The October 7 Israel-Hamas False Flag

Russ Winter presented at 2023 False Flags and Conspiracies conference. The topic was the October 7 Israel-Hamas false flag. The talk is here.

Elements of a “false flag” center around the complete stand down of the IDF as Hamas entered unimpeded and with virtually no resistance into southern Israel. There is the typical rancid smell of some staging as well – such the alledged atrocity of the 8am Peace Rave right on the Gaza border and the nonsensical use of flying paragliders and load bulldozers to tear down fences at the heavily surveilled border.

The correct term for Israel’s hyper aggressive over response “get some” tactics toward their citizens being taken hostage is Hannibal, not Hercules. 28 Apache helicopters were deployed and used indiscriminately in get some fashion.

Just after this conference and as further collaboration of the theory of this presentation Israeli media released overhead footage of the IDF shelling of kibbutz Beeri.

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  1. The entire Oct. 7 narrative appears to be false. I don’t believe that there was a Palestinian attack on Israel. Why would I say this? because there is considerable evidence of fakery by the Israelis. Fakery implies preplanning and thus foreknowledge.

    Some of the most obvious fakes are:

    The alleged attack on a fortified Israeli base that left an entire battalion of Israeli troops dead. This is ridiculous on its face- ask a Vietnam or Iraq war veteran what would have happened if a couple hundred guerillas had attacked one of their bases without any fire support- the answers would be along the lines of “we would have just sprayed them down” or “we would have slaughtered them like chickens”.

    The attack on an Israeli kibbutz that resulted in the murder of many civilians. This didn’t happen either. I saw the Israeli Channel 24 report from this kibbutz the day after the alleged attack. The English-speaking reporter was bemoaning the terrible massacre of 40 innocent babies, but it was apparent that there had been little or no fighting there. There was no cartridge brass on the ground, no bullet holes in any of the structures, no bloodstains, and above all no sense of anger or urgency- just a lot of Israeli reservists standing around, looking somewhat puzzled.

    The ‘attack’ on the ‘music festival’. Again, more clumsy fakery. The ‘concert goers’ numbering a couple hundred at most, are seen on video running across a field – away from the cars that brought them to that location and could bear them away again to safety. Who would run away from their car in time of danger? Only someone that knew that an Israeli helicopter was going to blast their vehicle into junk in a few moments time.

    These three events were the centerpiece of the propaganda blitz that was intended
    to justify the genocidal Israeli attack on Gaza- and they were all faked. If there had been a actual attack, there would be some real damage to point to. The only actual damage they can point to was clearly caused by Israeli heavy weapons, and in fact they have admitted this, while still claiming that the Palestinians started it. Nope, the Jews started it, and the unfortunate Palis knew nothing about what was happening until bombs began raining down on their homes.

  2. their evil knows no bounds.. They have slaughtered about 30,000 Palestinians, including 10,000 children (thousands who have had to have limbs amputated without anesthesia because the Zionist psychopathic demons will not allow it into Gaza). Now their plan for those they don’t slaughter is to send them to the Congo:
    I don’t know how we make these psychopaths stop. It seems like there is an awakening on twitter, but it seems like it’s too late.

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