Google Revealed as Postmodernist Cesspool of Existential Threats

The zeitgeist of Google has been evident for some time now, and yet the depth of its manipulation still continues to shock us.

Yesterday we learn that yet another voice in the wilderness, the Ron Paul Institute summarily and without explanation had it’s Google owned You Tube channel taken down.

In 2019 the diligent folks at Project Veritas once again captured on tape the narcissistic and controlling egomaniacs running the tech sector. Per usual, YouTube scrubbed the expose, but it can be found on Vimeo and Bitchute. After some pressure, including law suits, YT had to restore the expose. This is an essential viewing.

One of the main Google operatives shown in the Veritas video is executive Jen Gennai, who’s clearly a graduate of the chosenite, school-marm, “we know what’s best for you” school of Jewry. And in this, as well as Project Veritas’ other tech exposes, we see the obligatory upper-caste Indian with an H2B visa and an Orwellian, foreign-supremacist attitude.

Read “New World Order Autotrons in America: Upper-Caste Supremacist Subcontinent Indians”

Even though the marm expresses her manipulation for all to see, she circles the wagon by claiming it’s all a “conspiracy theory” and issuing this statement and claiming to be the victim. The Gennai cries out in pain as she censors you. Did you really think all the people you have suppressed, banned and censored would just go away? How does her explanation of “no notion of political ideology” account for the memory holing of Ron Paul of all people? And this expose was before the purge of any dissenting views on the Scamdemic.

“The video then goes on to stitch together a series of debunked conspiracy theories about our search results, and our other products. Google has repeatedly been clear that it works to be a trustworthy source of information, without regard to political viewpoint. In fact, Google has no notion of political ideology in its rankings.”

The Lugenpresse — such as CNN, WaPo, CNBC, HuffPost, The New York Slimes, Vox, Vice, Newsweek, Politico or Daily Beast — haven’t written a single piece on the devastating evidence.

Read “The Postmodernist Cargo Cult Creates Carte Blanche for the Kakistocracy”
“Illuminism and Freemason Uprising Part I: A Deep Dive into Revolutionary History with Nesta Webster and James Billington”

In reality, Google and its operatives censor and suppress the dwindling independent voices, such as Winter Watch. They do this via an arbitrary Orwellian algorithm called “ML Fairness.” “Fairness” is a principal, deceptive, old-line tool/scam of Illuminism, which is well described by Nesta Webster and covered by us. Using various search terms Veritas demonstrated at minute 00:07:20 in the video, there’s the bizarre vandalization of search terms.

What the Google vandals are engaging in is advancing the New Underworld Order narrative and boosting “authoritative” content while suppressing “wrong think” and memory holing dissidents and red-pilled people.

To no one’s surprise the scamdemic allowed the censors to advance even more truth suppression: “No need to install: Microsoft has controversial fake news filter NewsGuard built into mobile browser”

Most of this occurred during the last couple years (2019-2020) of the Trump administration.

Read “The Prescience of George Orwell — ‘1984’ is Here”

Must see- Clockwork Cargo Cult Google Technique

Winter Watch as Canary in the Mine Shaft

Winter Watch is an excellent canary in the mine shaft example of how Google suppression works. Google makes up 92% of global searches, and 85% in the U.S. Our audience is about 60% U.S., so we will assume about 88% applies.

We can track our traffic by source, including specific search engines. Back in 2018, 75% of our search traffic came from Google.

During the last 30 days (Sept. 2021) , a mere 13.3% of our search traffic came from Google, well below the 88% market share. Winter Watch has been severely throttled back. Since our overall site traffic is now five times what it was when Google allowed our search results we can only imagine what it would be if we weren’t so throttled.

Duckduckgo makes up 67.8% of Winter Watch search traffic, yet it represents only 0.61% of searches globally. So, clearly, Duckduckgo (as advertised) doesn’t engage in any censorship when it comes to alternative content — and, in actuality, has saved our search presence. Is this a sign of our true uncensored organic reach?

Microsoft’s Bing (Explorer) has been accused of censoring, but we haven’t witnessed it. Bing has 2.66% market share of searches, and we get 13.2% of search traffic from this referrer. Yahoo, doesn’t seem to be throttling sites such as ours. They have an 1.48% market share and we get 5% of our search referrals from them.

However since our 2021 heydays as a site and full implementation of ML Fairness- search referrals have been reduced by 70-75%.

Winter Watch Take Away

Google is single-handedly an information and truth gulag.

At a share of 92% of global searches it is an existential threat – and it’s shocking that Google has become such a dominant monopoly and without facing stiff challenges.

Unless you wish to be a spoon-feed, kakistocratic, Jacobin authoritarian-follower postmodernism and have your privacy violated, you should take steps to avoid Google like the plague.

Your search engine is easy to switch. Duckduckgo is suitable for standard topical searches. I’ve found that Gibiru has benefited my rabbit hole research. Notice it has an “uncensored” tab. You will need to take the extra step of clicking it in order to access the red-pill world.

8 Comments on Google Revealed as Postmodernist Cesspool of Existential Threats

  1. All search engines censor.
    The proof of this is this is the utter disappearance of the late 1950’s Hanna-Barbera cartoon character ‘Yehuda Barracuda”. Yehuda Barracuda was not a front-line character, his popularity was approximately equivalent to that of Hokey Wolf. Do a search for Hokey Wolf and you’ll see some 40,000+ results, but Yehuda Barracuda on ANY search engine has become a complete non-fish.
    Why?, well Yehuda Barracuda means Jewish Barracuda, a name perhaps a trifle too revealing. So they completely disappeared him from any and all search engines.

    • Damn you are right, no trace at all. I miss the HB cartoons being run on tv networks. Just old fashioned slap stick comedy and no SJW garbage PC cartoons. Trying to get my son to watch them

  2. When John Ashcroft was being shoehorned in as attorney general, I could not find a peep about his history with women’s rights. No matter what search engine. I was stumped. Finally a Silicon Valley ex-employee pointed out that as tech stocks took a freefall the tech giants would grab at any spare change. Particularly bribes for suppression of information.

    • “Women’s rights” > what on earth do you mean ??!! Women have no rights, only privileges
      granted them by cis-gendered White males. Everybody knows that.

  3. To demonstrate how creepy things have become, watch an AI (Artificial Intelligence) machine, aka ‘neural network’, free on the web, write an internet posting or article for you.

    You write a few words, just hinting at a direction on a topic, hit the ‘Complete Text’ button, and it will generate some paragraphs for you – here is the AI machine, by Adam Daniel King:

    (Ironically, the AI machine asks you to do the Google-managed ritual of clicking on some pictures to verify you are not a robot.)

    To test it, I wrote only the following 9-word sentence:

    « Billionaires tend to have immense leverage over legal systems. »

    Within a few seconds, the AI machine then added the following short article – with no further input by me beyond the original above 9 words, after I pushed the ‘Complete Text’ button:

    « They don’t use a legal pad to do it or even think about using it (see: the infamous Koch brothers). Their influence isn’t limited to buying a company, and most likely comes from their ownership of media companies, big insurance companies and other companies with the power to enforce the rules surrounding the sale and use of property. It comes from influence over regulators like the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), and from the influence over the U.S. government itself, both through lobbying and through an army of bureaucrats. And, if you’re fortunate enough to have been born into a billionaire family, and are not particularly wealthy yourself (like most members of this family), you’re also probably well aware that you are also very much tied to your genes and that you’re likely to have children bearing your blood. Of course, there’s another class of the affluent that does something completely different: they don’t pay taxes.

    The Koch brothers are certainly not the first to be involved in this type of political strategy—and they certainly will be not the last. Many rich people are also part of corporate and political groups like MoveOn, which also has become an arm of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and is behind the infamous “super PAC” called Correct the Record »

  4. Remember that the apostrophe in it’s is for the missing ‘I’. I’ve been using swisscows but I might try this Gibiru thing.

  5. Try this. Look up the symptoms of Borderline- False-Flagging & Blackmail are key to that disorder, and bizarrely enough- I know enough about the Human Services industry to know that they even ‘Had higher ups try to get people to stop diagnosing it so much, because therapists were scared to have Borderline clients.’ If any of you caught the recent revival-series ‘Condor,’ about the CIA joint operations, there was a ‘coinkydink’ in there where the primary assassin, a female Jewish Mossad agent, just-so-happened to have Borderline Personality Disorder. Hmmm. Seems like one of those where they want to hide it, but they also just can’t resist being assholes (or probably, borderline, narcissistic personalities). Just like the whole Anthrax 9/11 ‘Green vials’ lifted from ‘The Rock.’ People think they don’t do this shit? Well.

    And something I just happen to have found out, over time, reading, studying certain things. The number one predictors of Borderline, are almost lined up with those which would be environmental predictors of Gender-Dysphoria. Doesn’t mean they all have that. But child sexual trauma, and a parental situation in which the figures send aggressively contradictory ethical messages to the child (hit them, diminish them mentally and say ‘it’s because we love you’ etc)- are the number one environmental predictors of those disorders.

    So here is something that might interest someone- it’s at least worth keeping in mind, for articles, discussion, because I do believe there is a ‘there-there.’ This pre-occupation with LGBTQ is something that is not only a minority opinion, but minority among people who identify that way. Yet those who join that cult get elevated to this status, in order to push forward an agenda. Remember all the extreme sex-abuse cults, some that are still around, but which were really, really bad in the 70s-80s? Your Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, Toolbox Muderer, Franklin Scandal, Charles Manson- all of that, the Process Church, Dutroux etc etc. Those all involved young abuse tied into spook agencies and organized crime. It’s a form of sabotage through trauma, abuse in the development of vulnerable (poor) children. It ensures they will have one of these dissociative issues, then they are marked, tracked, and either diminished for fear or- recruited. And of course, after being stalked and terrorized by these networks, they want revenge. So they plant them inside ‘intelligence’ – or better yet- create a cult called ‘Woke’ that insists they be in top positions of everything.

    Keep in mind, I’m not saying anything against people who identify as whatever, in general. But Woke is a cult. Cancel Culture is a blackmail, duress operation. Why is this profile, this tiny profile, which as I mentioned, was being ‘requested from higher ups to not be diagnosed’ also being pushed to the forefront of facing down cybercrime and handling ‘grassroots’ issues? (Cointelpro, since its coming from NGO/Fed-ops).

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