(Makow) Bella Dodd – A Communist Cancer is Killing Us

Henry Makow | Feb.15, 2024

Communism is a fait accompli in the West yet we seldom use this disease to understand our malaise.

In 1954, Bella Dodd, a high ranking defector from the US Communist Party, warned us that Masonic Jewish central bankers are behind Communism, and this satanic cult controls the USA. This has been confirmed by the COVID hoax, gene therapy. migration, CRT, BLM and heterophobia
Her book “School of Darkness”   (pdf) requires a revisit.

The Devil and Bella Dodd (2022) is much more than a biography of Communist Party whistleblower Bella Dodd (1904- 1969.) It is a history of the Communist takeover of the US in the twentieth century. The authors establish that the goal of Communism is no less than the annihilation and enslavement of the human race. According to the Communist Manifesto, Communism seeks to abolish nothing less than “the present state of things.” (117) Hatred of Christian civilization is its motivation. All the problems that plague society today — gender dysfunction, “woke,” censorship, thought-crimes, transhumanism, migration, abortion, CRT, Agenda 2030 — manifest Communist control. Communism denies that mankind has a soul or that the Creator has a Purpose for humanity. It is a fatal Trojan Horse (Satanism) that has been accepted into our society. Mankind is satanically possessed by Organized Jewry (WEF, Rothschild central banking cartel.) 

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  1. This is an excellent ‘pathway’ article to garner interest for the work of Bella Dodd, Mr. Winter!
    It was interesting to see several writers claim that the gentlemen who died in a Russian prison wasn’t offed by Russia as “he was certainly not Putin’s biggest enemy” as claimed by a number of our western news wires.
    What is Putin’s Russian enemy? The answer comes back to a singular source: the Communist Party.
    They explained that for one Putin is not ‘anti-Christian’ as the Communist party is. The Communist party it seems have been trying to get rid of Putin for quite a spell.

    This kind of fits in with Putin’s demeanor during the Tucker Carlson interview.
    It is a fascinating ‘ah ha’ as several other Communist Party v. Putin reasons are laid out in front of me.

    I also noted Putin’s disgust at Zelensky’s closing of sever Christian churches. And they are correct in seeing, as much as Zelensky loves Western/USA publicity, we’ve never seen him in front of any Christian denomination church–or for any church as to his PR for money from the US campaign.

    We shall see!


  2. Her book, School of Darkness, is in my hands & moves right along when reading it. It will be shelved next to Whittaker Chambers & Elizabeth Bentley when finished!

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