The 2016 Dallas Police Shooting and the True Gray State Agenda

Dallas police officers watch a police line downtown after 11 police officers were shot during a peaceful protest in Texas on July 7, 2016. PHOTO:

With the George Floyd incident proving to be stranger and stranger, Winter Watch suggests that a reexamination of the July 7, 2016, Dallas police shooting is in order. It’s a prime example of an echo-chamber synthetic-terror event and gives clues about the police state agenda being put forth.

By echo chamber, I mean that little real information is put forward to the public. It is mostly a narrative with a few “wag the dog” photo ops here and there. Dallas was blatantly fabricated street theater.

In Dallas, the first story that emerged was that the Dallas sniping involved the now-familiar “more than one shooter” narrative — this time involving multiple gunmen working a military-style triangulation. But as usual, after 24 hours the narrative changed and we finally learned that one Micah X. Johnson, 25, acted alone.


The now-deceased Johnson had a stereotypical terrorist Facebook page that looks like it was put up by the same Hegelian dialectic operative that did the Dylan Roof synthetic fraud. Instead of Roof’s Rhodesian flag and KKK symbolism, Johnson portrayed a pan-African flag and a Black Power symbol.

Johnson apparently decided to go to a strip mall (that looks like a green screen) and pose in front of a local beauty shop in regalia and make his black power fist. This of course was posted on his Facebook page. Additionally, and par for the course, there are a number of stories and unconfirmed rumors (from the usual suspects) that Johnson was involved with radical Islam.

The idea behind this dialectic is to establish an extremist persona and boogeyman from which the Crime Syndicate/New Underworld Order needs to protect you. The icing on the cake is that the groups Johnson associated with are categorized as particularly “anti-Semitic.” There is no real difference in these agit-props under Trump or Obama — nothing has changed.

Yet Another Stealthy Boogeyman

Although Johnson was trained in the Army Reserves as a carpentry/masonry specialist, somehow he was able to run circles around the Dallas police force for five hours. Ultimately, the claim is that Johnson killed five officers and nine others, and two civilians were injured.

Source: Wikipedia

This is similar to the Steven Poddack Las Vegas Harvest narrative, as well the astonishing ability of Nikolas Cruz to slip in and out of the Parkland high school unopposed against Keystone cops.

Police reported Johnson had “lots of 30-round magazines — so many that they were “falling out of his pockets.” Pockets? How many magazine clips can you get into a pocket? Not many. Yet to inflict that much damage and stand off police for five hours, you’d need dozens of clips.

But it gets crazier as, incredibly, the weapon he used was a Soviet SKS, a WWII-era rifle. This rifle has a non-removable 10-round magazine. So why would he carry 30-round clips? He was also wearing a vest and carrying a pistol. As you will see in the one Daily Fail video available of the incident — and nobody had such a grainy, ghostly camera in 2016 [see night test 2012 Samsung] — Johnson glides along effortlessly and encircles his first police victim.

In the one video to emerge from all this, Johnson is shown rather easily dispatching a Dallas officer, who is “hiding” behind a pillar. And one officer responding to a gun call? Improper protocol. The viewer is left with the impression that veteran local police (who fail to follow protocol) are no match for suicidal Army Reserve carpenters with Soviet WWII rifles. That message is precisely part of the agenda.


There are three videos of this shooting out and but this is the only partially clear one although it is strange as well- with eerie sounds.

gunman dallas_0

Johnson was reported to have been killed using a robot with explosive attached. Is this another not-so-subtle agenda to provide precedent for use of explosives on civilians?

The Daily Mail put out “leaked” photos of Dallas shooter Micah Johnson afterward. Winter Watch located and snipped the uncensored version of the photo.

Oddly, somehow his end-of-life experience has transformed Johnson’s physique into the proportions and size of a dwarf. Our Findagrave search reveals no burial information for Micah Johnson.


Seth Stoughton, an assistant professor of law at the University of South Carolina stated, “This is a new horizon for police technology. Robots have been around for a while, but using them to deliver explosives raises some new issues. I’m not aware of any police department having on hand something that is intended to be used as a weaponized explosive.”

Stoughton added, “This also opens the door for criminals or citizens to use lethal explosive force. We typically don’t use explosives on American citizens for a number of reasons. It’s extremely irresponsible.”

There are multiple agendas involved here. One goal is to broaden the terms “terrorist” and “extremist” to include a range of people that need to be monitored, controlled and eliminated. Winter Watch predicts a major synthetic event involving a “white supremacist” will arrive on the scene soon enough.

Another is bringing down the republic and implement centralized-government Cheka-style control. There is a war on local police under the guise of “reform.”  For instance, Al Sharpton called for federal control over local law enforcement and special prosecutors (i.e: corrupt star chambers).

We are now predicting that governments similar to the Hungarian Soviet of 1919 will rule large parts of the United States during the Civil War – at least for a short period.

Read “György Lukács: Practitioner of Red Vanguardism and Cultural Nihilism”
and “Hidden, Suppressed History of Red Terror in Post-WWI Europe”

And meet your Cheka and gulag reeducation guards, whitey.

Locals officers are portrayed as bumpkins and morons. This is not to say that all police are good, but the portrayal is false and exaggerated. In reality, local police have community ties and are more likely to be sympathetic to and accountable to their localities. The Crime Syndicate wants to break this traditional relationship down and replace it by using the Israeli policing model that Trump favors.

I come down hard on reverse racism, white demonization, and the dindu element on these pages. They are all useful idiots. But when I see footage and tweets of blacks celebrating the death of police, my suspicion radar goes up. Some or much of this can be staged for Hegelian divide-and-conquer purposes.

The same is true of police abuse. Does this look real or a cartoon world prat fall?  I wonder. Notice the camera doesn’t follow the old guy’s fall. I am 69 years old and eight weeks into recovery from a ruptured quad tendon and knee surgery, and even I could easily avoid a head landing like this. Looks like more skulduggery (no pun intended). What’s with the phony-looking pool of blood — not near the head but the ear?

People of all races need to take a deep breath and consider that we are all being gamed and manipulated unmercifully. Unfortunately, too many of all persuasions are brainwashed and overly trusting in these narratives. It is beyond belief and suggests there will be no turning back.

Here is what George W. Bush thought of the whole tawdry Dallas affair, as he danced and revealed at the memorial.

25 Comments on The 2016 Dallas Police Shooting and the True Gray State Agenda

    • I’m glad to have the articles here to refer back to. I’ve only been actively researching history just short of 4 years now & still tend to spend the bulk of my time in the past, specifically Bolshevik Russia – for it seems to me to be the main catalyst of all that has fast forwarded into our collective reality in the 100 years since.
      I’ve been “unplugged” from the mainstream garbage for far longer then I’ve been aware of certain diabolical truths, so I found many things odd over the past 10 years or so, and Sandy Hook in Dec of 2012 was a real head scratcher for me after having picked up the People magazine issue that came out a few days after the “incident”. Why was I not upset at this, looking over all of these pictures of these adorable 6-7 year olds? Something about it just wasn’t right.
      Over 3 years have passed since this Dallas incident and I admit I paid little attention to it – and that was due to the fact I assumed from the start this was just more BS. I just today heard of ANOTHER shooting, also in Texas, El Paso, and it is mind-boggling to me and a HUGE SOURCE of disgust and frustration that EVERY MAN & WOMAN in America do not see these DRILLS/SCRIPTED HOAXES for exactly what they are!!! Are people either that distracted by petty superficial primal urges and the latest in trannie rights activism to be even remotely aware of the full blown daily assault of propaganda being unleashed on them? I get bothered to read so many insults hurled at Americans, being “stupid and brainwashed”, but it is so very true on many levels. I do know, however, that are more of us awake and aware than most non Americans could possibly realize, because they, too, are being fed propaganda from their own “leadership” yet seem to think it doesn’t apply to them, as well.

  1. Everything is faked in my opinion, and it has been this way for a very long time. If you don’t believe it, I’d like to share an article on what I consider perhaps Americas first faked mass shooting. This mass shooting supposedly occurred on Labor Day 1949, by one Howard Unruh( known as the“father of mass murderer”) in what was called Howard’s “Walk of Death”.
    “While the terminology is a bit fungible, Unruh is generally regarded as the first of the “lone wolf” type of modern mass murderers, the template for the school and workplace shooters who have dominated the coverage of the more than 1,000 victims since 2013. Unruh was a distinctive personality type, one that has also come to define those who have followed in his bloody footsteps.”
    All the Masonic symbolism literally jumps off the pages at you:
    “The Story of the First Mass Murder in U.S. History
    Howard Unruh’s “Walk of Death” foretold an era in which such tragedies would become all too common”×600/filters:no_upscale():focal(1589×726:1590×727)/

    I hope all will take the time to read this lengthy article, which is clearly the first edit of script which would be re-written many times.

      • Thanks, the foto comparisons are very interesting.

        Of course not only is the incident itself (as reported and now analyzed) very suspicious, but so is the reaction to it, perhaps even more so — allowing such violence and destruction to happen more or less unhindered makes no sense, unless you see it as part of the script, just further provocation — the next act.

        • This dead black porn star and violent drug addicted baby daddy felon is definitely a part of the judeo-masonic-communist play book.

          One can easily measure the vulnerability of a government and county by the size of the protests. The Visigard group appears to be protest free, and likely is also Antifa free. Spain, France, Berlin and England on the other hand seem to be very vulnerable, as is all of cucked-inavia. In the Swiss Confederation unauthorized protests were shut down in Zürich but allowed in Basel.

  2. Over 3 years have passed since this Dallas incident and I admit I paid little attention to it …

    I also paid no real attention to it — I remember practically my only thought at the time was: how did he manage to kill 5 cops? — did he have a machine gun? — of course he was conveniently killed later –> no trial, no questions.

  3. Thanks Russ, As a suggestion, I think its nearing time to quit looking in the “rear view” mirror and start focus over the hood/bonnet. Your calls throughout the last 5 years have been prescient. I only ask; NOW WHAT!

    What happens if we get a “Stalemate Election in November ?

    What happens if we start to see 2nd wave gore such as live video of blood running from orifices, like that 75 year old, only virus related?

    What happens to all the over exposed protesters and their bubbles when they start bleeding from their orifices?

    What happens when the Military is effectively in control AND we have a “Stalemate Election” in November.

    I suspect this is ACT 2

  4. Throughout all of this “stage craft”, one baseline is ignored. The U.S. Constitution.
    It amazes me how many citizens do not know their basic rights and the protection they have with this document. On many forums people say mentioning the constitution is political.
    Politics has nothing to do with it. The document doesnt tell you who to vote for or which party you should be in. Its the law of the country.
    Execution by robot does not relieve police/government the responsibility of following due process.
    Too much tv watching by the populace has made the country an easy target for believing lies and permitting egregious acts against the public. We have no rights unless we exercise them.
    ALL LIVES MATTER. There isnt an asterisk in the constitution.

    • Constitution???

      The moment the president declares a “national emergency”—a decision that is entirely within his discretion—he is able to set aside many of the legal limits on his authority. see Jan 2019 article below

      Then read this 25 March 2020

      I think FEMA is running the show now..Why is there gold fringe on the flag?

      Tell me I’m missing something?

      • Dont know your age, but its been that way a LONG time.(fringed flag)
        Lockdowns are being removed. Politics corrupts . Enforce the law BS goes away.
        Your individual health is your responsibility and NO ONE elses.
        People think you need a “permit” from the government to have a gun, conduct business,hold gold or travel freely. NEVER should have been allowed.
        Does NZ in your name above mean New Zealand?
        If it does, you’ll know about how the government clamped down on the citizens rights to own guns. Your right to defend yourself should not be tampered with by ANY government.
        If you are in the gold business I hope you are doing well.

      • The gold fringed flag has been in use for more years than I’ve been alive and is a symbol that designates that the corporate courts in service to the corporation of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA are subject not to the sovereign common law of the U.S. constitution, but to admiralty (read martial) law.

    • There is what ‘ought’ to be and what is. Realpolitix is about power and those in charge could give a rat’s ass anymore about the Constitution and appealing to it will get you very little these days. In many ways that has always been the case; they are just more ostentatious about it now. Devon Stack’s video ‘The Rule of Law is Dead’ is a good synopsis of the Machiavellian situation we are living under.

      • Red pill,blue pill,black pill. It comes from the same drug dealer.
        ALL media and elections are compromised. Including above .
        Machiavelli, there’s a laugher. Controlled opposition.
        Why bother posting if nothing can be done?
        Because there is nothing on tv?

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