IDF Comes up With a Whole New Set of War Crimes

The Gaza invasion has likely entered a new up close and personal phase. With the Khan Younis resistance being over run in preparation for the so called final Rafah offensive it is logical that heroic militia fighters are increasingly being taken POW by IDF goons. And so are civilians in general.

Enter some fresh video showing the handling of Palestinian prisoners. This is intended for lathered up brainwashed consumption on the Israeli home front.

If ever warriors in combat deserved some honorable respect for putting up a superb fight it is these men. One can only pray for them.

The obvious issue here however is that the vast majority of the 800,000 Gaza men of fighting age are not militia fighters.

Consider the odds that any Palestinian in this clip is an actual terrorist from October 7. It is estimated that Hamas at peak strength was 30,000. Of original Hamas this has likely been reduced by combat losses to 20,000. I theorize that most previous militia losses have been replaced by new recruits with zero October 7 roles.

Even if you take the October 7 narrative at face value, that operation, because of the necessity for secrecy, utilized a tight formation of no more than 1,000 combatants that could be defined as “terrorists.”

View: The October 7 Israel-Hamas False Flag

Only a fraction of that cadre engaged in atrocities. A portion of that cadre is already KIA, or will likely be last standers. Therefore the odds that IDF goons will capture and detain an actual surviving October 7 terrorist is slim to none.

In the clip the interrogator goon asks the prisoner of his involvement on October 7 and where he was that day. The prisoner, no doubt a civilian, answers “in my furniture shop”. This answer is mocked by the goon, who says that’s what they all say. He then self righteously proclaims to the prisoner, “Do you think we take people as we please”- and that later the captives “talk”.

So not much reason and logic being employed by the IDF. It’s all about collective retribution. I can’t imagine a worse nightmare fate for the 800,000 unarmed fighting age men of Gaza.

This may also explain why the corral and containment pin on the Egypt side of Rafah is so small. Males between 12-65 will be separated out for abuse, imprisonment and murder.

It is unlikely that any international organization will be permitted access to welfare check hundreds of thousands of called generic “terrorists”. So the wide use of “terrorist” as a definer is yet one more war crime in the IDF goon lexicon.

Prisoner abuse shown on Israeli TV.

Elsewhere in the Rafah nightmare the Egyptian mafia operatives are taking bribes to let smaller numbers of wealthier Gazans pass into Egypt and safety.

Hundreds of relief trucks are stacked up on the Egypt side for when the order is given to let women, children and elderly (minus the 800,000 men) though to the corral.

Other concentration camp checkpoints are blocked by Israeli genocide goons and no relief gets in. More blatantly bad war crime optics.

On the US home front, January data shows the debt loaded consumer is cooling his jets and rapidly increasing credit card delinquencies.

Houthis shot down an US MQ-9 UAV near the port city of Hudaydah This is the second MQ-9 reaper drone shot down by the Houthis since the beginning of the war.



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  1. What happened to that huge speech President Erdogan gave back in October? Looks like the Turks are nothing more than cowards, they held that huge rally and have stood by for months while the genocide proceeds, the CIA must have some serious dirt on that dude.

  2. You’re fucking disgraceful. You praise these Gaza fighters as brave but dare not judge what they are fighting for. Typical libertarian tripe.

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