Russ Winter Joins ‘Operation Scorpio’ and the Brain Trust to Discuss Imagery from the Waukesha SUV Attack

Russ Winter rejoins Giuseppe Vafanculo, Dave Scorpio and Daryl Wayne (aka “The Brain Trust”) to dissect the strange and surreal imagery rabbit holes from the so-called Waukesha SUV attack. This is the sole topic for the first hour of Russ’ show appearance. You can follow the visual examination in the post (superior imagery) or on screen during the podcast: “Strange Imagery from Waukesha Parade SUV Attack (Updated).”

Show is Here (starts in earnest at minute 00:08:30)

A note from Russ: It’s evident that I need to adjust the trans-Atlantic latency issues experienced on the show from my use of Skype. There is a serious talking-over problem, as I can’t hear David Scorpio and Daryl Wayne speaking at inflection points. I’m told by Giuseppe that the show quality can be improved, if I switch to Steamyard for future efforts. I will look into this.

I received a very complimentary message from James Fetzer after this show. He has rethought his initial impression of the Waukesha event and is now in engaged in full investigatory mode.

The law of non contradiction for dealing with cartoon world.

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  1. Wooooaahhhh! :”I received a very complimentary message from James Fetzer after this show. He has rethought his initial impression of the Waukesha event and is now in engaged in full investigatory mode.”
    THIS IS WONDERFUL! I had no idea Jim (initially?) believed this was legit…shocking really. Thanks for the warning on the technical issues but looking forward to giving it a listen just the same.
    It’s 6 days later and I can’t believe how many “truthers” are still buying this one…why is that?

    • I guess the Truthers have fallen for it all too easily because it gives them a chance to shout out about Left violence in the lone-wolf mode and get a jab back at all those F-R loners allegedly going ape-shit, at suspiciously crucial points in the anti-gun lobby’s program.

      Is Russ onboard with the fakery around the Ashli B shootery, or does he reckon that was a genuine call, and the ‘suspicious video’ analysis was just strange-think? There was obvs so much cooked up around that day, but that particular puzzling part seems to have been forgotten by many now. Is it simply because there is no easy explanation for it?

      • I listened to an analysis of the verdict and seems like there are bad issues related to folks being able to defend life and property against berserkers. This combined with police defunding sets up open season on white communities.

        Haven’t looked closely at the shooting itself, but perhaps I should.

        • Hi Russ. I just listened…and I think this could be an engineered event AND there could be real casualties. It’s not like “they” are trying not to hurt people. One possibility is that this guy could have been hypno programmed a la Sirhan. Hence all the weird senseless behavior by the killer. You did nail the motive: Trigger “Helter Skelter”., which requires OUR participation.

    • Is it truthers or those who want to believe because the psy-op lines up with their narrative? Those on the left Demonrats believe all the BLM and evil white people narrative false flags while those on the right Republi((Nazis)) swallow hook line and sinker all the psy-ops done by the right that feeds their beliefs and narrative. Maybe because Mr Fetzer thinks the left and right are vastly different he is accepting of the false flags lining up with his narrative. This is how I rationalize all this crap since tRUMP was selected. Neither left or right gives a crap about the people so it is time to shatter those delusions.

      • “want to believe” – that is key. We have all heard the circa 1950 CIA program: “… everything the American people believe will be false …” but they never said we would all believe the same thing – lots want to believe that KRittten. is a white supremacist murderer and lots want to believe he is a lone patriot defending kith and kin – both could be false.

        I don’t see RW speaking to the “Ashli B shootery” right here; but I do recall two very cogent claims that appeared here (one “guest: on RW) that it was staged and staged in a ludicrously bad way including – my favorite – concluding footage of two men in civilian clothes lugging her supposedly lifeless corpse down a congressional flight of stairs.

  2. Got to give Jim a break, I think it hits close to home and the age of the reported victims both young and old might have really struck an emotional nerve. I took it at face value when I first saw it, just doesn’t surprise me. I know people exactly like the perp and wouldn’t take much for something like this to happen, in a moment of “nothing left to lose”, they’re cracked out emotional man babies. The decades long race narrative is POWERFUL in the minds of many.

    • It fooled me too- the immediate timing of this episode, following The Acquittal, made it seem spontaneous. Hit & Run In Waukesha was prepared ahead of time just in case the verdict validated the 2nd Amendment. That flash of the American Way had to be erased from our minds.

      • It is really not worth it for me to have examined this. There is only downside for me personally revealing the truth. Even among my readership the traffic counts look disinterested. For the Crime Syndicate this or the offshoot operations to come will go along ways to setting up race war.

    • There are always two distinct things about the perps – character, and story (‘legend’).
      The character will likely be real – and that’s what makes them manoevrable into a patsy role, if someone cares to.
      The legend will likely have real elements in it – but any manipulation will likely involve (a) concealment, either by the perp themself, through a ‘secret understanding’ of some mission or other, or membership of some brotherhood where the ‘greater good’ is to protect their believed involvement with some work of conspiratorial or ‘intel’ fiction; or (b) elements will be mangled after the fact (preferably once the perp/patsy no longer has a voice one way or another) by the people that set him up, to perpetuate the fiction and conceal their true involvement.
      This is why timelines are important, particularly back-pointers to uncorrupted ones, and also character-assessments, both amateur (friends, family) and professional. Paying particular attention to friends who turn out not to have been friends, and professionals with links to likely manipulators.

  3. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised but I have a bunch of detractors on Unz Review. No analysis of the event- just ad homeniums.

    Went around the bush with one pajama person in particular- Realist and Unz Review ended up not approving and censoring my comments:

    Here are a few of his doozies:

    How about a citation for this silly bullshit you are espousing? –

    The names of the dead in Waukesha have been made public, did you check to see if they are dead?

    a few responses-:

    Do you think I gathered all the key video in one spot for analysis to win a popularity contest? All the analysis I see on here is a Hegelian dialetic shitshow. You all act like you have the Crime Syndicate’s agenda all figured out. Sorry you don’t get their memos.

    Have you and my other detractors actually examined all the imagery and video sequences of this so called event? Of course not. Look at the video I’ve provided objectively and apply the law of non-contradiction before you spout off about an event you know little about.

    After doing this actual exercise in examination instead of just reacting as the criminals want you to- many of you should start to wake up to the nonsensical cartoon world we are being subjected to.

    And here’s a guy who thinks he has the capital N Narrative figured out. Comes my response: I am putting this on the record for when it happens.

    False flag doesn’t mean the incident is fake, the perpetrator is. That said, this incident does not benefit the Narrative.

    RW: So you think you have the Narrative figured out on this one? You don’t. It is about ginning up sectarian and racial war/conflict.

    The next shoe to drop will be revenge- as an alleged so called white supremacist with a manifesto murders black elderly and children. Gulp, what’s your tune about the “Narrative” going to be then?

    People on that site are whistling past the graveyard with their cluelessness.

    • OMGosh – I am terribly behind in my reading and haven’t been to Unz in over a week. I’ve been subbed to this site perhaps 4 years and have met a few gents who have been great aids in my “waking up” journey. I have noticed in the past year, maybe longer, it seems a few trolls (?) have been let loose – at least it seems the case to me, but I’m just a nobody so…I look forward to checking out the Waukesha articles. I guess they are all onboard with this story? Wow!

      • Not all, but most don’t even question it. The ones I was going around with have zero concept of a staged deception and ask low knowledge suppositions like how could the whole town be in on it.

        • Ron Unz while writing some great stuff in his American Pravda series is woefully under educated in the deep state actions. He and allot of his readers need a deep dive of social engineering and psychological warfare. Some Smith Mundt modernization act reading might start to shake ’em out of his cognitive dissonance but most on there are scientific/libertarian types who bow to $cientisms© AUTHORITY! Which ends up being rather naive. Funny I feel WinterWatch is a perfect antidote to Unz’s rather shallow mainstream “alternative” writers. Thanks Russ, always great reading here!

          • Most of the readers there recoil at the idea of staged deceptions. Their curators have low tolerance for my material. I usually stay away, but I only went there today in response to ad homenium insults by a posse there on my Waukesha posts.

  4. Good to know Jim Fetzer is going to re-examine this debacle but as I have stated before he has trouble recognizing false flags done by the right in my opinion. Julian ASSange only outing those on the left, the Steve Scalise shooting ( only softball game in history for politicians) Seth Rich murder, have a peek at the tearless “family” on MSM, the attack on wimpy actwhore annRand Paul..not buying it!!! Good point made by a previous commenter on Fetzers analysis of the Ashley Babbit psyop and what he thought about it. Zio-shill and sheckel grabber Alex Jones had Ashley’s “husband” on his show at least twice. I am with Mr Winter on the Kyle Rittenhouse “story” it looks fake to me and Kyle was interviewed by Tucker Carlson proves to me it was a false flag by the Republi((Nazi)) faction.

      • Rittenhouse is different, I think – and interesting.
        Unless anyone comes up with a third party actively prompting Kyle to intervene in the riots the way he did, I’m inclined to think he was a genuine kind-hearted naif, especially considering his age, and got involved out of his own conscience or moral sense.
        I think there was manipulation, perhaps conflicting and from more than one source, post-incident. The crock-of-shit prosecution is a marker for one source, and his subsequent (and destructive) engagement with splits and factions within the (broadly) Right/Conservative movements is a marker in a different direction.
        I think he was subjected to opportunistic intervention, covert and overt, on the one hand to cause mischief in the standard model Left/Right, but also and separately to cause a little chaos within the Right itself.
        You’d need to look closely at who was handling him up to the trial, during its course, and after the verdict, to disentangle it. However, when there are multiple actors involved, probably in conflict with one another’s aims in capitalising on his case and capturing him for their aims beyond the trial, it’s even murkier than the usual false flag.

        • Interesting… but for me I come from a place of its FAKE first, then dig into it and look for what doesn’t add up and usually in a day or two videos come out, the “codes” are displayed it lines up with the ((right)) or ((left)) narrative. There was a guy on Youtube called Jewrassic Liars (Youtube killed most of his old stuff) who would point out the codes and I didn’t believe it at first but as I payed attention all the patterns were there about 90% of the time.

  5. Not sure how many here have heard of and follow Miles Mathis. I’ve followed him about 5 years and do not follow and agree with everything he puts out – some of it I do, it generally depends. Some hate the guy – I don’t hate him. Here is a link to his “Kyle updates” – the updates start half way down page 3.
    His main website is and if you are on the home page, it is under the “updates”, “writings” and “science” tabs you will find his breakdowns of events, especially “writings” where he has them organized by the year he wrote them. This isn’t necessarily the year an event happened as it includes breakdowns he did on actual people, dead or alive, as well as events from far back in the past. I don’t know this man personally. I believe he is South African and he also sells his artwork and appears to be a mathematical genius of sorts.

      • I felt a little uncertain of bringing up and sharing Mile’s site initially – some really do not like this man. I haven’t read everything he’s written and don’t agree with all I have read. That being said, he is an intelligent man and he sure does dig deep into genealogy and I know it isn’t free to do so. Also, I’m of the mindset of taking what I need and leaving the rest – most here likely are, no doubt. I like the extra food for thought.

  6. Giuseppe Vafanculo offers nothing in the way of backing up his claim his “”God-daughter is a nurse practitioner” at the Children’s Hospital and they had a bunch of injured children brought in”. You’re to take him at face-value as a “trusted truther of the truth community” or something along these lines? Who IS this guy, anyway? I liked him at first but grew weary quickly. I listened to Jim’s “Need to Know” off and on for a while, kinda hit or miss. I never liked that he never jumped off of the Trump train. Clearly a man of his intelligence level can’t believe our voting system is anything less than a long-maintained façade?

    • Yes I didn’t buy the God daughter story either most hospital gossip is he said she said a realization of the lies told during the roll out of the scamdemic. How can they be so close to the situation yet totally clueless? For me those who work in hospitals will tell you hospitals were jammed with covid patients at the height of the scam YET most nurses and doctors were laid off and if you showed up at a hospital they would tell you to go home. Nurses state people are dying from covid with zero proof apparently they don’t know the difference between a heart attack, cancer death or if a person is hit by a car and dies …very few are truthful and not corrupted.

      • I was a little taken aback at how quickly Giuseppe inserted that piece of “information”. Yes, the healthcare industry is compartmentalized in doing their part to keep things running smoothly for these staged deceptions.

    • I think there is a degree of hysteria around these events. It’s like old soldiers and war stories. The details get exaggerated. People like this nurse may feel they want to boost and be part of the community. So in effect they tell tall tales out of some of the scuttle butt making the rounds. I would surmise that she heard about children patients going to ICU. That’s not the same as seeing them.

  7. Russ,

    First off, It is a problem some of the ‘talking over’ and ‘time-delay’ when people speak. It interrupts the flow of the show! Also, if I’m going to be rapid-fire in criticizing Fetzer, I’m going to be just as fast in complimenting him for the gesture! Bravo! That’s how knowledge works; always adjusting!

    I’m more aligned with your type of ‘skepticism’ Russ, where,…one has to constantly allow for a new flow of information as time goes by to ‘adjust’ one conclusions. Your stubborn reluctance to accept the Waukesha ‘official’ explaination is more than justified, I can understand how you get frustrated with some people who can’t see the questions you are asking! I think it’s more a reflection of your development and how others lag behind.

    Your ability to see nuance and discern certain things that others don’t see is rare! It is why your site is kind of unique! To a ‘normie,’ many of your articles almost feel like ‘science-fiction!’ The terminology can throw them for a spin a bit. But that is because they are so brainwashed and inflexible!

    I did want to bring up something about the sequence of events with the Waukesha case. Almost from the beginning when he broke through the supposed barricades, there would have been an APB go out on the police scanners! Also, we are told there were 2 others black guys with him-correct? What happened to them? The police would have been hot on his trail even after blowing through the barricades!…After supposedly running over some people, everyone would have been looking for these guys! So, explain the video where he was at the front door asking about Uber. Zero police presence? He wouldn’t have even been allowed to get to that guy’s front door! Two dozen police cars would have been in hot pursuit by then! When did he have time to park his vehicle backwards in the drive-way? Did he park and then go to the guys house? The cops would have been ALL OVER HIM!

    So, I’m with you Russ! This Waukesha smell stinky!

  8. How was Brooks able to go to that guys front door to ask for an Uber without a police-presence right behind hom and all over him? From the moment he broke through the barricades, there would have been an APB(All Points Bulletin)go out to both state and county forces to respond. With the parade and all of the security involved there, Brooks would have been hunted immediately,…especially after running people over!

    Also, when did he have time to park his vehicle backwards in the driveway? Was it after going to the guys front door? Or was is before? And the whole time, the police were no where to be found? This whole narrative stinks and I’ve got a good sniffer! Lastly, why was a Xmas parade being held before Thanksgiving?

    • Lol – I liked how the man of the home made him a sandwich and provided him with a jacket?? What?!? Yes – the moment the news broke, I questioned right from the gate a Christmas parade taking place Nov. 21st…wayy too early…smelled off.

  9. Rittenhouse is too valuable to their strategy of tension to throw him away in jail forever… Function stacking. Already creating more tension by attending ASU online.. Why he’d attend that clown college is a legitimate question. I assure you he has better options that are closer to him. It’s not exactly a genius farm. Perhaps it’s their near 90% acceptance rate, they’re so tolerant and inclusive! Until now. Just getting folks more and more used to accepting the idea of cultural ostracization for whatever the MSM cause de jour may be. You get closer to the truth >90% of the time by inverting the MSM’s NDAA propaganda. Most stories are fake. This is unconventional warfare- where civilians are targeted psychologically- and lies are the bullets. A la the Epstein suicide, the causes of wars, the moon landing and nuke hoaxes, etc. Sorry if I lost some of you on the last two, but you’ll come around.

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