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Roundtable Discussion of the Hidden and Not so Hidden Elements of 9/11

Russ Winter joins a roundtable of Jim Fetzer, John Kaminski, Frederick C Blackburn, Dennis Cimino and Joe Olson to dissect the 9/11 event that altered our world and set it on a bad and disturbing path.

Podcast is here.

I have on several occasions highlighted the documentary New Pearl Harbor (poorly named, but brilliantly constructed) on 9/11. Some of the money sections were shown on the podcast.

Realizing that many will not spend the five hours to view this I have pulled and listed the more important points in the documentary.

Part I:

–The “pilots” 59:06- 1:04:00
–Testing the approach to Pentagon in a simulator 1:07:07-1:10:12
–Alleged hijacker and no talent pilot Hani Hanjour 1:10:13- 1:13:10
–No hijackers on airport security surveillance cameras on 9/11 1:16:38- 1:20:18
–No black boxes or flight recorders 1:23:18-1:26:47

–Maximum Operating Limit Speed at low altitudes or VMO 1:28:29- 1:37:30
–Bogus cell phone calls at high altitudes in 2001 1:38:30-1:43:20

Part II

— Where were the 757 engines at the Pentagon 10:26-13:05
— Flight 93 Shanksville, no plane 24:24-28:05
— Despite the rickety building false narrative, the Twin Towers were solidly built steel structures 59:02-1:04:22

— Buildings free fall- cartoon physics of official narrative 1:20:15-1:24:20

Part III

— Security pulled off building before Event  2:54 – 5:54
—Numerous explosions: 8:00-10:12
— Preliminary explosions used in demolitions 10:13-12:20
— Big explosion in basement B-2, B-3 level BEFORE “aerial impact” 13:13- 14:50
— Powerful explosion North Tower lobby 18:15-21:30
— Explosions recorded before collapse 24:34-25:52
— Preliminary explosions BEFORE WTC- 7 demolished 28:00-28:15
— Squibs 31:18-32:55
— Ejecta 35:09-37:50
— Extreme ground and underground temperatures 41:22-48:55
— Pulverization 53:50-57:04
— Summarization of the evidence 1:02:20-1:05:12
— The symmetry of WTC-7 freefall 1:19:05- 1:20:05

6 Comments on Roundtable Discussion of the Hidden and Not so Hidden Elements of 9/11

    • Hello I was curious about Mr Cimino’s comments regarding Mike Rivero and his involvement in the 911 cover up. I find this quite curious can anyone direct me to any information regarding that comment.

  1. Great point on needing to change the focus of How or Who depending on who you’re talking to. I’m very surprised at how many “normies” I encounter that actually question the official story. People’s life experiences will affect to what degree they’ll question authority and official narratives, so the approach is reliant on who’s being talked to. When it comes to communication, it’s like throwing a football. The goal is for the receiver to catch it, not for the thrower to throw it according to whatever his preferences are. It’s a giant topic and there’s many ways it can be approached to get the important points across.

  2. Hope I find time to listen; I recall turning on TV- local news crews (CBS NYC) about 10am – and I heard “explosion, explosion, explosion” over and over – from the “newscasters” from “man on the street” interviews. About 11:15-:30am the national news crews took over (Dan Rather) – I watched another 10, 12 hours: the word “explosion” was not used again a single time; – pretty sure not even to deny “explosion” reports.

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