Saudi Arabian wild sex parties ‘leave posh hotel rooms covered in human feces’

The 2015 arrests of two Saudi Arabian princes — one for smuggling literal tons of illegal drugs in his private plane and one for a series of sexually abusive incidents involving his employees — called attention to a long and august tradition of fabulously wealthy people from the highly religious Islamic monarchy acting in absolutely horrible ways. SOURCE:

By Adam Smith | 29 October 2019

METRO — Wild sex parties are being held at top hotels leaving suites covered feces, and bosses are blaming multi-millionaire Saudi Arabians.

Workers from hotels in London, Bahrain and Paris have spoken out against the alleged parties that they have to clean up.

The orgies usually take place in penthouses and presidential suites involving both male and female [prostitutes].

The groups always pay for the damage but hoteliers are turning customers away if they believe they intend on hosting such parties. An employee who works in Bahrain for a Middle East-based hotel group told that the sex parties were common knowledge.

Speaking anonymously out of fear for losing their job, one worker said: ‘Because Bahrain is a short trip away from Saudi Arabia it is seen as the ideal place for a quick break away from prying eyes for the ruling class.‘

However, various hotels have had to deal with awful scenes in their very best of rooms due to the sex parties which always seem to involve human faeces being left on beds, glass tables and the floor. […]

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    • i don’t ‘believe’ it can be worse, but i do ‘know’ it is far worse and even sicker to the point of downright unlawful in other countries or territories.

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