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Liberal Staffers Reveal Trudeau ‘Panicked, Worried, Bruised’

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4 February 2022

ELECT CONSERVATIVES — Insiders with the Liberal Party and Prime Minister’s Office have revealed that Justin Trudeau is showing extreme worry over the ongoing truckers’ convoy protest.

Speaking with Elect Conservatives on the condition that they both remain unnamed, the party sources revealed that the government is gravely concerned about the ongoing protests in Ottawa and across the country.

“This is all new territory for them, and not something they ever saw coming,” said one party insider. “They figured that these COVID measures would continue as long as needed, but yeah, it was a shock to the system when they saw the convoy and the number of people cheering them on.”

Another source highlighted the extent to which Trudeau is struggling to cope with the truckers’ convoy; a protest that has inspired millions across the world and promised to continue until all COVID-19 mandates are lifted.

“He’s not dealing well with it – he’s definitely panicked and bruised,” the source said. “I can’t say much more, but it’s not looking good. We’ve never seen him this frustrated or worried about something…yeah, it certainly feels like he’s a deer in the headlights right now.” […]

2 Comments on Liberal Staffers Reveal Trudeau ‘Panicked, Worried, Bruised’

  1. The majority here are with the Truckers. If Trudeau can’t handle the pressure he should resign. He’s a failure as a leader, that is obvious. No matter how this ends up, one thing is clear, Trudeau is the most hated P.M. in the country’s history. Even more than his pent-house socialist father.

  2. His handlers at the WEF and RIIA are obviously threatening him, as he must continue to follow their script. Comrade Jacinda Ardern in NZ (WEF’s “Young Global Leaders Class of 2014) and her Marxist/globalist cabinet thugs are spouting the same message as Trudeau’s and are botching the handling of NZ’s huge protest in Wellington by declaring the protestors as “white supremacists”. LOL. The videos of the large numbers of Maori at the NZ protest highlight that scurrilous lie, and that lie in itself has outraged many Maori and ended up waking up a ton of fence-sitters to support the Freedom Protest.

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