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Symbols, Codes Used By Pedophiles and Child Rapists

images.duckduckgo-300x225There is absolutely zero doubt that like-minded satanists and pedophiles are a dangerous, cooperating in-group that has infested powerful positions, particularly in the entertainment industry. In-groups promote and advanced their own ilk and are embarked on organized degenerate campaigns to normalize this sexual behavior and lower the age of consent. I discussed an example of this in my recent article about “Fuller House,” and it is my contention that this group and their pedophile practices are widespread.

Pedophiles are now using markers or symbols to identify themselves and also their targets. In fact, the FBI has put out a sensitive report detailing these. The document was captured by Wikileaks via “child erotica” networks in Spain, which raises the question of how this FBI document came into the hands of individuals so close to the people it is meant to be investigating.

Parents, caregivers and younger children may be well served to have an awareness of the symbology used by these degenerates. They mark their targeted children for sexual abuse using such symbols and codes shown in the photo above, taken from an FBI report.

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    • You are looking for a couple sentence answer? You will need to dig deeper, start with the video highlight in the right column from Thomas Sheridan. There is plenty of material online about satanism and pedophilia. Look into Alester Crowley.

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