War and Strife Update

This war updates covers events since the Nasrallah speech and the Israelis blowing off Blinken.

see Battle of Gaza Continued

As soon as Blinken left Israhell and the speech ended the Zios strafed a prearranged medical convoy evacuating the seriously wounded and ill.  IDF fessed up to this and it’s public rationale for this atrocity was once again that “Hamas” was nearby or present.

Then we witness the major university of Gaza being obliterated by heavy ordinance.

And to wrap up the post-Blinken visit and Nasrallah speech:

The civilian casualties in Gaza are so bad, that the US have suggested Israel use “smaller bombs”. This is an admittance by the US that Israel are being indiscriminate with their air strikes and engaging in war crimes.

Recall that Nasrallah specifically said that their response would be dictated by Gaza. It is reported that Hezbollah increased intensity with attacks on Zio military installations on Saturday. They have largely avoided hitting civilians to date.

Israeli combat dead is put at 25, which strikes us as underreported. However the Zios aren’t exactly storming Gaza City but are proceeding slowly block by block. The main thrusts appear to be along the coastal Tal al Hawa neighborhoods and northwest Gaza perhaps connecting at the Al Shifa hospital area.

Hamas has not heavily committed to defending parts of the northern outskirts of Gaza City, which may indicate that Hamas units in parts of that area are screening for a main defensive effort in central Gaza City.


The IDF has released combat photos showing the terrain and surroundings. The first shows IDF positioned in northwest Gaza in the beach area.


Next we see a scene out of Full Metal Jacket as a tank moves under a building with cover by a squad of infantry. With all the sand and dust everywhere this still seems to be in the beach area.


And more IDF footage of combat from November 4th along the coastal link ups.

It is obvious that the ruins of Gaza provide substantial ambush locations for Hamas to utilize it’s 105 mm bazookas and recoilless rifles, RPGs which looks to be standard gear for their troopers. I would imagine that trip mines will be laid once the IDF try entering the streets off the beaches.

IDF is learning the Bakhmut lesson, armor is more of a target than an asset in urban fighting. The home made RPGs probably cost a few hundred dollars, taking out multi million dollar armored vehicles. This is child’s play to what Hezbollah can do.

Hamas posted footage shows this. You can see windows, doorways, holes in walls everywhere. Notice the narrow streets and alleyways. Several clips shows Hamas fighters even taking aim at the tanks from the streets and at close range. The weapons used seem well suited. Small hit and run squad tactics are employed and since the IDF delayed the ground offensive, Hamas has no doubt planned out and mapped every nook, cranny, hole – and route.

More footage shows firing from overhead windows. These are not stationary positions, and the weapons used have good ranges. These firing positions are everywhere, and Hamas shooters and snipers move from spot to spot. Notice the holes in the building sides at 30 seconds.

Heavy artillery and more bombing of these near the beach neighborhoods will take Hamas underground and create even more cover after. It seems logical that gas may be used by the IDF, but that is risky for their own troops and would require sappers.  That may also be another red line for Hezbollah and the potential unified Muslim world to enter the war.

For the IDF to press on they will need to get off the beaches and send highly trained units to clear these buildings and tunnels before being able to proceed to the rest of Gaza City. Otherwise it will end up like whack a mole.


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  1. ‘Use smaller bombs,’ advises the U.S. administration to ‘Israel’. That suggestion sounds like a line out of ‘Dr. Strangelove’.

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