I, Too, Am Harvard Shows Social Justice Warriors in Action

I, Too, Am Harvard was a play based on “interviews” with members of the black community at Harvard affirming alleged experiences there as black students. The original play premiered at the campus on March 7, 2014, and these revealing must-view photos were used to promote the event.

SJWs label the remarks you viewed in the link above as micro-aggression. This is supposed to be “ignorance” or lack of proper sensitivity that shows underlying “racial bigotry.” Then they claim that whites when confronted with a micro-aggression charge will diminish it by pleading that such remarks “are no big deal.” So playing the micro-aggression card allows the aggrieved minority or “victim” to get in a cheap shot or two-fer.

Any thinking, honest person (of whatever race) can look at the placards in the photos and see that the vast majority of what they attribute to whites is pure dishonest fiction, bullshit, lies, and farcical storytelling.

As full disclosure, I confess to being guilty a few times of the terrible “sin” of thinking (NOT speaking) “You are articulate for a black girl (or man)”. However, after listening to gibberish and the inflated sense of self-worth in the Harvard SJWs promotion video I don’t think the label “articulate” applies to this group.

Caught me, put on the handcuffs officer.

Because these black students are supposed (??) to be best in class in terms of smarts and ability to weave prose, they excel in writing fiction. This is being enhanced studying at Harvard, so it appears.

The ludicrous fiction they are creating is that not only do white people have poor manners and lack civility, but that they suffer pathological Tourette’s syndrome and just randomly blurt out nonsensical over-the-top racially biased statements. What a dishonest scam, what a fraud and what a sick, evil portrayal. For this they are invited to a pow-wow with President Obama. If this is what is passing for budding Harvard black intellectuals, they should be ashamed of themselves.

The reality is that any white or black person or student that is not a complete cuck to this farce would AVOID and ISOLATE these shysters and liars like the plague that they are. Do not intermingle, and do not interact with toxic SJWs like this.

However, I have a real placard they can use: “Is that chip on your shoulder because you are black, or are you the exception to the rule? I hope for the sake of your race, it’s the latter.” 


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  1. Obviously they are in way over their heads at Harvard — so they project their failure on others.

    If their narcissistic guilt-tripping becomes too obnoxious counter-protests might be in order, with signs such as:

    “Don’t worry, I don’t want to touch your hair.”

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