Health Study Huge Numbers Of Kids Permanently Damaged By Lockdowns

Summit News | August 2, 2023

Yet another study has found that the pandemic lockdowns had devastating effects on the development of children, with half of all parents in the UK reporting serious deterioration in emotional and social skills of their kids.

The research comes from the Institute of Fiscal Studies and notes that children aged between four and seven were significantly more likely (52%) to be affected than 12- to 15 year-olds (42%).

The research also found that children whose parents were furloughed, mandatorily made to take a leave of absence from their jobs, were “significantly more likely to experience a worsening in their socio-emotional skills than those whose parents had not been furloughed (51% versus 45%)”.

Essentially, kids whose families experienced hardship due to the lockdown were significantly more likely to have serious developmental issues.


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