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Houthis Red Sea Blockade

The much-anticipated US naval coalition (Operation Prosperity Guardian) against Yemen was expected to have Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt on board, but ended up with only Bahrain, as well as its usual Western clients. None of Yemen’s Red Sea neighbors wanted to risk a war with the Ansarullah (Houthis) for the sake of the US. No one wants to be a US proxy. This is a clear sign of US isolation.

I am not sure what else is left other than a sunk US aircraft carrier either by neglectful tactics or false flag. The Houthis have hypersonic anti-ship missiles at the ready.

In fact the blockage of shipping in the Red Sea is a fiat accompli as most of the world’s container shippers will no longer use this route. Nothing is moving in and out of Eilat, Israel.  That puts the onus on the US coalition.

The map shows the terrain of western Yemen. The Houthis have been fortified there for a decade. It is unclear how bombing there will accomplish anything other than further deplete US arsenals.


Is the US going to insert Marines into the mountains in the homeboys turf? With the Saudis out of the fray, that leaves few paths in.

As the reconstruction of Ukraine approaches Vladimir Putin gestures to Poland, Romania and Hungary that they can be restored their provinces stripped away by Stalin in 1945. This is shown on map. Says “if you want them, Russia has no objection”.

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  1. Thanks for the update. Looks like WW3 is on the way.

    Also, fwiw, good info here from Whitney Webb on the coming false flag cyber attack. US is completely infiltrated by Israelis. We’re being set up for destruction.

    Whitney Webb on the coming false flag cyber attack:

    More here:

    The Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) League And The Impending False Flag – w/ Whitney Webb

    (they’ve been doing table-top exercises, lots of Israeli connections, maybe no election, martial law, kill ware, they want to make it big like 9/11, but in a different way, and they will probably blame Iran)

    Whitney asks: What intelligence agency is in all US critical infrastructure and has a deliberate plan to get the US govt and military to attack its enemies? (answer: Israel)

    She adds that however the coming false flag cyber attack is played out, it is guaranteed to be blamed on Israel’s enemies.

    • Great stuff as usual, Amanda.

      I would urge everyone to click on the links Amanda provided and contemplate the future that the Children of Satan have planned for us.

      As for the situation in the Bab el-Mandeb, the narrow strait that is the southern entrance to the Red Sea- I don’t believe anything the MSM is saying about what is happening there. I doubt that the Yemenis are attacking shipping there- it is not in their interest to do so. They are not going to win any conflict with the Zionist powers because Yemen imports most of it’s food, and any naval blockade of the Bab el-Mandeb would result in large-scale starvation in Yemen.

      If shipping in the straits is being attacked, who would be conducting such attacks?
      Well, who has a long history of attacking shipping in this area? None other than Israel’s shabbos goy, the entity formerly known as the United States. From 2002 to 2012, the US navy and the CIA conducted deniable attacks on shipping in this area using local hires who were known as the ‘Somali Pirates’. although most of them were in fact Eritreans.

      The attacks started right after the navy finished constructing Camp Lemonnier, a major base that is located in Djibouti, directly across the straits from Yemen. The idea was to disrupt shipping to and from Israel’s enemies, and to generally terrorize shipping companies world wide into compliance with the Zionist agenda.

      All this worked pretty well for ten years. Although the media gave the ‘Somali Pirates’ plenty of air time, none dared mention that this was all happening in close proximity to a major US naval base. Finally, various nations began to send warships to protect their shipping, and with the operation beginning to unravel, the US decided to wrap it up with a media spectacular, in which ‘Heroic Navy Seals’ rescued an American ship captain from dastardly pirates and once again made the world safe for democracy.

      So what happened to the pirates, once the operation was over? They were all given Green Cards and imported to San Diego, headquarters of the US navy. The taxi drivers in San Diego are all Eritreans and Somalis, who were once the terror of the seas.

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