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(Makow) Lahaina Was Destroyed by a Directed Energy Weapon

Henry Makow | August 12, 2023

The US Government steps up its open war on the American people with DEW attack on Maui, part of the Weather Change Hoax, which has replaced the COVID Hoax
The wildfire would only make sense if a forest of trees surrounded the city of Lahaina. That is the first problem with the story. There is no forest near the town.

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  1. Correction! The Jews step up their open war on the American people!

    “Jews hate nature and the natural order, because it’s pure and beautiful, and also because it’s bigger and stronger than they are, and they feel that they cannot fully control it. Nature’s beauty and harmony stands in stark contrast to their squalidness and ugliness, and makes them hate it all the more. Jews are destroyers. They are anti-mankind. The anti-mankind Jew hates and wants to destroy all non-Jews. He will even destroy other Jews who are less destructive and evil than he is, if they get in his way.”

    — The Jew, Bobby Fischer, 11th world chess champion



  3. The globalist elite cabal are using arson/direct energy weapons to start forest fires. They also manipulate weather using HAARP, CERN, chemtrailing so they can turn around and proclaim “Climate Change”. They are razing cities to build their vision of 15 min open air prisons.

    It’s about advancing NWO agendas, siphoning wealth, Climate Lockdowns, shortages, surveillance and control while fostering conditions for depopulation.

  4. Looks like the same aerials from the California wild fires from a few years ago. Some entire neighborhoods were torched and there was always one or two houses completely unscathed and trees untouched from the flames. When this news kept running I kept thinking in my head, what the hell is burning so hot in this place? I’m sure Hawaii has strict fire control laws for buildings and ordinances. Another thing to check is if the area had some kind of “Promise Zone’ federal funding waiting to be used for Green New Deal or whatever jack ass program like they had with the Floyd Riots. Rioters only torched certain buildings that were within the funding areas.

  5. I’m pretty sure this happened in 1888 in my hometown of Sundsvall, Sweden.

    You see on a windy day in June of that year, a massive blaze erupted which engulfed the whole town, which burnt easily as it was almost all made of wood. Now, this may not seem so suspicious but there are some things about the official narrative which seem implausible, if not impossible. The outcome was that home owners and other real estate owners and business proprietors of the commoners were wiped out, followed by the so-called elites stepping in to rebuild. They rebuilt all in stone, including very fancy, expensive imported stone. This meant that the real estate became unattainable for the vast majority of the former owners. In other words, a local great reset.

    Now this may seem like maybe a happy accident for the Powers That Be but there are facts which cast reasonable doubt on that. I’ll list them.

    Three Swedish towns burnt down that same day; Sundsvall, Umeå and Lilla Edet
    The Sundsvall fire is claimed to have originated with sparks from a steam ship. Sparks can hardly set a wooden building on fire. Just try to light up a stack of wood with sparks, it can’t be done.
    The fire supposedly supposedly spread about 10 miles and then across over half a mile of water onto an island and then burnt down buildings there too, including the church.
    The fire supposedly spread across a river which runs through Umeå.
    The chief architect of the rebuild was Jewish.

    There’s also an oddity I noticed a while back in town. There’s a stone building near the city centre, reminicent of a medival castle, which is adorned by a Temple Knights (or Swiss) style cross with a Star of David in the center. Perhaps a Masonic lodge, with the symbol of the puppet masters hidden in plain sight. Now it’s turned to an apartment building, but it’s definitely been much more significant and probably much more ominous in the past. It seems sometimes flags of that cross (without the Star of David) are flown there too, perhaps just commemorative or perhaps more.

    The DEW attacks in Maui (and before that in California) is certainly nothing new and has probably happened all around the world for centuries, it’s just the most high tech and most powerful iterations of it so far. Of course, the staged wars (pretty much all of them in the past few centuries, including the world wars and the US civil war [which brought the US into the hands of the international bankers],) the engineered economic and social crisises, the scamdemic/toxic vaccines and the staged and engineered climate crisis are the biggest examples but there’s probably lots of localized ones too, like those, hidden behind the agreed upon set of lies which are called our history. The London city fire of 1666 probably being the most prominent example. I just realized also that if you add 2 to each 6 in 1666, you get 1888. In other words, you add another 6 (2+2+2) to it. Maybe the years was chosen to commemorate the successful attack on London.

  6. Hey, Russ.

    I went and took some pictures of the seemingly Masonic building I mentioned in my comment above. Do you recognize the symbol? It looks like a Temple Knights cross with a Star of David in the center and with other symbols at each edge. A Masonic lodge displaying the secret society’s Temple Knights background and revealing who pull the strings?

    Here are the pictures.

    Sorry for going a bit of topic, just curious and I thought it might be significant.

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