Destruction of Nordstream Pipeline: False Flag?

The most incendiary story in eons…the sabotage of the Nordstream gas pipelines…received scant, if any, coverage in the U.S. mainstream media. This alone should lead you to wonder which parties were responsible for the attack.

But the notion that two separated at some distance (see map below) undersea natural gas pipelines could be wrecked by natural causes is nil to none.

In the lead up to this event and in response to Europe’s energy crisis, Vladimir Putin said on Sept. 17 that if Europe wants to solve the issue, it can ignore US orders and open up the Nord Steam 2 pipeline. “Just push the button and everything will get going,” Putin said.

The wrecking of Nord Stream 1 and 2 is punishment for the desire of Germany to negotiate a peace with Russia in an effort to save German industry from total collapse. This gate has been scorch earthed. This goal to find a settlement is the reason why Germany is refusing to send Leopard II tanks to Ukraine. To be an enemy of the US is dangerous, but to be a friend is fatal.

For those looking for a culprit- does it still count as a conspiracy theory when certain parties just come right out and say it?

Former Polish Minister of Defense (and current member of European Parliament) stated the US is behind it.

The Nordstream 2 pipeline allows Russia to send gas to Western Europe without paying transit fees to Ukraine and Poland. Russia just completed it in the teeth of massive opposition from Ukraine, Poland and USA. Now they are trying to convince you it was Russia who blew it up.

The US has destroyed Russian pipelines in the past.

Germany will now have to pay transit fees to Ukraine & Poland for gas.

Also a new Norway-Poland Baltic Pipeline opened today!

What a coincidence! #NordStream2 #Nordstream

— Syrian Girl 🇸🇾🎗 (@Partisangirl) September 28, 2022

The CIA warned Germany about the pipeline destruction beforehand. Whodathunk?

And US Navy personnel just so happened to be in the area.

Since no gas has flowed through either of the pipelines since the start of the month, German authorities have been quick to reassure people that the leaks will not affect its plan to fill gas storage tanks in time for winter.

Sanctions will go into effect starting October. From that point on the pipelines would have been even more useless than they already were. But what they very much presented was a possible “way back” to Russian gas, a way that is now destroyed in a very expensive way.

Nordstream represented a crucial income stream for Russia, and the current sabotage of the pipeline heavily benefits US oligarchs that own a large stake in the LNG companies.

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken stated this event represents an opportunity. 1. “finally end the dependence of Europe on Russian energy”  2. The US also stands to benefit heavily from the export of LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) to Europe in place of the Nord Stream pipeline.

Paves the way for energy rationing and lockdowns in Europe.

Retaliation for this is obvious- floating LNG Hindenburgs.

20 Comments on Destruction of Nordstream Pipeline: False Flag?

    • It’s not an act of war if it didn’t happen. Where’s the proof it happened? A picture of bubbles on the sea’s surface somewhere? Has everybody forgotten that jewry won WW2 and thereby has control of all the countries involved? And the media.

      • Jim – exactly! The Russian (Judeo Masonic Bolshevik) playbook is to wage war by deception – plenty of KGB defectors have confirmed that their training manual is Sun Tsu. My view is either the pipe wasn’t sabotaged, or it was sabotaged to make way for a greater goal (European collapse = Eurasian World Island). Don’t forget that these same people were happy to kill many of their own in WW1/WW2. The ends justify the means.

  1. It’s not an act of war against any particular country. It’s an act of war against humanity. The sociopaths are determined to deteriorate societies by weaponizing energy and food.

    And they’ll succeed. They’ve been playing these games for hundreds of years. They’re very good at it.

  2. All wars are bankers wars. I have no doubt the bankers are again creating false flags to destroy the new financial system that Russia and China are trying to build.

  3. If we can figure out a way to harness cow farts we can kill two birds with one stone, ameliorating climate change and energy concerns, and keep eating meat rather than switching to bugs. 🤪

  4. “finally end the dependence of Europe on Russian energy”

    There is no reason to do this (never mind the impracticability) — Russia said from the start they wanted to remain a reliable energy partner of Europe (and why not?, they earn tremendous revenue from energy sales, including hard currency) — the only measure they implemented was saying those nations participating in sanctions against Russia would have to begin paying in rubles; any nation not participating in sanctions could continue to pay as usual.

    Perhaps more than anything at this stage, speculation about what happened to the pipelines shows the confirmation bias of the source — all I will say is that it is very difficult for me to see a motive for Russia to damage the pipelines (see above).

  5. It seems I’m the only one asking for proof Anything was sabotaged or blown up. Remember covid, anybody? China said the U.S. made it. The U.S. said China made it. Two lies floated for the fools to argue over which lie was the truth. There’s no such “virus.” Now comes another big EMOTIONAL issue from the lying governments and lying media, and the TRUTHERS immediately buy it as true! No wonder the jews just keep on winning.

    • Jim, I share you pain. The Goyim keep falling for this game over and over again. I am not a particularly smart man, but even I can summarize this horrific state of affairs. This idea that Russia and Europe/NATO are in genuine conflict is absolute rubbish. Putin is ex-KGB. The Perestroika Deception details clearly that the USSR faked its collapse as a strategic withdrawal, so that it could penetrate the West via the long march through the institutions. This is simply a Judeo/Masonic/Bolshevik conspiracy. The Western leadership are fully infiltrated.

      We are the victims of an on-going fake psycho drama that is being waged on the cattle people (confirming they are cattle by continually falling for these slaughterhouse games) – Michael Hoffman details this beautifully in his book on mind control. The goal is a world communist technocracy and the only people who would oppose it are the masses of asleep peons (should they ever awaken – it seems highly unlikely).

      At a fake “state” level there are absolutely no good guys left. It’s one giant holding company. Everyone from politicians, military, police, medical establishment, academia are either/or dumb or evil – compartmentalized or knowingly in on it, with a promise of rewards in the new system being built around us (we know they will be killed once the system is in place – a confirmed communist strategy – see Yuri Bezmenov).

      There’s unfortunately no organized resistance to this diabolical plan. Hypernormalization. Any organized resistance is populated by spooks. This isn’t paranoia. It is an openly stated “Art of War”/”Wage War by Deception” strategy. They (The Underworld Order) are many, many steps in front of us and they run it all on data analytics which allows them to continually morph and update their strategies based on public feedback.

      Good luck, my friend. You are not entirely alone.

  6. Yeah andbsell me a putonic halo while youre at it. Just Satanic synogogians on one side and satanic synogoians on the other side abusing everyone’s name and dragging us all through the mud.

  7. Even so. Someone’s the boss. And the Germans better get worming on fusion while they still have a few braincells left. This site may favor Russia for whatever reason but I prefer the English, French, Scandinavians, Italians, Greeks, Poles etc cetera that have lovely countries we all enjoy visitng and who make up the backbone of the United States. All the little pasty poostie alt media writing of hands is ridiculous. As I write here in my mother tongue, then Russia, China and let’s not forget IRAN are the enemy. If we have to fight we will and we will win. At least that’s what I hope the men defending the land I live on are thinking and so should everyone else who reads this antiwest blog

    • This is not an anti west blog per se. It is anti the controlling Crime Syndicate that has highjacked the West and is taking it down the primrose path. That is a critical distinction.

      • It really is a critical distinction. What many people seem to really struggle with is that “The West” isn’t really “The West” anymore, from a leadership stand point. Just like “China” isn’t really “China” anymore, especially since Yale Mao Zedong and his Rittenburg handlers took over. Their entire country is full of Soviet Statues and their flag, for heaven’s sake, is a communist flag. I hear that the Chinese elite are big fans of travelling to Red Square to fawn over Lenin’s open grave. I dunno about you, but my understanding of history is that communism most certainly didn’t originate in China. Those poor people have been completely foreign-occupied for at least near a century now. Same as Russia. We all know that Russia was overthrown of their bloodline aristocracy a century ago too. So how can we say “Russia”, “China”, “Iran”?….it’s fundamentally misleading. These countries don’t exist anymore.

        How do we make it clear that it’s the leadership of all countries of the world united against the common people? It seems to tie most people’s brains into pretzel knots to try and conceptualise the scale of the betrayal. And that’s the point! Hypernormalisation and “Revelation of the Method” is meant to paralyse the subject.

        America’s situation is a bit more complicated. When was the last time that the USA had leadership that openly opposed the world revolution? President Jackson? Many would argue that America hasn’t existed in true form since then. Others say that America was Masonic from the beginning. I really don’t know. When you’re dealing with the Art of War as a fundamental strategy then reality becomes very unstable.

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