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A Look into Owen Benjamin

Owen Benjamin is a stand-up comedian known for his Bill Hicks-like edgy humor. The 38-year-old former Hollywood actor uses politically incorrect language and, in the past, has entered into the culture wars. He made the circuit on Alt-Right social media, where he has a large following, and made numerous appearances on Alex Jones’ shows.

Benjamin only got on my radar about a week ago when he railed on Alex Jones and Joe Rogan for being fakes and agents. That’s not too far removed from our view on the matter.

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Some new level of red-pilling seems to have happened more recently that has transformed Benjamin into a raging bear. “Bear” is the term he uses to describe himself.

If you watch his YouTube videos posted during the last month or so, you can see the transformation. It reminds me of myself back in 2013 when I first became aware of the truth of 911 and started down other rabbit holes. I was extremely angry. Of course, I’m still angry about it, but I’ve had a half decade to get acclimated and appraise. I’ve turned this into a long-term, more-patient, “3 yards and a cloud dust” process.

Unlike me, Owen has a large audience and is swinging for the fences — perhaps while he still can. He has 245,000 subscribers on his demonetized YouTube channel. Notably, he fiercely addresses the JQ in a manner rarely seen from public figures, who typically cower. This short clip (note obligatory YT content warning) on Jewish “comedy” will give you a flavor of this at a more fundamental low-hanging-fruit level.

Unfortunately, in some of his live streams, which go on for hours, he consumes Corona beer nonstop and can really getting flying. Yes, in the real world, soldiers are human, and we are not walking in his shoes. He is fearless, at least on the surface. Clearly, the nasty usual suspects have him in their sights, and he’s feeling the pressure.

So the question on the minds of those following this: Are we watching a train wreck, or will Benjamin be a sustainable force and wake up large numbers of normies and pajama people? It could go either way, but I believe he’s a force to reckon with and am quite sympathetic. He may end up truly opening up the Overton Window.

The first question about Benjamin, despite his warts : Is he genuine? I spent an entire evening watching his videos. He did a good one with Dr. E. Michael Jones here.

I still had some lingering doubts until I came across this segment of a heartfelt Owen talking about a friend who was ultimately a casualty of the war in Afghanistan. He specifically and soberly directs his ire and disdain at the extremely over-exposed and nasty Alt-Right Jewish chicken hawk and warmonger Ben Shapiro. This is no act or performance. Owen absolutely nails the “new” zeitgeist in a way that can’t be faked.

Watch until minute 02:25:30. Focus around 02:17:30 to 02:19:30, if you doubt his authenticity. Is the death of his buddy what prompted Benjamin to connect the rest of the dots and take off the gloves?

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This is precisely my own feeling, and I have been waiting a long time for someone with some reach is encapsulate it. What I’m concerned about now is that Benjamin will get the same treatment as James Forrestal, Ezra Pound and many others. Both of these men had a strong support system but were still done in. Owen seems surrounded by snakes. He will need a support network.

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39 Comments on A Look into Owen Benjamin

  1. Personally, I think Owen is the real deal. After 15 plus years of diving down rabbit holes myself, I have found very few people I can say that about. I wish him all the best in his struggle in trying to get the truth out.

  2. I expect him to be involved in some legal matter and ordered to undergo “treatment” or “counseling”.

  3. Alexander Hamilton as the Jewish Jesus is funny, but the true Jewish Jesus is Joseph Stalin. Stalin was and remains the highest manifestation of Jewish thought, Jewish attitudes and Jewish accomplishments.

  4. Benjamin is an amazing meta propagandist.
    I don’t know if he is conscious of his unique skill.
    He will say that he isn’t an anti-Semite because he’s not sure that they ever actually DID this and this and this(naming everything they did) until the (normie) listener says, “Wait…waaat??!?”

    He did a a sophisticated exposition on the jewification of European art.
    It was so brilliant.
    The guy is a genius.
    How long they’ll let him fly is another matter.
    Someone as benign as Jared Taylor was just banned from Europe.
    What does that portend for Benjamin?

  5. My feeling is that this was an orchestrated role out to expand Benjamens fan base.. It seemed that on que, controlled op sites all started complaining about or singing his praise. Advertizing can occur through praise or defamation and this will coopt the attention of many goyim. My verdict, he’s Jewish and part of this last 18 month Jew truth orchestration, I began noticing in fall 2017 with Frame Game, among others

  6. I am searching out genuine aware people who can’t be bought. How I know Owen is bought = amount of “contraversial” words he is ok to say on YouTube while people like Nathan S. have their videos banned while exercising legitimate free speech.

    Hes a flatearther, discreditor, reason we will become censored, an actor, part of the agenda.

    He exposed himself when he said the KKK were a bunch of patriots. Shill. Hes as bad an actor as Jussie Smollett.

    • He is definitely not a flatearther. He has simply stated that he has never personally been to outer space and therefore it is impossible for him to know with 100% certainty what the earth looks / is shaped like. Sounds reasonable to me.

  7. Only a couple of months ago Benjamin was a strong defender of Alex Jones and against “anti-Jewish conspiracies”.

    Suddenly he’s had a road to Damascus moment!

    Seems real. Only time will tell if it is.

    • If he is a Judas Goat I can tell you exactly how it manifests. He will suddenly reveal he is suffering from “psychosis” and that “the devil made me do it.” This is the same scam Alex Jones is using in his Sandy Hook case.

      But right now he is red-pilling right and left. He does it by name dropping. In his latest shorter live stream he mentioned Christopher Bollyn positively. He didn’t go deeply into the topic, he merely hinted to go check it out. He is a walking billboard for Adam Green’s KnowMoreNews at the moment. Hard for me to complain- as he might as well be using my personal reading list and articles and sharing with tens of thousands. .

  8. Owen is the Real Deal. He’s the Lenny Bruce of our time. Only Owen challenges the psuedo, Facistic morality of Political Correctness and the Culture of Death, ie, Hollywood, the Main stream media, phony YouTubers, and the Jews and their Anti-Christ agendas, and any other demented liberals and Pedophile’s.

  9. And what’s so bad about Corona beer? Are you more of a Guinness person? He is 6’8″ and 270 and has a spiked seltzer or a beer once an hour. If you are implying he is an alcoholic or drunk, that’s not him.

      • 6 or 7. Stop doing the little “lol” gamma bullshit. If you want to imply fault in someone’s charscter, back it the fuck up!

        • Owen manned up the next day and apologized for getting publicly drunk. That’s good enough for me – and I’m now a teetotaler. I have no quarrel with him. I consider his emotional crying to be a very authentic and human quality.

  10. I think you look at the Unz site. Today he has a piece up on the moon landing hoax conspiracy. He is the first to comment on the article and calls it total BS….then why print it? Mcgowan had a series on the moon landing and was convinced it was a hoax. Several commenters charged Unz with being a disinformation artist…giving out 99% truth so that he could slam down the big ones… Owen came to understand that Jones was an edomite shill….any thoughts on the moon landing or Unz?

    • The moon landings are definitely a hoax. Just look at the evidence for five minutes and you’ll know.
      As for Unz, he denies that ‘mass shootings’ and ‘terrorist attacks’ are frauds, so that’s all you need to know about his commitment to the truth. He is a long way from a bad guy, though.

    • I have quite a bit of cognitive dissonance on this one. I certainly don’t summarily dismiss the landing hoax theory as BS- but it is not a litmus test of a “real” truther in my book. I am not ready to make a declaration, and its one where you can kiss off half your following if you do. So I am focused elsewhere.

      Ultimately though someone needs to explain how they flew six 234,000 miles round trip missions through the Van Allen radiation belt with a perfect safety record in 1969-1972. And then flew a rickety thin skinned lander to and from moon surface, also six times, and four times with a moon rover attached to the outside.
      Then the rover and other equipment functioned without any mechanical difficulty throughout all the missions.

      Then we have NASA astronaut’s Don Pettit’s bizarre statement about moon travel, “we don’t have the technology to do that anymore, we used to, but we destroyed it”

        • Dave McGowan on the unprotected radiation situation back in the day. Also lots of “lost” Apollo technology:

          “Perhaps in the ‘60s and early ‘70s, space was relatively free of radiation, allowing unshielded Apollo rockets to cruise about without a care in the world while crew members primarily busied themselves with such important tasks as trying to capture all the stems and seeds that were floating around the command module as a result of cleaning their stash of low-grade ‘60s marijuana. It was just a different solar system back in those days. As aging hippies like to say, if you remember the solar system of the sixties, you weren’t really flying around in it.

          If it proves not to be the case that this space radiation “showstopper” is a new development, then I suppose that the only explanation that we are left with is that we did indeed have the technology to shield our astronauts from radiation back in the 1960s, but at some time during the last four decades, that technology was simply lost. What probably happened was that an overzealous night custodian simply threw the data away.”

          • Aside from radiation, even a tiny piece of space-gravel traveling at extreme speed could puncture either a space suit or damage the ship’s cladding.

            Most importantly, we lost the ability to produce backpack-size aircon units of extraordinary efficiency. I want one!

      • The traverse of the the van Allen belts took only 1 or 2 hours each way as the space craft were traveling at nearly 7 miles a second. Additionally, the trajectories were planned to cross them at points where the radiation field was of relatively lower intensity. The personal dosimeters of the astronauts typical show a total dose of about 2 Rads for the lunar missions. A nuclear plant worker is allowed up to 5 Rads in a year.

        The lunar rovers did have mechanical problem. The first one on Apollo 15 did not have power to two of the wheels. The one used on Apollo 17 had its fenders broken and had to be repaired using maps and clamps. Then there are the well known mechanical problems on Apollo 13. In fact each of the mission reports details numerous mechanical, electrical and procedural problems that had to be addressed before the next mission.

        As far as not having the technology anymore, a rocket is 90% fuel. So a rocket’s size determines how much weight it can launch and how far it can go. The Saturn V was the largest rocket ever built. The production facilities were closed and the equipment disposed of before all the planned missions were flown. Since some of them were cancelled, a few were left over for display. Even if we were to go to the moon today, we would want to do it the way Apollo did as it was inefficient and wasteful.

    • Cognitive dissonance is very real force especially here in the USSA. The moon landing hoaxes were the last conspiracy’s I looked into, and now it floors me how anyone can still believe these lies. There is still a glimmer of hope in American exceptionalism, no matter how silly that notion has now proven to be.

  11. You know, I posted a comment on Renegade Tribune suggesting that people check out his YouTube channel before it get’s deleted. I was personally attacked for daring to link to someone who wasn’t born “Jew-Wise”…..

    How lame can it get ?

    The whole idea of sites like renegade, winterwatch, unz, etcetera , is to wake people up. But then when someone does “wake up” their marginalized because they weren’t already “awake”…… That’s about as low-IQ as one can get.

    So to all of you low-IQ commenters here and at Renegade Tribune……. F-You !

  12. Here in NZ, land of the formerly free, I’ll put my 2 cents in via VPN.

    First, Owen seems to have a sound philosophical and principled grounding that is influenced by C.S. Lewis. From this, one can expect an appreciation of the material existence of Good and Evil. He’s running with this and in his odd stylistic way, and is “outing” the Evil. He is clear that Jews are involved, but it is not a Jewish thing. It is Evil incarnate.

    He has even gone so far as to acknowledge that he is not worried about this since he seeks no higher gain or power from these outings. He doesn’t wish to challenge or displace the Evil.

    Ole Demmegard talks about the Satanism in the various FF and Hoaxes. Ole goes on to say that clues are left behind intentionally and explicitly for the purposes of the Satanists views of Karma. That is, that by leaving clues, the bad karma is on those who do not head the warnings.

    I believe Owen is skating that fine line for now. More importantly, I believe he is viewed as a potential tool for Evil by Evil. My advise (If he is reading your site) would be to not engage in air travel, avoid placing laptops through customs checks, have a car that does not use a potentiometer for its throttle body, (Drive by Wire) and call it a wrap. Its one thing to be right and virtuous, its another to have a big audience…No offense Russ, You’re safe

    Lastly, the thing to remember about Evil, is that once the Evil vassal becomes impotent or of no useful purpose, it then self destructs. That is the nature of Darkness

    • re: the so called law that satanists need to give a clue about what they’re up to, to absolve themselves of ‘bad karma’

      They’ve of course been duped. For one, how could any of their victims be accountable for not listening to warnings they couldn’t understand (because the clues were too subtle or cryptic)? If the above so called law really existed, then nothing but a clear as day disclosure of the diabolical plans would be necessary, in order for the claim to be made that the victims were warned but never listened.

      Sounds to me, then, that the devil, in divulging this ‘law’ to his initiates, has done so in preparation for the inherent conscience in man, whereby the satanists get to effectively keep their plans to themselves, while at the same time believing they’re covered.

      But suppose full disclosure was in order (and not just mere clues). Even then the satanists would find themselves in a spot of bother because (1) they haven’t fully disclosed everything OR (2) they’ve done everything in their power to ensure people wouldn’t understand.

      As such, people would either freak out and revolt if it was openly announced that Gates – for one – wanted 6.5 billion people dead, or else people would have been so intentionally demoralised that they couldn’t comprehend. But whatever the case, it still doesn’t work out well for this so called law of disclosure.

      In short, for the ‘law’ to at least seem vaguely plausible, it would have to require full disclosure to people who have been helped to fully understand, each according to his own needs.

      Yeah, right

      • because I have OCD, please let me make these edits, so as to be as precise as I can. Thanks.

        …absolve themselves of bad ‘karma’

        …for the ‘law’ to even seem vaguely plausible, it would have to require full disclosure to people who have been helped to fully understand, each according to his own needs

  13. I like Owen, but he’s obviously a little unstable, which can probably be attributable to being mixed race. He claims he’s not jewish, but he’s got a jewish last name, which he inherited from a grandparent. That amount of “jewishness” could get him citizenship in Israel. And he is naive to think he can simply renounce his jewish ancestry and magically become “Christian”, but that’s why he’s so attracted to Catholic scholar E. Michael Jones, who naively insists that Jews are not a racial entity.

    Sprinkling Catholic holy water on a Jew does not magically make them Christian, as the Inquisition proved conclusively. Own even admitted in one of his videos, “There’s something jewy about me.” And because of that, I’d never trust him to lead his followers ultimately in the right direction toward the real Truth.

  14. Owen speaks the truth and I don’t care if he’s a Jew. Being ‘born’ a Jew due to his mother being a Jew is meaningless. The JQ is about willful, evil, worldwide control of humanity and the harvesting of human labor – more folks that are ‘born’ Jewish need to speak out against and actively oppose this cancer.

    The moon landings are so poorly faked it’s not funny. Russ, it’s your website, and I appreciate what you do, but I wouldn’t worry about followers. Keep speaking the truth and good things will come. We have been living in a world of lies for generations, the truth is what matters, not who’s doing the telling, or what some people’s reaction to the truth might be.

    Off topic – you only became aware of the 9-11 lie in 2013? Better late than never and not nearly as bad as Ron Unz saying he’s never heard of the moon landings ‘conspiracy’ until he published the article on his website.

    • I had uncertainties and doubts about 911, but didn’t look into in sufficient depth until 2013, when I had a huge wake up call. I think a lot of people are where I was in 2012, and need to go down the rabbit holes.

      • The journey into the illusion of this world is, in part, a journey into the illusion of ourself. Owen is on that journey and good on him. No-one following that path who was originally brought up with Western education in contemporary culture will not go partly insane whilst they clean off the dregs of these illusions.

        They are partly caused by an education that represents a false perception regarding human nature (i.e. emotions, mind and your relationship to the material world) and the political, entertainment circus in which we are indoctrinated. Many people can see the later and many youtubers are stuck on that, only the few can ascend that, to the personal revelations and that ascension will make you go crazy as you are confronted by a thousand emotions that were suppressed in you by the false upbringing. People who go on about how ‘insane’ he is, tell us alot about themselves. They themselves are reliant upon the ‘matrix’ of contemporary culture and do not have the ability for internal self-reflection upon a society that is quite obviously going insane. For people seeking the truth the insanity is temporary but inevitable, have faith, learn to stand your ground when needs be, stay on the path, peace. #Logos

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