Culture in De-Klein: Increasingly Disturbing Themes of Occultism, Satanism and Abuse in Fashion, Advertising and Music Videos

PHOTO: Calikartel/Steve Klein

Steve Klein is an American photographer, artist and videographer of considerable talent. Klein was born in New York City, but his age is a mystery. Various sources list various birth years ranging from 1959 to 1961 to 1965, and info on the guy seems somewhat limited or scrubbed, especially considering the circles in which he travels and works.

A snippet from an article in The Telegraph states that Klein grew up in Cranston, Rhode Island – a tough neighborhood.

“I was heading nowhere,” he said, citing drink, drugs and sex as things he experienced before age of 13.

Whatever his backstory may be, his work appears to be spiraling into increasingly satanic themes and influencing culture in a dark way.

The following photo shows Klein (left-dressed in black) with the standard coinkydink left black eye. For more on this topic, see “Fight Club: Is the Black-Eye Epidemic Among Politicians, Celebs Just Some Big Coinkydink?

Steven Klein and Maxi Pine at Klein’s Party at Cain at the Southampton Club on June 16, 2006, in Southampton, New York. PHOTO: Patrick McMullan/Getty

The 1879 Irish “Freeman’s Journal” states, “A black eye is said to be the devil’s mark.” A bruised left eye has also been referred to as the “Illuminati shiner.” On an untouchable celebrity or political figure, it reads like a ritual calling card. An alternative theory holds that a black eye is a control mechanism delivered by handlers to keep these individuals in line. To our eyes, Klein’s mark looks like a very professionally done cosmetic job or an injury done in such a manner as to not cause actual eye damage.

Professional Background on Klein

According to Revolvy, Klein, born in 1965, studied painting at the Rhode Island School of Design before transitioning to the field of photography. Without explanation, he then somehow lands high-profile advertising gigs for Calvin Klein, Dolce & Gabbana, Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen and Nike.

According to Vogue magazine, Klein, born in 1961 in New York, “began his career in Paris, where his photos graced the fashion pages of Vogue Paris. On his shoots, models never posed; they played. Captured with expressive faces and in ever so slightly suggestive stances, his photographic style has been described as provocative.”

In 2003, he began a 13-year collaboration with Madonna that included the X-STaTIC Pro=CeSS exhibition in New York, which featured both photographs and videos. He also does the video backdrops for her concerts and covers. And, as we know, Madonna is no occult/Kabbalah lightweight. In their shoots you will be hard pressed to find photos of Madonna without her legs spread in some manner. 

In 2007, he shot the first controversial “Dieux du Stade” calendar featuring nudes of the rugby players from Paris’ Stade Français team, Vogue notes.

In addition to Vogue spreads and covers, he also shoots for i-D, Numéro, W and Arena, Complex reports, adding that “his fashion photography, as a whole, has led him to work with other pop stars — Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Britney Spears — in both photo and film.”

What’s being sold in this ad for ‘W’ magazine?

Klein’s Work Today

One doesn’t have to look hard at Klein’s work to see strong themes of occult and black magic. It’s in your face. The photo at right, for example, takes something “good” and inverts a psychic instruction (good is bad) and a way of reducing the goodness or obscuring it from your space. The symbol of the inverted cross is fundamental symbolism used in satanism. I would suggest that the intent of this image is to mock the idea of the virginal bride. Again, take note of a favorite Klein pose: woman with legs spread.

Occult — but, more importantly, anti-Christian themes — are popular culture now, which begs the question: Are these dark themes reflections of his artistic interests, or is he just talented at delivering what his clients want? Probably both.

The New York Slimes called Klein “an admitted subversive” and said “he appears to love taunting self-appointed guardians of public decency.”

Related image
Yes, that’s Bruce Willis, bound and straddled in the kitchen. A little nod to Spirit Cooking perhaps?

In 2010, Klein collaborated with Lady Gaga to produce her 9-minute music video “Alejandro” in which she dons a red-painted phallus, simulates sex with her dancers and ingests a rosary. Pornography, cross-dressing, straps, darkness, nudity and gore are all part of his arsenal of subversion.

In 2014, he produced this demonic and annoying music video for Brooke Candy’s “Opulence” single.

In 2016, Klein collaborated with Kanye West on his video “Wolves“; and most recently, on Nicki Manaj’s “Chin Li.” I wouldn’t call either of these “music” videos because there’s really no music involved. They’re stream-of-conscious verbal diarrhea, akin to talking in tongues.

Klein stays true to form for advertisers. On his own website, he displays two commercials, both of which are bizarre and satanic. The first is for Macallan whiskey (2017) and the second for Mac cosmetics (2016). Is this really how these brands want to represent? Are ad firms convincing company execs that this is how they must market their product to appeal to younger and more affluent consumers? Or is this a an organized cultural endeavor to make satanism and sadism cool?

Elle Fanning and the other stars of the degenerate movie “Neon Demon” were featured in a Steven Klein photo shoot for V Magazine. It’s all about making death and abuse fashionable. In this picture at right, the magazine mentions that Elle is wearing a dress by Maison Close and her eyelashes are by Dior. She’s also holding a huge knife under her chin as though threatening to kill herself. Oh, what a renegade, what a razor you are, Steve, selling dresses and cosmetics.

Next, Elle is marketing a bra and panties by Vex. She’s also the victim of a murder, laying on the street with her feet bound, next to cigarette butts and garbage. Who’s being mocked in this one?

But wait, there are more dead-whore-in-the-gutter scenes to enjoy. And Holmes, what is that handbag brand?


What’s this next living dead girl advertising? A brand of fake fingernails perhaps?

Next up is a common Klein theme: MK Ultra. The handler holds the ever present symbolic keys. Photo two is trauma-based torture to split the personality, right out of the Ewen Cameron and George Estabrook textbook. In the last photo, the handler leads the multiple personality back to her isolation cell. These photos are just a few in a disturbing series called “Institution” for the March edition of Interview Magazine.


These last two show homo-erotic sadism scenes with tones of Smiley Face Killers. Is this how the elites are having fun these days? Are these the lifestyles to which we should aspire? Who commissions this wicked shit? Is this what sells? And WTF is this about? (good link)

Torchy Takeaway

Klein is a player in a very visceral world that dwells in darker realms of sexuality with a heavy theme of domination (enslavement) and sadism. They have disgusting habits and no understanding of social awareness, unless it furthers their agenda. Pseudo-sensitivity and pseudo-emotions create the illusion of a normal, caring person. Such people are great manipulators and liars and skilled at mind games and mind-control techniques. They love to destroy innocence and the spiritual nature of all individuals they encounter.

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  1. I must admit that Klein is very talented in his dark arts- dangerously so. Brooke Candy is especially hideous, but the Lady Gaga music video effectively draws one in- but to a clearly Satanic theme.

  2. The Vigilent Citizen has been documenting the descent into the now blatantly overt satanism in fashion/music/pop culture for a while now and it is gross. On the bright side, I feel it must have an awakening effect on a lot of people. The symbolism is simply too much to ignore. Never heard of Brooke Candy before this post. 100% a Monarch slave. Poor girl.

  3. This post went up at reddit.socialengineeering cesspool where it was quickly attacked by a swarm of snarky pervert justice warriors (PJW). This is a prime example of what goes on there when these issues are broached. It may also be a payback of sorts for our Jessica Ashooh post. It looks quite organized and to some extent like artificial intelligence as the comments have poor context.

  4. Take a bit of Mapplethorpe, sprinkle in some Pasolini and Polanski, throw in a little Kubrick and David Lynch, coat the whole thing with Aleister Crowley and Marina Abramovic, and you get a Steve Klein – this beast has been in evolution for a couple hundred years. With the true Church beaten into oblivion, Satan is in his element – Enjoy!

    • Don’t forget, he’s following in the footsteps of Paul Outerbridge, commercial color photographer of the 1930’s with a similar taste in fetish.

      • The fetish element is accurate now that we know the fascist movement was created and funded by the same people. It’s an all consuming obsession with the destruction of the image of Christ.

        • @Frank Frivolous – Your last sentence sums it up perfectly. And if you want to see a truly hideous image of Him by a Blonde Communist, have a look at The Last Supper painting of a Bald Jamaican model as Jesus, which the Sodomite Dean of St. Albans Cathedral, “married” to another Sodomite Anglican priest, has decided to place behind the altar next week.

          “St Albans Cathedral places painting of the Last Supper with a black Jesus above its altar in solidarity with Black Lives Matter after Church was urged to rethink portraying Christ as white”

  5. If even looking at the images in this article isn’t bad enough, watching the videos is tantamount to participating in one of their rituals. I believe that this is the main purpose. If one does actually watch this filth, it really does damage, if not mentally, then to ones inner soul. Participation in Satanic rituals leads directly to satanism.

    I am grateful that Winterwatch and Vigilant Citizen deconstruct this stuff, and there are many others doing a stellar job like Jay Dyer, Black Pilled, even Truth Stream Media. I won’t watch the video’s and I wont watch horror films or even zombie films for the same reason, but it is important that someone deconstructs them. If we get right down to it, Game of Thrones was an aspect of this soul eroding filth. Violent video games too.

    Acid rock and heavy metal acted as the entry way into this musical hell hole for whites. Of course Rap music was the entry way to satanic thug culture for blacks. Both were merely following the path laid by satanic hollywood.

    This luring the audience to mentally participate in satanic rituals in many ways goes back to porn. I was a pre-teen when playboy magazines started showing up at the checkout stands across America. Compared to what came later, Hustler and Penthouse, Playboy was then pretty tame. But we have to see now that it was one of the first steps down this satanic hell hole. Now we have a constant stream of filth hitting children from every angle. Before they are even teenagers the majority of American youth have been stripped of any real soul and in effect are satanic zombies. This is blatantly apparent in images coming out of the BLM “protests”.

    • Thinking about it, most pro-sports events have allowed themselves to become satanic rituals. If Gaga, Slutonya, or Katy Perry are doing a satanic halftime show then that transforms the entire event into a ritual.

      #fintwit is a twitter group that is lead by ex-hedge fund and bank managers and employees. These people made fortunes through usury. They think that now that they have left the planet raping usury machines that they can be independent “financial experts” living on their own looted capital and that makes them somehow “good” people. Yet they all speculate on stocks run by satanists and jews. The FANGS, Pharma, Media, “Defense” Industry, Oil, you name it. They are all satanic entities and if you are surviving by “investing” in them then you are in effect a satanist. The same with sports and now even Nascar.

      • Check out the 2012 London Olympics opening ritual.Doesn’t get more brazen than this.Even a turn from K-Perrys ex paramour Russell Brand mincing around on skates.

    • You are absolutely right that it starts with porn.

      “The Jewish writer Nathan Abrams wrote extensively on the dark truth of Jews in porn, emphasizing how it feeds into their hatred of anything Christian. He states,

      “Jewish involvement in the X-rated industry can be seen as a proverbial two fingers to the entire WASP establishment in America. Some porn stars viewed themselves as frontline fighters in the spiritual battle between Christian America and secular humanism. According to Ford, Jewish X-rated actors often brag about their ‘joy in being anarchic, sexual gadflies to the puritanical beast’.

      Jewish involvement in porn, by this argument, is the result of an atavistic hatred of Christian authority: they are trying to weaken the dominant culture in America by moral subversion.”

      • Your URL didn’t work for me, but I agree with everything you say.

        I recently read/heard that BLM want to tear down statues to Martin Luther. In my neighborhood there is a Catholic and an “Evangelical Reformation” church. In a neighboring village there is an Orthodox church that is run by Syrian Aramaic refugees. One of them was one of my nurses during a week long stay a few years ago, and I was really impressed by his demeanor. We talked about his church several times.

        My father and Grandfather were both freemasons, and I am circumcised and unbaptized. As the blatant satanism going on around me becomes evermore threatening, I am seeking to tie myself to some kind of church and to a more spiritual existance.

        The Catholic Church has clearly been subverted, at least at the top. My question to you is, as I have read in many places that the Reformation was really a Jewish/Masonic attack on the Catholic church. If I look at protestants in the US and Europe today, they appear to be no less subverted by jews and the Talmud than the Catholic church. In fact, the entire protestant movement in the US seems to be little more than closet Zionists.

        Jay Dyer and other people who I admire have converted to Orthodox Christianity. My experience with my Syrian nurse tends to point me in that direction. As a father and grandfather, I feel a certain responsibility to lead my clan in the correct direction.

        I would be interested in any comment you may have.

        • I feel honoured by your request for my Christian opinion, and I’ll try to make it brief & honest.

          The fact that you are earnestly searching for God means that God is calling you to Him, but you’re not sure which path to take, and you don’t want to lead your clan down any false trails. You are completely right that all branches of Christianity have been corrupted by Jews— it’s just a fact. They destroyed the original 300 years of Apostolic teachings, first by forcing the Triplet Trinity Lie on Christians and killing anyone who disagreed, in order to elevate Mary into “goddess” status above Almighty God.

          Then they formed the two branches of Roman Catholic vs. various Orthodox churches, all still worshipping “goddess Mary”, except for the Assyrian Church of the East, which rejects the Triplet Trinity and refuses to worship the human woman. Your Syrian/Assyrian refugee nurse may be one. If so, that’s good!

          The Jews invented Islam to help them destroy Christianity (long story), and their agent Ignatius de Loyola founded the Jesuits, who introduced Talmudic tortures and “burnt offerings”— ritual human sacrifices called “burning people at the stake”, which is no part of Christ’s teachings.

          They hated Luther’s Protestant Reformation, especially because of Luther’s scathing denunciations of Jews, so they organized peasant revolts causing thousands of deaths and blamed Luther. Then they set up one of their own Jewish tools in Geneva, John Calvin (Jean Cauvin=Cohen) to draw Christians away from Luther toward Calvinism, based on Talmudic ideas and “burnt offerings” (Calvin murdered at least 56 devout Christians during his Reign of Terror in Geneva. Luther murdered no one).

          They promoted Calvinism until it dominated American Protestants, who now worship the Jews first & Jesus second, while the Catholics & Orthodox are still worshipping Mary, kissing icons & crawling on their knees before her statues. And they successfully stopped almost all Apostolic baptisms of adults by full immersion, substituting sprinkling or dipping babies in fonts for the genuine baptisms of John the Baptist, as even Christ called him.

          So what’s a devout Christian supposed to do, in the face of so much corruption? I would suggest these things: First, go to that local “Evangelical Reformation Church”, talk to one of the pastors about getting a full immersion baptism for repentance of sin, and read the New Testament from beginning to end at home, preferably the King James Version, along with William Tyndale’s uncorrupted English translation from the original Greek, so you can see the differences. Don’t listen to pastors insisting that you waste time on the Jewish Old Testament book of atrocities & dreary ancestor lists of who begat who, or be led by their interpretations of the Bible. Just focus on the teachings of Christ & His Apostles in the New Testament, and think about them yourself. Let His teachings about Our Heavenly Father speak directly to your heart, as He intended. Of course you can attend that Assyrian Orthodox church while you are doing this, if you choose, and ask them lots of questions about their beliefs.

          The important thing is to get properly baptized to wash away your sins, read the whole New Testament (which few Christians have ever actually done), and listen to the glorious old traditional hymns, whose words are like a sermon in themselves— most are on Youtube, such as

          And if you have 9 minutes to spare, have a look at the short Christian video I made in 2017 to celebrate the 500th Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, showing 12 ways in which Protestants differ from Catholics, Orthodox, Jews & Seventh Day Adventists. It’s not on Youtube anymore, because my channel was banned for criticizing Muslims, but it’s on Vimeo as “Good Things About Protestants”, with a grand total of 1 view (LOL):

          Sorry, that wasn’t exactly “brief”, but it was honest. 🙂
          God will guide you home to Him, and help you to guide your clan, on whichever path you take.

          • I rarely get involved in such discussions, which I don’t find very interesting or valuable — but I am Catholic, so re this part:

            Then they formed the two branches of Roman Catholic vs. various Orthodox churches, all still worshipping “goddess Mary”, except for the Assyrian Church of the East, which rejects the Triplet Trinity and refuses to worship the human woman.

            Mary is the mother of Jesus Christ; she is not a ‘goddess’ or deity — she is holy, a saint, generally thought of as the foremost saint, but is not ‘worshiped’: instead people pray to her for solace and guidance.

            The only trinity I know of is the Holy Trinity: the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

            • That Holy Trinity is just too much for me to understand or be able to believe in. It is hard enough for me to accept the existence of god, let alone “one God in three Divine persons”.

              At this point, for me, the strongest evidence for god is the existence of Satan and his works on the planet. It is this bad that is driving me to believe in “good”, and the definition of “good” is the things that “bad” wants to destroy.

              That is why I tend to follow an approach closer to somethinghappeninghere, above.

          • Yes, thank you for an excellent post.

            Actually the Church title is “Evangelisch-Reformierte Kirche”. I live in a Catholic Canton in the German speaking part of Switzerland. Likely the Church follows in one form or another the teachings of Huldrych Zwingli. I will take the time to visit the church in the next week. I would be interested in any comments you might have about Zwingli.

            I sang in the boys choir at an Anglican church for 2 years before I reached puberty, and I did enjoy singing the hymns. I doubt that they would be the same in German in a Swiss church.

            Martin Luther recanted many of his writings about the jews later in life, IIRC. Do you have any comments about this?

            • You are lucky to live in a place where Zwingli’s teachings are honoured. In a biography of Luther, I read that Luther agonized over The Lord’s Supper, and was about to side with Zwingli, but suddenly changed his mind, influenced by his wife, a former nun with traditional Catholic views about the Cannibal Eucharist. The two great reformers agreed on 14 out of the 15 Articles of Faith, but fell out over the Cannibal Eucharist. It’s a great pity, because Zwingli was right. Just imagine if Zwingli had been allowed to lead the Swiss Reformation instead of the Trojan Horse Mass-Murderer Calvin!

              You are also lucky to have sung in an Anglican choir, and you may be as surprised as I was to learn that it was German Protestants who gave Christendom many of its most beautiful hymns, translated into English.

              Not many people are aware that the banning of musical instruments in worship has been a strange feature of Judaism and its offshoots of Islam and Calvinism, as well as Orthodox and Catholic churches. Islam actually bans musical instruments so vehemently that jihadists in Africa sometimes kill African musicians and destroy their instruments.

              Martin Luther, however, overturned all this. It is well known that he did not oppose musical instruments in church. Luther taught Gospel Liberty, that anything not specifically condemned in the New Testament was authorized. Luther not only introduced “the idea of preaching to congregations who mostly could not read, especially from Bibles written in Latin” (hence his courageous translations), but also, as Pam Rhodes wrote: “He recognized the value of another wonderful way of learning about the Scriptures and expressing them in fellowship with other worshippers…He introduced congregational singing, and wrote his own hymn book of nearly forty hymns. It is said that in one of his sermons, Martin Luther held up a Bible and declared, ‘This is the gospel.’ Then he held up a hymn book in his other hand, saying, “And this is how we remember it.”

              We should be very wary of attempts to drag us back toward banning congregational singing and musical instruments (and Calvin’s dreary insistence on only psalms), back toward the Catholic Council of Laodicea in 340 AD, which forbade Christians from singing in church, forcing them to keep silent and listen to the priests and monks chanting in Latin (or Old Slavonic in Orthodox). Luther said they sounded “like braying donkeys”! 🙂

              As for Luther “recanting” his savage criticisms of the Jews, “His last sermon was delivered at Eisleben, his place of birth, on 15 February 1546, three days before his death. It was “entirely devoted to the obdurate Jews, whom it was a matter of great urgency to expel from all German territory,” according to Léon Poliakov. James Mackinnon writes that it concluded with a “fiery summons to drive the Jews bag and baggage from their midst, unless they desisted from their calumny and their usury and became Christians.” Luther said, “We want to practice Christian love toward them and pray that they convert,” but also that they are “our public enemies … and if they could kill us all, they would gladly do so. And so often they do.”


              By the way, if you want to see a great movie about his life, you can watch “Luther” 2003 free on YouTube here:

              • Thanks again for a well thought out reply.

                Looking at your Wiki link to Luther, it seems clear that he never stopped naming the jew up until his last breath.
                However, there is this little gem that describes what has happened since his death:

                “Since the 1980s, Lutheran denominations have repudiated Martin Luther’s statements against the Jews and have rejected the use of them to incite hatred against Lutherans”

                Reading up on Zwingli this morning, wiki says that he actually had the organ in the main church in Zürich destroyed because he did not believe in singing during worship.

                As we were discussing up thread, almost all these churches have become infested with jewish values. Unfortunately, I believe that the Swiss reformed church has as well.

                In Switzerland the lower house voted in a strong majority for gay marriage and lesbian adoption and artificial insemination.


                Looking at my local protestant church’s web page, they don’t mention their position on gay marriage, although I am pretty sure that they are pro gay marriage.

                At least with the Catholic and Orthodox churches, their resistance to the gay disco take over is far more well founded.

                • Thanks for the information about modern Lutherans caving in to political correctness, and Zwingli destroying the church pipe organ— deranged vandalism!

                  The thing about all the Protestant Reformers, and every Christian really, is that, just like the Apostles, we make mistakes and struggle to understand which direction God wishes us to take. But the Bible is very clear about Sodomy, and our own God-given souls tell us it is utterly insane and depraved.

                  I looked up the Evangelical Reformed Churches of Switzerland, very well established there, and you are right that they’ve all caved in to the Illuminati Sodomite Mafia. It’s the same everywhere in the West, along with female clergy, and since I also don’t believe in the ordination of women, I no longer attend any church.

                  I do miss the congregational singing, but even that is banned by western governments now, using the CoronaHoax as a feeble excuse to appease Muslims by banning Christians from singing in church. All part of the Illuminati attack on Christianity worldwide.

          • I think it a fair assessment that any and all ‘branches’ of
            Christianity/Catholicism would have been VIRULENTLY
            opposed to the vile kike garbage on display here and in
            fact, everywhere throughout society these days. A very
            good reason for undermining such I might add. Much of
            Catholic literature and papal encyclicals were often not
            too subtle in pronouncing jews as a pernicious influence
            on morals and society. Many would argue, and I agree,
            that chief among the most useful and valuable aspects
            of Christianity would be it’s anti-semitism, which has no
            doubt served as a critical bulwark against this evil.

            • “the most useful and valuable aspects of Christianity would be it’s anti-semitism”

              Jawohl Herr Feldmarschal!

        • Your URL didn’t work for me, but I agree with everything you say.

          The parent URL ( responds to pings, but not HTML requests — ?

          Without knowing the title and/or author of the article, it’s difficult — and he seems to refer more to an article that comments on material perhaps published earlier in the JQ (“The Jewish writer Nathan Abrams wrote extensively …”) — e.g. maybe this one from 2004, written by Nathan Abrams:

          TRIPLE EXTHNICS — Nathan Abrams on Jews in the American porn industry

          And re commentary referring to this (?) article, David Duke wrote about it:

          Jewish Professor: Pornography Used by Jews as a Weapon

          The above is published on the National Vanguard website, the/a successor to William Luther Pierce’s National Alliance.

        • This is in response to Heroes’ post ( Not sure what’s up with this comment box, but it doesn’t appear the system permits me to enter the string of dialogue following the post.

          Thanks for initiating this. thanks for all the beautiful replies. Thanks for reminding us to include folks here in prayer always.

          To wit, I began a reply to this comment ( a couple days ago as follows: I keep describing myself – my faith in Jesus Christ – as a recovering materialist. Learning to see things in spiritual terms.

          From Webster’s 1977 unabridged dictionary, a: the definition of materialism: a theory that physical matter is the only or fundamental reality and that all being and processes and phenomena can be explained as manifestations or results of matter; b: a doctrine that the only or the highest values or objectives lie in material well-being and in the furtherance of material progress c: a doctrine that economic or social change is materially caused.

          Our education/brainwashing is all about inculcating a blindness to the spiritual. This will spell the end of an empire ruled by and violently toyed with by the rebel, hell-bound demonic entities now duping one and all.

          Prayer is real. Powerful. In Christ the creeps have been thrown down. I see the preeminence of the Screws, as we call the proselytes known as the synagogue of satan, as an empirical earmark of the validity of Christian scripture. Not as a “chosen” but more a selected group. The power was there, it has been defiled, and the rebels among that outfit are about to become an eternal object lesson to all flesh forever on why to never rebel against God. The godly remnant of those folks will inherit the blessings according to faithfulness.

          The point about materialism is to urge all to pray. This is not some obligatory narcissistic natter. God is everywhere. The “prince of the power of the air” (satan) seems so ferocious. In Christ that being has been done in. Soon to physically be manifest to all. Satan and co are not a stout grain of sand in comparison. This is the beauty of God. The infirm, the very aged, and yes, the illiterate who can’t read ANY text all rank as equals. Our physical power is a blessing, but also illusory. Heroes, you don’t have to ask any mortal for permission to visit with God through Jesus. Have faith and pull up a holy microphone. Try to hook up with other believers who strive for holiness in their lives. It’s good to pray with others.

          • My wife and daughter are horsegirls too! I will pray that Switzerland does not allow gay marriage to further drag the country into the gay disco cesspool.

            • @Heros – I hope you can persuade your wife & daughter to be baptized with you, as Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist, remembering how important it was to Jesus in the New Testament:

              — Matthew 28:17-20 “And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth.
              Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:
              Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen.”

              — John 3:21-24 “After these things came Jesus and his disciples into the land of Judaea; and there he tarried with them, and baptized.
              And John also was baptizing in Aenon near to Salim, because there was much water there: and they came, and were baptized.For John was not yet cast into prison.”

              — Mark 16:15-16 “And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.
              He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned.”

              — John 3:3-6 “Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.
              Nicodemus saith unto him, How can a man be born when he is old? can he enter the second time into his mother’s womb, and be born?
              Jesus answered, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water and the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God.
              That which is born of the flesh is flesh; and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit.”

              • My Swiss great, great grandfather was baptized into the Mormon church by full immersion into a Swiss river about 1858. When he came out of the water he was even given a new family name to signify his rebirth.

                Not long afterwards he and his entire family were forced to emigrate to America because the Swiss had chased him out of the country.

                When he arrived in Salt Lake City, after pushing a cart thousands of miles through indian territory, Brigham Young sent him on a mission to settle the desert. After a flood and a tax dispute, Brigham Young recalled the missionaries and left my ancestor in the desert with his 9 month pregnant wife. My forefather declared “I did not leave the Mormon church, the Mormon church left me”. Ever since my family has been very suspicious of organized religion.

                I mention this because I do not think that I can baptize my family, or even myself. At this point in time, I do no see any branch of any Christian church offering any answers to the predicament Europeans across the entire planet find themselves in.

                I do hope that I can find a Church strong, honest, wise and powerful enough to merit being baptized into.

                • Oh no, that’s not what baptism is about! It doesn’t matter which “church” or pastor or lay preacher baptizes you. It’s the act of being baptized for repentance of sin that counts, following Christ’s teaching, not into a particular church. The word “church” doesn’t even exist in the New Testament. It was just an alteration from the original Greek word for “congregation”. You can get baptized by the evangelists and then attend the Syrian Orthodox church, or no church at all, just read the New Testament at home.

                  As for Mormons, they are just a sect of Judaism. They worship the Jews and have spent $millions building a replica of the Third Temple in Brazil’s Jewish-dominated city of Sao Paulo. Just like the Jews, they reject Christ’s Sacrifice on the Cross, which marked the End of All Sacrifices, and want to keep sacrificing animals & humans like in the good old days, when the Temple was just a Slaughterhouse, with deep channels cut into the floor to carry away the blood, and incense to cover the stench.

                  Anyway, thanks for the fascinating discussion.

                  • Actually I have heard that Mormonism is based of Freemasonry, and that Freemasonry follows all the Judaic rituals. Ultimately, it is the same, but it is interesting that these are the same base layers that we have inside our government and elite power structures.

                    You write:

                    “It’s the act of being baptized for repentance of sin that counts”

                    Isn’t that why Catholics have confession? Does a new born baby have so much sin that it needs to be baptized in order to repent? It would seem to be much more logical to be baptized immediately before death.

                    Reading about Zwingli, one of the main issues between him and Luther had to do with being baptized twice, to which Zwingli was vehemently opposed.

                    • @Heros, you are absolutely right that Freemasonry is Judaic in origin, part of the Illuminati Mafia infesting all our governments.

                      Neither Jesus nor John the Baptist ever mentioned baptizing babies, or sprinkling people with water. There’s no point in baptizing babies, because as you said, how can an innocent baby have any sins to repent, or be capable of repenting? Their baptism means nothing except to show their parents’ faith, though in Orthodox there is some risk, because of the cruel methods they use, and some babies have even been drowned in the baptismal font.

                      Full immersion Christian baptism is once for life (see Christ’s words I listed previously), in which you declare your repentance, devotion and faith directly to Almighty God and His Beloved Son. It does not wash away any future sins we may commit, but as Christians we must try our best to follow Christ’s command to “Go, and sin no more.”

                      If we do sin, we must repent and ask God’s forgiveness directly in prayer, as Jesus taught. He never told us to confess to priests so that we can keep on sinning as much as we want while saying Hail Marys, nor did He give priests the power to forgive sins, nor punish Christians with “penances”. The whole confessions thing was invented as a control method, often used for blackmail & extortion of “donations”. How do you think the Catholic Church became so rich?

                      Your sins are none of your priest’s business— he needs to worry about his own sins, and get right with God.

          • Our education/brainwashing is all about inculcating a blindness to the spiritual.

            The spiritual is now subordinate to the material; people need to eat and have a roof over their heads — as you say “education/brainwashing” is partly to blame, but so is the breakdown of the family structure — this is why some people speak about the absolute importance of “affordable family formation” — I think the Amish are still very spiritual mostly because of their strong immediate and extended family (community) structure.

    • I also “deconstruct” the satanism within pop culture but differently, writing novels, The Prodigal Band Trilogy, about a fictitious rock band caught up in this evil but then repenting and siding with Christ and Good, and their “mission.” Love VC also as well as WW. This evil must be exposed and spreading divine inspiration must be supported.
      A free pdf novel there is also available as well as posts about my books and my divine guidance experience.

    • “watching the videos is tantamount to participating in one of their rituals.” – Oh no! – I got :58 into the Brooke Candy vid?! – am I going to be OK? … we have had this conversation before – and I am the outlier – this stuff and these people are nasty – and perhaps dangerous – more likely a reflection of dangerous factions – and I wouldn’t want to have a cup of coffee with any of them – but is there a danger of taking this stuff, this play acting, too seriously? – What I saw in :58 was just your typical Hollywood choreographed fist fight? – I mean… when does the car chase happen?!

      Meanwhile, today, German health officials admit that 1 in 5000 doses (not people) of the clot shot result in serious adverse reactions (“you may die, which is normal”) – THAT is where the real battle needs to be -and is being – fought. The fools above are not sterilizing teenagers and college kids, but CVS is.

    • “Jewish degeneracy.”

      Jewish degeneracy is leading by example for the goyim. Jewish feminism is the most severe on the planet. Woe be to any jewish boy foolish enough to marry a yenta in Israel. I would say that it is roughly on a par with a white christian girl marrying a dindu.

    • If old Adolf had been forced to stare at all the syphilis laden old crusty pussies of the likes of Gaga, Cyrus or Spears he likely would have had more to say than just “entartete Kunst”.

    • The only thing I don’t understand about your comment is the word ‘probably’.
      Nation wreckers, culture destroyers, well poisoners et al > those are terms
      probably earned I would say, and if ‘earned’ more than ‘probably’ accurate.
      I call to mind a line from “Mein Kampf”… “behind every bit of foulness …”

  6. I started playing guitar after watching Deftones “Change (In the House of Flies)” music video.

    Dark song, even darker music video. It has the exact same aesthetic vibe as the artist from this article. Although, to this day I still remain a fan of the Deftones because they are musically interesting.

    I digress, darkness is cool, you’d be hard pressed to find good rock music that doesn’t have a sinister undertone to it. As a musician I love Renaissance lute and theorbo music, but it doesn’t have the mass appeal that “evil” music does. Same deal with art, Picasso is revered over Bierstadt even though his art is depressing and ugly.

    In music theory within a key there are major, minor, and diminished/sustained chords which build tension and resolve. Right now as a civilization we are still in tension with ugly, dark, and discordant themes that will eventually resolve. Bondage, murder, vampirism/cannibalism and homosexuality are not sustainable aesthetics.

    Beauty will return, have faith.

  7. I just noticed that all those horrible photos of people being raped & killed are from the World’s Smallest Ethnic Group.

    Where’s the “diversity” the Left keep screaming about?

    It’s just another form of genocide against Europeans (=”whites”).

  8. Money, power and the dominion over others is the matrix in which we dwell. They’ve morphed the spiritual act of procreation into a panoply of sexual deviance sold to the masses through garbage art and music. It IS a spiritual war on many levels.

  9. To all posting about the coruption of the Catholic and well as Protestant (and even Orthodox) churches, Michael Hoffman’s “The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome” is a must read…but it might piss off some Catholics (esp. Hoffman’s proof that the worship of Mary is garbage…and the crap about the pope being ‘infallible.’). I was raised Catholic, but I could never agree to the Mary or the infallibility parts. This book is a shocker–it mostly began with the Medicis ruling over the papacy as well as Florence, 1400s….and Dante was right about Boniface VIII for sure! (Dante’s ‘Inferno’)

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