Rare Triple-Dip La Nina Spurs Blast Of Cold Air In Asia While Russia Shifts Energy Shipments East

Zero Hedge | Dec. 15, 2022

Weather officials warn that a rare triple-dip La Nina has sent parts of Northeast Asia into a deep freeze that will increase heating demand and push up fuel prices.

Across the Northern Hemisphere, the US, Europe, and parts of Northeast Asia are experiencing below-freezing temperatures.

The US National Centers for Environmental Prediction focused on China, Japan, and South Korea and reported below-average temperatures for those countries. This chill is similar to what Europe and parts of the US are currently feeling.

Readers have been more than informed about the weather phenomenon known as La Nina wreaking havoc on the world. Last month, the World Meteorological Organization wrote that La Nina would result in lower-than-normal temperatures across the Northern Hemisphere.


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