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The Groyper Army Takes on the Kosher Cuckservatives

With considerable pain and trepidation, Winter Watch writers have witnessed a well-financed cadre of young, faux, Kosher conservatives spew forth on colleges with a neoliberal Hegelian dialectic. The gatekeepers of the Kosher Right have been attempting to subvert populist and nationalist movements from inception.

It’s effectively swamp-dwelling one-party politics using the ploy of wedge issues to attract attention. Their favorite distraction is to debate the often-phony blue-haired leftist Social Justice Warriors (SJW). In the image above, notice the banner titled “Culture Wars” — but this isn’t E. Michael Jones’ form of cultural war. And these folks are always given a spotlight by the New Underworld Order (NUO).

Ziopath Ben Shapiro is one of the best known of this crew, but a new and rather superficial empty suit has been marketed of late: one Charlie Kirk. The stooge Kirk is primarily funded through the organization Turning Point, which is cashed up by Jewish neocon oligarch Bernard Marcus and the DeVos and Koch foundations. Other plutocrat donors are spelled out in the article: Who Funds Conservative Campus Group Turning Point USA? Donors Revealed

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During podcasts I’ve done in the past, I’ve mentioned that I’ve been hoping for a counter movement against this. Why can’t there be a movement comprised of nicely groomed, intelligent, well-spoken but bold and fearless young men and women who can muscle through the Hegalian dialectic and put forth the real America First issues?

Of late, a group of men have stepped forward who call themselves “Groypers,” or “Nickers” (after their leader, Nicholas Fuentes). It’s not a perfect movement, as many still identify as Trump supporters, but I think with what’s in store that’s temporary. In fact, I hope they pick up on the new level of tyranny now being implemented.

Yes, while everyone is watching #impeachment and faux-conservative distractions, AG Barr and the kakistocracy is building a pre-crime “justice system” that includes Red Flag laws, HARPA, psychological profiling, Carbyne911 and other anticipatory Intel, the CLOUD Act and demands to end encryption.

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This week, I saw this much-hoped-for counter-punch manifest itself. The Groyper army descended upon Charlie Kirk and his black homosexual sidekick at Ohio State University. One by one, they shook it up with inconvenient truths rarely heard. Very impressive performance indeed. Asking these gatekeepers and faux operatives the difficult questions that no one in their echo chamber media bubble is going to ask is how the America First lads will win hearts and minds.

Here are a few examples. The question,

Kirk’s answers reflected classic neoliberal ideology. He claimed that foreigner workers embrace American ideals, blah, blah, blah. In actuality, there is ample evidence that the opposite is true, and that these foreign elements bring un-American world views with them. Since Kirk is a hive-mind globalist, the pat “rainbow diversity is good” is always going to be the answer to any such question.

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Next, a question on ethno-nationalist hypocrisy.

One of the first questions posed was, “How does anal sex help us win the culture war?” Both Kirk and his homosexual co-host Rob Smith were unable to answer that question. Smith slipped into more rote “rainbow diversity” babbling, acting more triggered than anything else. The real issue and the reason Smith and Kirk will lose is that young adults are fed up with LGBTQ tyranny.

If Kirk thought he was done, hardly. Next up is a question about accountability for the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty, to which Kirk steps into some real pooh, calling it a “conspiracy theory.” He has some explaining to do to the USS Liberty survivor organization that sent him a pointed must-read letter. Yes, more bad optics here, Mr. Kirk.

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“You condemned as ‘conspiracy theorists’ the officers and crew of the USS Liberty (AGTR-5) who survived the June 8, 1967, Israeli attack on our ship,” the letter read.

Then came the question about the Dancing Israelis.

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For those curious about the whole Ohio State U. spectacle with Nick Fuentes’ color commentary, here’s the longer version.

Pinch me. Can it be that these counter-punchers, or Groypers, will be everywhere to challenge and expose the hypocrisy and gatekeeping? Personally, I strongly believe there are Winter Watchers reading this that could be bulwarks in this movement. Here are the controlled-opposition stooges’ speaking schedules. If the Groypers show up, I think the usual suspects will be in over their heads.

9 Comments on The Groyper Army Takes on the Kosher Cuckservatives

  1. I do feel a crack in the ice of statism starting to form, and believe it or not, it is also coming from some on the left. My favorite example comes from an old progressive lesbian. I think I’ve shared her work here before. Tell me if you do not agree with everything she says.

  2. If I was there I just would have shouted, regarding the USS Liberty: “Israel admitted it, in 2011! They admitted it!” Which they did. Don’t need Al Jazeera’s documentary…Israel admitted it!

  3. Jim Traficant’s great state of Ohio served it up at OSU to Bernie Marcus asset Charlie Kirk and Black-homo wingman Rob Smith. Robbie is a lot higher on the Victim Status Pyramid than Charlie and when he comes up a few Western Values short of the Happy Meal on Israel, race, sodomy, ZOG wars for Greater Israel – Robbie just chimes right in there with the race card, the homo card, the ‘homo veteran who served’ card and raps the PC mantras against facts and logical conclusions to be derived from them. One thing I’ll say for Robbie, he gives a whole new dimension to the TPUSA slogan “big government sucks”.. The Groyper Army faced down the whole shtick and did Jim and all the Ohio nationalist heroes proud.

  4. Here is a good take on “How To” with Owen Benjamin…He hits the nail on the head with the Soccer Moms, They just cant swallow the Trans movement…Actually no one can as it defies our inner sacred restraints…If I were debating, I would avoid the homosexuality card and stick to Anti Trans and its relationship with Israel and big pharma….That will resonate. On the other hand, another effective question that is a bit more Alinski in nature would be, ” Hi, my 2 year old boy plays with dolls, can we medicate him NOW! ” Or is that more Jonathan Swift?

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