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Open Casket Funeral of Clementa Pinckney: Madame Tussauds, the Real McCoy, or a Body Double?

imagesClementa Pinckney was the pastor and South Carolina senator that was allegedly shot by Dylann Roof at Charleston Baptist Church in June 2015. Even truthers may not be aware that very few open-casket funerals have been publicly shown among the hundreds of people allegedly killed in so-called terror attacks (aka staged deceptions or mass-casualty events). Pinckney’s funeral was high profile.

A quality Madame Tussauds-style body replica can be bought and displayed, but I see serious issues with this one. It looks like they tried to bring in a poor excuse for a doppelganger stiff from Haiti or somewhere. Below is “Rev. Pinckney” laid out for public viewing in the South Carolina state capital.



The next photo (below) shows Pinckney alive. There is not really a good resemblance to the corpse. I think the arch fraudsters botched the head size and shape as well as the age. Pinckney’s face is oval, not round. His skull size is larger. He is a youthful looking 42. Doppelganger? Maybe the same age, but life in Haiti or Liberia is tougher. Corpse’s skin hue is darker.

Corpse is more jowly in lower face. The neck isn’t even close, the corpse has no neck to speak of, just a wide stump. The real Pinckney is angular, lean and appears athletic. A person won’t lose that much of this in only a week post-mortem. Pinckney definitely has a discernible, normal-looking neck. Does rigor mortis cause necks to disappear? I don’t think so. And what’s with doppelganger’s flat shoulders.

The shape of the right ear lobe is also a bit out of whack as is the ears’ position on the head. The Pinckney nose is a little larger with more of a nostril flare.

In the third photo, check out Pinckney’s hands and compare to the first photo. He has good-sized, broad, almost beefy palms and much shorter fingers in proportion to the palms and hand size. The late doppelganger’s fingers are quite long in proportion to his hand size. Compare the corpse’s index finger size in relation to his middle finger: it is shorter than Pinckney’s. His lower hand is more delicate looking. Pinckney was married, but this corpse has no wedding ring.

The final photo shows the man’s feet. Compare the foot size with the onlooker and the corpse’s hand, it must be a size 15 or 16 at least! Freakish. I wear size 10 and my hand laid out from wrist to finger tip runs a little more than 3/4 of the length of my foot.

Now let’s compare the late doppelganger’s feet with an ABC file photo of the real McCoy. Not even close. If you took off doppelganger stiff’s shoe and laid it alongside the calf it would reach close to the knee. I have no idea what the fraudsters are trying to achieve with this effect?

Verdict: Trickery beyond the pale.

5 Comments on Open Casket Funeral of Clementa Pinckney: Madame Tussauds, the Real McCoy, or a Body Double?

  1. We know the ‘shooting’ was a hoax, but the shoe size is not a good argument. Undertakers might well have oversize shoes for stiffs. Not gonna get many complaints, after all.

  2. Length of body is different. No neck vs. slender neck, square shoulders vs. slanted, wide coat vs. slim. Morticians don’t provide shoes and clothes, that I know of; the family supplies them from their loved one’s closet. So shoe size vs. calf length is a little weird. Many viewings have been conducted in State House, but the former bodies lay side ways in the same direction as rope, in the direction of the way people walk. Did everyone just get a good viewing of his feet? Why the odd direction? Why are other websites deleted, and comments erased?

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