I’ll do a pasta.

On Wednesday, September 9, 2015, Tony Podesta <<>> wrote:

Massimo tosca James alefantis comet Amy brandwein centrolina

Note that Comet Ping Pong Pizza was described by a local commissioner in The Washington Post as a “haven for rape and murder.” This summarizes the situation, as claimed by the theorists.

Who knows where and how deep this rabbit hole goes, but so far it looks horrific and suspicious. Nothing to see here, move along? Really? If this breaks and is again ignored by mainstream media and law enforcement, the public will erupt. It takes a very dark-hearted person to just ignore or blow this off as “fake news.” Here is a chilling clip of a so-called performance held at “family restaurant” Comet Pizza.

Note: On Nov. 21, The New York Times wrote a ridiculous “fact check” article on Pizzagate and the owner of Comet Pizza, James Alifantis, and linked to this post. This is our response to the NYT article.

16 Comments on The DC Pizzagate Unfolds: Pedophile Scandal Brewing

  1. More Comet “sense of humor”

    • It’s a picture of a fucking antique porcelain doll someone is trying to sell and the comment is that it’s overpriced. But no…I guess I’m naive…it must be proof of a satanic pedo ring!!!

    • Can you imagine if someone else posted that with that comment? What if Trump made that joke? Oh god, the world would be on fire.

    • Right, this proves a satanic pedo ring! No, wait…it proves someone rented space and bought food, probably, and that you can’t read a simple form. Well, no surprise there; if you can’t read a simple form I guess you can’t properly read anything. Apparently, you can make this stuff up!

  2. Someone needs to take a pizza slice from there to a laboratory to test what’s in the ingredients. There may be more sickening acts than we can imagine

  3. The people that read this garbage ought to be ashamed to be so gullible. What planet are you living on? You ought to have your right to vote taken away because of gross incompetence in the game of life.

  4. My daughter and I had a delicious pizza there just a few weeks ago. Can’t wait to go again, it was delicious. The weirdos on this website should be institutionalized.

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