Wikileaks Reveal Israel’s Ethnic Cleansing Plans

Read the tread, evidence to the ICJ.

5 Comments on Wikileaks Reveal Israel’s Ethnic Cleansing Plans

  1. Is it a wonder Yahweh stayed silent and did not intervene whilst hitler was at it. And may be expected to stay silent yet again, after Gaza genocide.

    • Hitler was right. No civilization in history has ever prospered when infested with Jews and that is a fact!

      • Jews are not the problem. Zionism is the problem including the deluded Christian Zionists who are supporting the genocide and displacement of the Palestinian people

    • i personally believe that the Zionist Israeli Government is preparing Israel to play host to the ‘man of sin’ .

      • Similar to the jew bolsheviks, under Lenin & Stalin et al, to rape & kill & utterly humiliate the White Russian & German populations.

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