Lucas Gage Subjected to Police Swatting Raid

Lucas Gage the outspoken America First activist was subjected to a police swat raid on July 4. Swatting is when an anonymous caller makes a false threat to 911. Gage has won the ire of Jewish elements. A successful swat, which sometimes has tragic consequences can result in fatalities and injuries.

Clearly per usual the harassers are resorting to their rote script and are not processing the bad optics for Jews in general in today’s awakened world.


Evening started with juvenile behaviors of fake orders for pizza. This of course burdens local businesses, who take the hits. The narcissists placing the orders are indifferent to working people wasting their gasoline.



3 Comments on Lucas Gage Subjected to Police Swatting Raid

  1. The hebes are getting desperate. They wonder why people hate them? Well, take a good long look at their behavior.

  2. These cowards will get what’s coming to them. Karma always catches up to spineless morons like these people.

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