How the 3rd Position Fits in with the East Berlin Riots

An estimated 1,800 police officers were deployed in East Berlin. PHOTO: Maurizio Gambarini/BBC

It is hitting the fan in Berlin, specifically the less gentrified eastern part of that city. TNN actually has some sympathy for these protesters, at least in terms of their issue of gentrification. New nationalists should not be too quick to judge. Gentrification is a manifestation of elitist heavy handed capitalism. But, somebody — probably the usual suspects — has twisted this around to be an antifa issue. That’s the phony Hegelian dialectic at work again.


In the header of this site is the term Third Position (TP). It transcends the standard dialectic of right and left. The concept is to take down both kleptocratic capitalism and faux democracy (money politics and voting fraud) as well as toxic leftist Marxism and Hegelianism. TP represents high politics where the elite are divorced from the allure of money. It is based on meritocracy. Since a TP system is rooted in the people and in localism, the response in East Berlin would be to support and nourish such communities. TP has no quarrel with communitarianism as long as toxic Marxist-Hegalianism is not used as a tactic.

This is also referred to as the middle way. Productive, normal people, or what used to be a middle class, are under threat from both above (big business, unregulated capital and rent seekers) and below (parasitical elements in society such as illegal immigrants, criminals, gangs, and takers).

Yes, without hesitation- derision.

Small local business is viewed favorably; small business is part of the productive middle class. Big business — or at least the unrestrained slash-and-burn model practice today — is parasitical. Workers and small capital are natural allies and are both honored. G.K. Chesterton summed up modern capitalism this way: “The problem with capitalism is not too many capitalists, but not enough capitalists.”

The ideal is small-scale capitalism, with monopoly or bankster capitalism opposed. Globalization and free trade favor the parasitical slash-and-burn artists and is generally opposed. The productive class is a stabilizing force, a repository of traditional values and is counter to the degeneracy being promoted. The middle way, which borrows from the distributionist theme (a poor term, probably coined by Hegelians) is a family-centered economy. Women play a key role in nurturing the middle way and hard core feminism is a distraction from that.

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