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Body Language Analysis: BBC Interviews Prince Andrew — But Did He Lie?

IMAGE: Daily Mail

A very common trait and indicator of the deception of a liar is nodding or shaking of the head in a manner inconsistent with a given answer. For example, shaking “no” while explaining your version of the story. The physical indication is usually the truthful answer.

Body language gives clues to the emotions we are experiencing. Therefore, the ability to read body language is a powerful tool for detecting deception. When people are lying, they usually feel some discomfort or stress, which manifests itself through body cues. Prince Andrew’s  body language in his recent interview with the BBC (available below) conveyed that deep down inside, he just wants to confess. It’s literally a lie detector in his case. We have examined other liars who seem to have trained themselves to counteract this natural tendency. But Andrew, who lives in a bubble, is not that accomplished at public lying.

Many liars engage in duping delight. Andrew rarely does this.

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Andrew’s head shaking and nodding is almost on automatic. He is an easy subject to analyze. We aren’t talking about shaking his head when answering a straight-up denial question. But he does it throughout an entire rambling pontification. What’s rather strange about him is that he didn’t seem well prepared and lied too much, even when not probed by the questioner or when it was unnecessary to say anything at all.

This minute-by-minute video analysis is based solely on his active head movements:

00:01:10 – Andrew states that he met Ghislaine Maxwell at university. His head shaking suggests that he met her under other circumstances.

00:01:30 – He states he didn’t spend much time with Jeffrey Epstein but then admits to meet ups about three times a year. His head shaking indicates he’s not being forthright.

00:01:50 – He said that it would be a considerable stretch to say Epstein was a close friend. Here he is nodding his head, and being truthful. Does this suggest his true feelings and that this was more about being compromised and manipulated than a friendship?

00:02:35 – Andrew tries to dispatch the rumor of his reputation as a party animal. The head shaking here is quite profound, indicating deception. He states, without shaking his head, that he was single “in the early ’80s.” Then, at 00:02:50, he says after he got married he was quite happy and “never really partied”– oh, dear, the head shake here is quite pronounced, indicating deception. I for one, am not in a position to condemn him for being a party animal or for liking the wilder women (but not girls). But why does he damage his credibility by lying about it. It is quite well documented. He should just shrug it off, and not offer the mockers more ammo.

00:03:00 – He states, with a noticeable head shake, that going to Epstein’s residences was not about partying and women. Deception.

In the next section, up to 00:04:15, Andrew seems truthful and sincere as he explained the initial reason (to learn or get the memos as we say at Winter Watch) he had started hanging out with Epstein’s circle of Wall Street types. However that was not the eventual reason.

He says Maxwell secured Epstein’s introduction to the royal family at Windsor Castle in 2000. Truthful.

00:05:10 – Andrew states “we” didn’t know about Epstein’s young-girl trafficking program. Andrew is shaking his head, indicating deceit.

Up to 00:06:00, he denied seeing signs of abuse at Epstein’s residence. Shaking head, not being truthful.

Up to 00:07:15, he truthfully acknowledges being a guest at various residences of Epstein’s and Maxwell’s. When asked at 00:07:10 whether he was aware of Epstein’s trafficking troubles when he invited him to his daughter’s 18th birthday party, his denial answer is unclear. He may not have known the full gravity.

00:07:45 –  When asked about his reaction in 2006 when Epstein was jailed, Andrew stated truthfully that he ceased contact. But then 00:08:00, he lies when saying he wasn’t in contact with Epstein until 2010. We surmise he cut back, but then reengaged at some diminished level.

00:08:30 – He said that after Epstein’s troubles, he went to New York City to have a man-to-man talk about their relationship. He’s being truthful, although also states that “he had other business” in NYC, a deception.

00:10:00 – He claims that after their “walk in the park,” they agreed to have no more contact. Andrew is shaking his head, a deception. We would suggest this was a strategy session, and that Andrew was lured to the park for another kompromat photo by Epstein and his crew. He was even asked about this lure aspect and never really answered. He just said (truthfully perhaps) that he didn’t really know.

00:12:00 – He admits that despite the split, he stayed at Epstein’s mansion and attended a dinner party.

Prince Andrew peeks from the door of Epstein’s Manhattan residence.

00:13:00 – During this walk-and-talk in the park and stay with Epstein, young girls were spotted coming and going from Epstein’s mansion. Andrew said, while shaking his head, that he wasn’t party to all that, a deception.

00:14:00 – He denies an allegation by John Brockman that he was receiving foot massages from a young Russian girl during this stay. Body language indicates some level of deception. He says he doesn’t know Brockman while shaking head.

Of course, the notion that Prince Andrew, a member of the British Royal Family, took four days out of his busy royal schedule in order to to spend FOUR days with a convicted pedophile because he thought that was the “honorable” thing to do is preposterous on its face, even without the head and body analysis.

A Winter Watch takeaway: To our eyes, it seems that Maxwell — not Epstein — was the real handler or fixer for both Epstein and Andrew.

On October 9th, 2016, the New York Post reported:

In a 2006 court filing, Palm Beach police noted that a search of Epstein’s home uncovered two hidden cameras. The Mirror reported that in 2015, a 6-year-old civil lawsuit filed by “Jane Doe No. 3,” believed to be the now-married [Virginia Roberts] Giuffre, alleged that Epstein wired his mansion with hidden cameras, secretly recording orgies involving his prominent friends and underage girls. The ultimate purpose: blackmail, according to court papers.

00:18:10 – He states truthfully that Maxwell handled the logistics of meeting and staying with Epstein.

He’s constantly shaking his head throughout the entire interaction from 00:18:00 to 00:20:00, involving sexual activity with Virginia Roberts, deception. He gives the same tells at other points.

Daily Mail – Prince Andrews dancing and sweating

00:20:30 – He goes on at some length about his alibi for not being at Tramp’s club on a particular night in question. Here he is being truthful about going for family pizza and not being at Tramp’s.

The spiel about a sweating condition, as crazy as it sounds, is unclear- we aren’t making a call based on head language. However, it’s odd that he used this alibi at all, as the Lugenpresse has now produced party photos of Andrew sweating in the company of young women. Here is a 2000 Dublin Sunday World gossip rag article, spotting a sweating Andrew and his partying.

00:22:30 – When pressed about meeting Roberts on other occasions, Andrew is deceptive.

However, the question about having no recollection of the photo with Roberts may be truthful. He’s truthful when he says he doesn’t recall Epstein personally taking photos. At 00:26:20, he’s truthful about being careful and discrete about public photos. Our takeaway is that this photo may be stagecraft pulled off by Maxwell. Where did it come from is our question. Overly focusing on this particular photo may be misdirection; although, for us, it’s clear that Andrew fooled around with Roberts.

Prince Andrew, Virginia Roberts, Grislane Maxwell
The infamous photograph of Prince Andrew smiling as he stands with his left arm around the waist of a young Virginia Roberts has dogged him for years. It is alleged to have been taken in early 2001. Ghislaine Maxwell is on the right.

00:35:00 – There’s a line of questioning about numerous, very young girls hanging around in Epstein’s residences. I suggest here that Andrew is being truthful in saying “no.” But the question was framed poorly through the vague use of the term “numerous.” We would imagine that servicing Andrew was more discrete.

00:39:30 – He’s being deceptive in his answer about Maxwell. At this stage, he knows full well what his “friend” Maxwell was up to. The problem is that Maxwell can still compromise and blackmail him. Astonishingly, he admits at 00:40:00 to meeting up with Maxwell in jolly ol’ London just before Epstein was jailed last July. Incredible. So Maxwell kompromated him again! He’s lying about having anything to discuss about Epstein.

A Winter Watch takeaway: The M.O. was different with Andrew. These encounters were much more discrete, not exactly orgies. Andrew is being somewhat truthful when he denies knowing the full extent of Epstein and Maxwell’s entrapment operations. He even says, non-deceptively, that the residences may have been re-staged or recast for his visits. Epstein and Maxwell were running a sophisticated brownstone operation. We imagine for example that when the honey pot operators brought in Saudi royals, they would have prepared for feces on the walls, but not with Andrew.

Read “Saudi Arabian wild sex parties ‘leave posh hotel rooms covered in human feces’”

Andrew literally thought he was getting selective, personalized service from trusted friends, as in “I know a girl you might like while you are in town and are staying at my place.”

He might not even been clear on the age, as 18 is the age of consent in Florida and New York. The use of slightly underage girls in states with tougher age of consent indicates a plan to blackmail and compromise Andrew. He was set up in an a under-aged kompromat honey trap. What kind of “real smart friend” sets you up for sex with a 17 yo in an 18 year consent state, when it would be just as easy to arrange a 18 yo? It’s very revealing that the Lugenpresse focuses more on embarrassing Andrew than pursuing the kompromat operation.

The other sign of blackmail would be to label Andrew as a pedophile. Sex with 17 year old might be embarrassing and inappropriate for Andrew, but it’s not even statutory rape in most states and is certainly not pedophilia. I will bet Andrew thought he was having sex with a 19 or 20 year old in a state where 16 is the age of consent. And we doubt he checked with his lawyer. Andrew was no match for the likes of tricky Epstein and Maxwell.

Epstein with Bill Clinton

Another sketchy aspect: Why was Andrew singled out to be thrown under the bus? Did he stand up to this crew at some point and refuse to carry out some order?

There are others who Epstein and Maxwell ran through even worse kompromat. Where are they? Here is a network graphic of movers and shakers with ties to Epstein-Maxwell.

Is there something much more sinister going on here? Could this be a warning to the entire heavily compromised British (and U.S.) sistema that the dossiers and the knives are coming out, if the UK doesn’t cooperate in the next Middle Eastern or Iranian war? 

Read: Pedophilia a Requirement for UK Ruling Elite

What Happened to Prince Andrew?

The Romanian anti-Jewish nationalist leader Corneliu Codreanu (1899-1938) was fully aware of how the sistema and Jewish kompromat works. Codreanu’s description of such operations succinctly demonstrate what happened to Andrew. Age-old methods were employed [see “For My Legionaries” (1936)].

Some things never change and, if anything, have been developed into a science. Besides, providing skirts/sex and base personal favors, which would include letting Andrew use high-end residences, we imagine flattery was employed. Ultimately, they owned Andrew.

I. For winning over local politicians:

1. Gifts
2. Personal favors
3. Financing the political machine for propaganda, leaflet printing, traveling expenses, etc. If there are several bankers in town or rich Jews, each is assigned to a specific political party.

II. For winning over local authorities:

1. Corruption, bribery. A policeman from the smallest town in Moldavia, in addition to the pay he receives from the state, gets monthly another salary or two. Once he accepts a bribe, he becomes the Jews’ slave and if he does not follow orders, then they use on him the second weapon.

2. Blackmail, if he does not comply, his bribe-taking is revealed.

3. The third weapon is destruction. If they realize you cannot be swayed or subjected they will try to destroy you searching well your weaknesses. If you drink, they will seek an opportunity to compromise you through alcohol; if you are a skirt-chaser, they will send you a woman who will compromise you or destroy your family; if you are violent by nature, they will send your way another violent man who will kill you or whom you will kill and then go to prison.

4. If you lack all of these defects, then they will employ the lie, whispered or printed calumny, and denounce you to your superiors. In the market towns and cities invaded by Jews, local authorities are either in a state of bribery, a state of blackmail, or in a state of destruction.

III. In order to infiltrate into various circles or around some highly placed people, they use:

1. Servility
2. Boards of directors
3. Base personal favors
4. Flattery

Read “Roy Cohn and the New York City Cesspool Matrix”
Jeffrey Epstein accuser claims he hid pinhole cameras to monitor ‘private moments’

8 Comments on Body Language Analysis: BBC Interviews Prince Andrew — But Did He Lie?

  1. This large-scale, systematic compromat was invented by Lionel Rothschild in the 1840’s. This man, more than any other, deserves to be called the architect of the dystopian world which we inhabit.

    The power of Rothschild is best illustrated by the American presidential election of 1856. Rothschild and his partner in crime, English PM Lord Palmerston, wanted to stoke up a civil war in the US. In order to make this happen, they needed a power vacuum at the top. So, an incumbent president, Franklin Pierce, was denied re-nomination by his own party, and Rothschild stooge and homosexual James Buchanan was made the Democratic nominee and subsequently the president.

    This was the only time in history that a sitting president was denied renomination, and virtually amounted to a silent coup. Buchanan could not have managed the coup, however, as he had no real power base and had spent the previous two years in London as the US minister to England. In the spring of 1856 he returned to the US and a mere five weeks later was nominated for president. Who put Buchanan in power? Rothschild and his agent in America, August Belmont, who ran the Democratic party and thus controlled US politics. Belmont ran a compromat operation of the littleboy type, and was probably intimately familiar with Buchanan and his proclivities.

  2. Interesting that Pompeio announcing that Israeli ‘settlements’ (ie illegal immigrants) in Palestine are ok with the US administration was announced right after the Andrew video. It is worth carefully analyzing the British Brainwashing Corporation questioners for clues as well as the Party Prince. It seems likely that ‘nice but dim’ Andrew was compromised, possibly in ways that aren’t currently public. Meanwhile the question of where Maxwell and Epstein are is nowhere in the media, and Wexler doesn’t seem to under much duress

  3. Yes, he lied through his teeth…and the insipid interviewer was abysmal, letting him slide through unscathed on a number of occasions

    A couple that come to mind – Andrew said he flew to NY to tell Epstein the friendship was over and left the next day, but he didn’t. He hung around for a week (or so). Nothing from the interviewer. He said the photo with Virginia Roberts was taken “upstairs”, but he said he’d never been upstairs. How did he know? No question from the interviewer.

    One more for good measure. Earlier in the interview, she mentions a man who was at one of the Epstein parties that Andrew attended. When she mentions the name, Andrew says, “Really!” but she continues. Andrew then says he had never heard of this person. The interviewer should have asked him straightaway why he said “Really!” if he didn’t know him. But she let it slide.

    Pathetic performance all round!

    No wonder he took her on a tour of the palace afterward!!! Job well done!

  4. Virginia Roberts claims Epstein took the photo at Maxwell’s place in London!

    Who took the photos of Epstein and Andrew walking in Central Park?

    Who filmed the conveniently timely video of Andrew opening the door to Epstein’s mansion in N.Y. while letting out a young hottie and waving goo- bye?

    And here you have Epstein accuser Maria Farmer describing the round-the-clock supervised surveillance at Epstein’s mansion in N.Y.:

  5. I watched this interview and based on what I saw I thought he was telling the truth. This story has been a God send for the media and they are so fanning it and we want it to be true.

    • seriously! You believe this Royal Pedophile doesn’t sweat because the sweat was ‘scared out of him”? What a load of crap. The only reason anyone would go to Slimy
      Epstein’s house is because they are a pedophile and knew that Madame Gislaine and Esptein could get them the young girls they wanted.

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