Battle of Gaza Continued

Winter Watch will continue to focus on the widening Middle East war. Stayed tuned to this page for developments. I will be doing a podcast with Robert Phoenix at 2:00 PM EST to add extra color on developments. I will post after that show.

At 9:00 AM EST Hezbollah is very likely to officially enter the war against Israel. They even lead with a teaser video.

People in Lebanon might want to rethink the venue for the announcement. Israel is notorious for preemptive, surprise attacks. I reference the 1967 Arab-Israeli War. Don’t think I would want to be sitting here.

Israel is notorious for surprise preemptive attacks, see 1967 War start 26:20 to 29:42.

US ZOG operative Anthony Blinken is suddenly scrambling to reign this war expansion in even adding what he calls “day after two state solution” to his bag of tricks. Unfortunately for the US and Israel, sentiment on social media is overwhelmingly anti-Israel and as importantly anti-ZOG at a crucial moment.

It is obvious that the intel is pointing to the expanded war, even to include Iran, Iraq and Syria. Turkey will be the big wild card. There has been a large buildup of Iranian backed militia in Syria and Lebanon. Asymmetric warfare and sleeper cells within the US resulting from lax borders is a real and unknown possibility.

–retrograde Dien Bien Phu

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  1. Tanks are mostly useful when “the other guy” is also using tanks…in an asymmetric situation, not so much. Especially when the other side isn’t scared about dying, isn’t overweight by 100 lbs and is avenging 75 years of torment and abuse. American ZOG trying to act that this all started on Oct 7th and for no reason.

    I still sit here in amazement of the number of regular Joe & Jane sixpacks finally waking up…it has to be 10’s of thousands daily in the US. So many popular streamers in the millennial and gen-Z demo are waking up or in some cases now feel as though it’s safe to discuss ZOG. The Hagee evangelicals are still holding the Israeli flag, for now — waiting for their rapture.

    • Unless you can get a tank down in the tunnels or an armored personnel carrier (death trap on wheels)…they won’t be going down anytime soon. They will however be tossing various forms of poisonous gas into the tunnels, you can take that to the bank.

  2. Come on, Russ- war by press release? I don’t believe a single thing the Jewsmedia says- It’s all false, all intended to mislead. The real story of Gaza is a long-planned massacre and extermination.

    For what’s actually happening on the ground, check out the latest video from Max Igan.

    If you are short of time, start at the 18 minute mark. Warning- it’s ugly as hell.

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